Garden swings: an overview of the range, selection and self-assembly

 Garden swings: an overview of the range, selection and self-assembly

Garden swings have long been not an attribute of a luxurious country house and not only children's entertainment. To date, this design - an attribute of almost any cottage or garden plot. They are installed on the terraces and inside the gazebos, placed near the porch or in the depth of the garden under a canopy of trees. The demand for such products is increasing every year, so you can find a huge amount of various materials on the material, size and shape of a swing for any wallet. To choose a suitable model or make it yourself, you need to understand their differences and purpose.

Types of designs

The main difference of the garden swing from all the others is their location outside the apartment building. Because of this feature, they are not connected to a power source and cannot have an electric drive, like some models of small children's swings installed in the room. Such structures that do not have power sources and are swinging exclusively due to human movements and inertia are called mechanical.

However, even such simple swings can be classified into several varieties according to various parameters. Depending on their design, garden swings can be divided into the following types.

  • Sun beds. This is a single device, a chair which has a suspension at one point. The seats themselves in this case can be of various forms: in the form of a folding chair, round and square, with a grid or a soft seat. They are suspended on a rigid spring and can withstand weight up to 200 kg.
  • Cocoons. Such swings are made in the form of a sphere with a hole, they have an additional stand, so they do not require mounting and erection of the frame. The design of the stand and cocoon is made most often of metal,and the filling of empty space is made of thread, rattan or cloth. Such cocoons can be not only single, but also can accommodate up to 4 people.
  • Hammocks. The peculiarity of such a swing is their attachment not to a horizontal bar, but to two vertical supports. Classic hammocks are made of fabric or thread, however, there are woven models. An ordinary hammock is the simplest, cheapest and at the same time reliable option for organizing a place to relax in the garden plot.
  • Benches. Most often, such structures are designed for a large number of people: from 3 to 5. They need an additional frame with a horizontal crossbar to which a bench is attached to rigid or flexible crossbars. The simplest version of such a swing is a simple plank attached by ropes to a thick branch of a tree.
  • Sofas. A peculiar modification of the swing-bench, which, unlike the previous one, has not only a seat, but also a backrest. Most often they are made of metal or wood, and the top is covered with soft mattresses. More expensive models can be displayed and turned into a kind of hanging beds, which can comfortably accommodate two people.Due to the fact that they are designed for a large number of people and are themselves quite heavy, such structures require a metal-reinforced frame, to which they are attached most often on rigid crossbars.

Depending on the purpose and the maximum allowable weight, the garden swing can be divided into children and adults. Their main difference is the permissible load. In addition, children's swings often have a lighter collapsible design so that they can be moved around the area of ​​the plot and cleaned for the winter. Adult swings are often non-separable, as they have a more complex structure.

They can have a visor on top or be roofless, have a soft removable seat or a simple flat surface. In this case, the external design depends only on the personal fantasy of the manufacturer or buyer.

Depending on the installation site can be mounted:

  • detached hanging bench or chaise;
  • a small hammock right on the open veranda or inside a large arbor.

Suspended benches on the chains inside the pergola (canopy of climbing plants) look especially beautiful, but for this purpose it must initially have a fairly strong frame that can withstand the weight of the swings themselves and the people sitting on them.Depending on the possibility of movement of the structure can be stationary and portable. Stationary swings are securely fixed in the ground, most often they have a small but durable canopy or roof. All soft seats and mattresses are removed from such structures for the period from late autumn to early spring. Portable products have a lighter frame and for the period of cold weather, they are usually stored for storage in the garage or storeroom. To ensure greater reliability, such swings may have a metal frame, but be collapsible.

This is done so that the product has greater stability and at the same time could move to another place or be removed for storage.


Garden Swing Size depends on how many people they have to accommodate.

