Garden figures for giving and a country house

 Garden figures for giving and a country house

The dacha plot and the territory near the house require accommodation. Now everyone is his own designer and decorates his space as far as imagination and funds are enough. It is pleasant to sit in a cozy courtyard with a cup of tea on the veranda, overgrown with grapevine, or relax by the artificial pond in which water is poured with different colors in the light of night lanterns. But the final touch of any plot will be garden figures for summer cottages and a country house, which will add a special zest to your recreation area.

Features: what are they for?

When acquiring or even making funny and beautiful figures with our own hands, we have to imagine what they are for and where we will install them.

Maybe decorate their stairs or veranda. And then it should fit into the overall style of the house.

Often, various figurines and figures enliven flowerbeds and a garden, and some even have a vegetable garden where the beds of vegetables are located.

There are special products in which you can place flowers: all kinds of stands, pots - floor and hanging.

With the help of a separate type of figures, you can highlight certain areaswhere, for example, are located a gazebo for recreation, swings, benches. There are also those that will help to beautifully and originally design an artificial reservoir.

The figures, placed throughout the country house, attract the eyes and raise the spirits, they will also be very useful on the playground and, of course, will delight the kids.


Arrangement and design of our country house or cottage is not only very exciting, but also responsible. It is necessary to think over every element, the smallest detail. This also applies to garden figures. After all, there are so many types that you need to imagine what style of design we will use.

If we want to create an atmosphere of a warm and cozy country house, we can place animal figures on the territory of the villa. Imagine, a dog meets us at the porch. A cow is grazing on a small meadow.

Romantic style will help to complement such garden figures as angel, girl, birds.

At an artificial pond or mini-fountain, a swan will look good.

Beloved heroes will help us to be in a fairy tale.: Baba Yaga, the frog princess, the wolf, the hare, funny cute gnomes. The decoration of the lawn will be a donkey or deer.

You can create your own original garden figurines and create your own style. The decorative component of your garden depends only on your imagination and the desire to realize your plans.

At night, your garden will be transformed by luminous elements, lanterns, and solar-powered sculptures.

Topiarny figures can become a highlight of your garden. But if you are not so experienced gardener, start with simple shapes in the form of balls, for example. If you are ready to create animals or some characters - go for it!


For the production of garden figures using various materials.

Often they are made of wood, and not only from treated wood, but also using natural material: logs, twigs, snags. Such creatures look very harmonious in the garden. Especially if you choose the right character. For example, some brownie, a little tree, an owl, Pinocchio.

Create figures from the traditional gypsum and one of the new materials - polyresin. It consists of acrylic resin, aluminum hydroxide. Representing a stone, it is durable and not deformed. You can not say about the plaster. From it, you can create anything, but with such sculptures you need to be extremely careful - they are quite fragile.

For the decoration of the garden is great and natural stone. It can be skillfully painted, and it will come to life under your brush.

Stone fountains, benches, columns, bowls and balls will transform your garden. These sculptures are also made of concrete.

Original look sculptures made of metal. Copper is considered very practical. Neither the rain nor the sun's rays are afraid of her. Such a sculpture you will stand forever. With your own hands, you certainly will not do it. Specialists will come to the rescue in this case.

But in your experiments, cement is quite capable of helping.The solution is poured into the finished form or covered with frame products that can be made from ordinary wire.

Ceramics are very popular. These figures can be purchased in specialized stores, with all shapes and sizes.

Many are attracted to plastic little animals and fabulous creatures. They have their advantages: their cost is low, and due to their low weight, they can be moved around the area as you like and change the exposure.

You can focus on a specific area and install a sculpture or an entire composition of artificial grass. These figures look great and are able to decorate any landscape.


The choice of shades that you will use will be determined by you and it will depend on which buildings are located on your site, which trees, bushes and flowers grow.

Definitely should not be placed around the site bright and catchy figures. It will not decorate your recreation area.

Create compositions, including compatible colors, so that they harmonize with each other.