  • Single structures most often have small dimensions. They are designed for a quiet and relaxing holiday. However, such a rest involves not just sitting, and sometimes lying on a chair or bench, in connection with this, such structures have a smaller width, but greater depth of the seat. They can have a fairly wide range of motion in order to sway intensively, and not just sit low above the ground.Baby options are even smaller and most often have a lower height, so that the child is not afraid and comfortable to swing on them.
  • Double swing - ideal for couples in love or close friends. They can have as a seat as a wide bench, and double seats, each suspended on its crossbar or chain.
  • Multiplace suspended benches or sofas are designed for large companies. They rarely have separate, demarcated chairs, most often this is a solid wide seat. Multiple structures have a smaller amplitude of movement, but more massive and high. Most often, such models are not mobile and require more thorough preparation of the area. In addition, they almost always have a small canopy or canopy, so that the snow and rain do not damage the seat material, they are made with a backrest so that the elderly can sit comfortably on them.

Accessories and design

Even the swings of the same manufacturer, having the same size and design, can look completely different. This is due to the fact that manufacturers offer a choice of many different accessories (both included in the kit of the finished product, and mounted on the model separately). In addition, the variety of design and decor of such garden furniture is amazing.

If you put in a row several different versions of the garden swing, you can almost always at a glance understand for whom they are intended: for kids or their parents. This is due to the fact that the traditional design of children's furniture is significantly different from the options for adults.

Design for children

Children's swings are more diverse in shape and design of the chair. Depending on the age of the child, they can be equipped with additional fasteners in the form of belts or solid crossbars. This is done so that the child can not fall out of such a chair while swinging. Outside the chair can be decorated with various beads and ribbons, have small attached toys and handles for which the kids can hold on.

Benches can be made in the form of various vehicles. (cars, rockets, carriages), in the form of flowers or fruits, in the form of various cartoon characters. The frame can accommodate not only the swings themselves, but also various ladders and crossbeams, along which small tomboys can climb and descend. Next to the usual swing can hang a rope or "bungee."

The appearance of the children's models is distinguished by more vivid colors, a combination of all the colors of the rainbow and individual contrasting elements. They are often put patterns and drawings, and some models are real pictures from children's books.

For adults

Swings for adults are equipped with more functional accessories than children's models. It can be various awnings or mosquito nets. Cup holders or holders for plates, various shelves, placed on the armrests - an excellent modification, convenient for country barbecues and holidays. Swings for the elderly can be complemented by small footrests, so as not to keep them on weight.

Soft swing sofas often come complete with removable covers that are easy to remove and wash in the washing machine. The most popular accessory for garden constructions is the lighting system. In such a swing, you can sit with an interesting book until the evening.

Exterior decoration of garden furniture can be as completely simple (unpainted metal or wood), and include a variety of different decorative elements (beaded pads, lace trim awning).

A beautiful option is the similar design of the gazebo and swing, located close to each other. A large variety and design of models will allow you to choose the perfect swing for each particular plot.

Materials used

Another important parameter by which garden furniture can be divided is the material from which it is made.

  • Plastic. Such light and unreliable structures are rarely placed on the street, but some models of swings for very young children can be made of durable plastic. The advantage is the ease of storage and transportation of such furniture.
  • Aluminum. Such structures are lightweight, while they themselves can withstand a fairly large load. Their main disadvantage is the high cost.
  • Wood. One of the most popular materials, ideal for garden swings. It is lighter than metal and at the same time quite durable. The tree is easy to process, the very minimum of tools will be required for mounting such a construction. The disadvantage is the complexity of fasteners and the fragility of the design. To extend the service life it is necessary to apply special anti-corrosion compounds to them.annually.
  • Metal. The strongest and most stable swings are made of the heaviest and most durable material. If you build a small canopy over them or a visor protecting the structure from precipitation, they can stand for many years. Unfortunately, metal swings have many drawbacks. They are difficult to transport and manufacture. For self-installation will require a lot of specialized equipment. High strength and durability of metal is much more expensive than other materials, so such swings are not affordable for everyone.