Decorate a fabulous corner for children in one place. Somewhere near an artificial pond, one stork or a swan will be appropriate.

On the path near the tree you can meet a hedgehog or a chipmunk, naturally natural shades.

Near the bright flowerbeds with flowers will look good figures of white and gray shades. On a stone walkway or wooden bridge, you can put something bright, eye-catching.

Or maybe you want to sustain the entire design in one color. This is up to you.


The most important thing that you should consider is the area of ​​your site. You can not saturate him with figures. It is enough to choose one or two or make accents.

A huge number of figures in a small area, and even different sizes and colors creates a sense of confusion, rather than beauty. You can not grasp the immensity. Keep this in mind when designing your garden.

For example, among tall bushes, large figures will look in the grass, small ones will simply get lost.

On the lawns can be placed and miniature figurines. They will be hard to miss.

If you have a very large garden, you can use shapes of different sizes and create some interesting corners. If small, do not overload the space, fill it, having thought it over well.

How to choose?

Before you make your choice and purchase the decor, you need to decide how you want to see your garden, which is closer to you. Mixing styles is definitely not worth it. This will not be called a variety, but bad taste.

Any garden is beautiful in itself, beautiful trees grow there, flowers are fragrant, and juicy grass is green. Only a few elements need to be brought into this harmony in order to transform it and play with new colors.

Once you have decided on the color scheme, size, style, places where the figures will be placed, go to the store and choose. Or buy all the necessary materials and start making "future residents" of your garden.

You can "settle" on the summer cottage or the territory of a country house animals with a motion sensor. Then the duck or owl with owls will notify you about the arrival of guests, who will not leave anyone indifferent. These same figures will delight children better than all sorts of toys.

Style and design

Garden design depends on what kind of emotions you want to get, who you want to feel yourself in it. If the French king and no less, will have to really try for it. But first study classic regular style.

It is characterized by large statues and vases, sculptures made of concrete and stone in a classic style. Topiarno art is quite appropriate here. You can draw whole alleys of living sculptures or geometric shapes.

It is worth noting that the creation of such a design is not an easy task. But then, when you complete the work, you will have your own royal garden.

If you are a follower english landscape, arrange a lawn on which any figures will look good: dwarfs, animals, birds. Some of them can be placed in beds. If the place allows, equip a reservoir. With him will be combined statue, entwined with flowers.

Minimalism and harmony in everything distinguishes the garden in oriental style. In this case, it is necessary to use natural materials - stone and wood. There should be no metal and bright ceramics here.

Stone is a favorite and Mediterranean style. Therefore, the garden can be decorated with panels and sculptures of this material. To emphasize the freedom of space will help small ponds.

If you are closer romantic start, decorate flower arches, fountains. Angels, lovers, pigeons, swans are suitable as figures.

The most suitable style for those who want to show their creative abilities folklore. There are no restrictions, you can make the most figures of various materials and paint. The simplest is small animals made of plywood, decorated with bright colors. You can also buy ceramic garden figures and place on flowerbeds, paths, lawns.

Your garden can turn into a fairy tale - and in what it depends on you. Install the figures of your favorite characters, make them together with the children.

Whatever style you choose, you are quite capable of creating your own site design. Well, if not, you can always ask for help from specialists.


If you are new to garden design, start with the simplest. There are a lot of material at hand, from which you can make figures.

Even hay and straw will fit. You can make a funny brownie by pinning his eyes and a funny hat. It is very simple to make a hedgehog from the same materials. Barrels, basins, plastic cups and bottles - all this can be useful for your experiments. The easiest way to make trees and palm trees.

If you use foam, the restrictions are even less.You can make birds, animals, gnomes. First, form the basis of the object, the so-called skeleton, and already apply the assembly foam to it, and this should be done in several stages and wait until the previous layer dries.

Then you can fix the irregularities with a knife. Then you decide - how to paint your figure. For this, oil and acrylic paints are suitable; the final step can be varnish coating.

Gypsum is a more complex material for beginners. But if you really want to learn this fascinating process of creating figures with your own hands, start with an elementary one. For example, with a ladybug or bug. To do this, it is enough to find a round shape, pour plaster there. The head and legs can be glued after the main part has dried.

You can leave to dry naturally, but for many craftsmen a dryer is just a fan heater. After that, it remains only to paint the product and find him a good place on your site.

Some gardeners use ordinary items to create beautiful things.

An old wooden or metal car can become a flower bed for flowers. It is easy to make a decorative well from ordinary boards.Reiki and sticks will be useful for making a small house that can be placed on branches or the ground.

Fun little men is easy to make even from simple logs, colorful figures will refresh your site.

And if you can draw, then stones will liven up in your hands, turning into different animals. It looks very original and stylish.


Almost all consumers note that without the figures and all sorts of decorations, their gardens would look different. Some fell in love with gnomes with lanterns, which in the evenings turn a garden into a fairy-tale forest. Others are pleased with frogs, ladybugs, cute owls and ducks that look great on the local area.

Those with children, with pleasure turn their cottage into a fabulous town and choose the brightest colors.

But at the same time, some gardeners using these products note that some of the figures need to be cared for, because of excessive sun, the colors fade and become faded, they should not be left in the cold in winter, as they may crack.

But all this is minor compared to how many positive emotions garden figures bring to both children and adults.And many people like to improve their garden, buy new copies, update old ones or make their own hands.

Successful examples and options

  • The best decoration of the park will be topiary compositions. Their creation requires skill, in addition, they need the right care, but it looks fascinatingly beautiful.
  • Somewhat unusual design, but able to attract attention - the creation of a composition using the hinged head of a bear or other animal. This decoration can be located right at the entrance near the gate, the door, in the depths of the garden among the trees.
  • You do not have to buy super expensive jewelry or invite craftsmen. We can make with our own hands from the material at hand very simple figures that will make our garden unique.
  • Imagine that, from four plywood sheets, you can construct an amusing bore. Sheets fasten together, set on the legs of the stool. We also make head with plywood, decorate with satin ribbons and paint the whole structure. And that's all, the original flower bed is ready.
  • Funny wooden little men of hemp and plates, dressed in bright clothes,well take root in your garden and will lift your spirits. In the summertime, surround them with flowers. And this clearing will be the most favorite vacation spot.
  • Brown gypsum bushes can be perfectly located nearby and naturally flow into the environment.

Any figures created by your hands, will absorb your mood, energy, and get alive and unique.

  • A cute cat with a smile from his ears and funny mice will have fun all summer. And make them very easy. It is enough to cut figurines from plywood, decorate and varnish.
  • Build on your site a small beacon. Three ceramic pots of different sizes put on each other, fasten. You cover with white paint, draw windows. And the last important touch. Strengthen the top of a small garden flashlight. Everything, your magic beacon will light your way at night when you suddenly decide to breathe fresh air or admire the starry sky.
  • You can create a stylish sculpture from a large sheet of burdock or rhubarb. The sheet is placed on the sand, and the top is filled with cement mortar. After drying, we face a stone sheet. Such sculptures will harmoniously look on the garden paths.You can paint the sheet or add decor at your discretion.
  • Another unusual cement product is a flowerbed in the shape of hands. To do this, rubber gloves are filled with cement mortar and placed in flowerpots to give the necessary shape. We distribute the fingers so that later the earth for the flowers fits into this container. When our construction is dry, we cut the gloves - and the sculptures in the shape of a hand are ready. You can plant flowers and decorate the garden. Again, we choose the shade.

These are just a few of the original ideas. You can come up with your own in the process of working on the design of the garden. And how great it will be if you can embody them, and then share the experience with others.

In modern gardens you can meet anyone: forest men, domestic animals, cheerful gnomes, fairytale heroes, see the most unusual flower beds and statues. And your garden can become special, magical, where the most original design solutions - yours - will be used.

For how to make a garden gnome yourself, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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