Criterias of choice

To find the right swing, you need to determine Some parameters to determine the material, size and purpose:

  • the size of the site on which they will be installed;
  • the need to rearrange the structure;
  • the number of people who will use the swings;
  • acquisition budget;
  • how long the family spends time in the garden (visit only in summer or year round);
  • preferred material;
  • possibility of self-production.

Once the type, size and budget of the purchase will be determined, you can proceed to the study of the market and the choice of the model you like.

Rating of popular models and reviews

To choose a quality product, it is enough to study the reviews of customers left on various sites and forums. In addition, you can look at the finished products installed in neighboring areas and with friends. In the network there are many ratings of summer country furniture, including a swing.

"Elite Lux Plus"

The metal four-seater model, welded from pipes and sturdy mesh, can withstand weight up to 400 kg. Soft backs and a seat will give comfort, and water-repellent fabric and a small built-in awning will not worry about the safety of furniture.


Triple frame swing made of galvanized steel can withstand any temperature differences and loads up to 350 kg. Lightweight design allows you to easily move furniture around the site, and a small awning will keep the soft fabric surface dry even after a long rain.

"Elite Lux Plus"

"Gold Crown"

The unusual design of the swing, made in the form of a pew, will emphasize the sophistication and refinement of a luxurious country house. Each seat is complemented by a small cushion on the back, which will not let your back get tired during a long sitting.The product is transformed into 2 positions, an awning, a lighting lamp with LEDs and even a small tent are included in the package.

Floretti cappuccino

Wooden swing, made of pine, is protected by special impregnation, which gives them the noble color of milky coffee. Such a model is easy to transport, while it is very stable. Swings do not need a prepared surface and can be installed on any small and flat part of the garden.

You can also purchase swing manufacturers with a large number of positive ratings from a large number of buyers. These are designs by TimeEco, Ranger, Garden4You or Cruzo.

"Gold Crown"
Floretti cappuccino

Autographic assembly facilities

Street swings themselves are not cheap, but transportation and professional assembly from the seller can cost almost as much. In order not to hack the idea of ​​arranging such a recreation area in your garden, you can refuse to buy ready-made options and assemble a simple model with your own hands.

From a bar

You can make small A-shaped swings with a suspended bench rather quickly and with little effort from a hewn timber.And if after the construction of the site there were wooden pallets, on which lay bricks or blocks, then one of them turns out to be an excellent shop with a back.

From round logs

A more sophisticated version of wooden furniture is a swing made from whole logs. To slightly simplify your work, you can dig a couple of logs at some distance from each other and stretch a fabric hammock between them.

From pipes

Metal pipes with a round section - one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of garden swings. They are durable and light, working with them requires fewer tools than when forging or casting, all the work takes a small amount of time. Metal structures can be decorated with figured forging. Most often for country houses and country houses choose calm natural colors: blue and green, pale yellow or brown. People who spend most of the year in the bright flickering of city lights want to let their eyes rest on pastel and muted country colors.

Often on sale you can find additional themed decor for garden structures: on birthday, on a wedding or any professional holidays.It can be various banners with congratulations, ribbons and balls that are attached to the side or top crossbar. Not so rare and bright coloring as the seat and the frame itself. Most often they are chosen in accordance with the design of the house or courtyard structures.

From profile

Working with a profile is much more difficult than with round pipes. It is necessary to think more carefully of the attachment points, and it is better to have experience with this material.


You can make a metal frame, and you can make a swing out of wood or weave a rope. The main thing - the strength and reliability of fasteners.

The process itself is carried out in several stages and looks as follows:

  • selection of models and sizes;
  • drawing or drawing;
  • purchase of necessary materials and tools;
  • preparation and processing of blanks;
  • cutting to size, gash and preparation of fasteners;
  • treatment with chemical coatings against corrosion and pests;
  • assembly and installation of the frame;
  • assembly and installation of seats;
  • topcoat and product design;
  • manufacture and installation of additional accessories.

Beautiful examples

Unusual suspended swing in the form of a complex geometric design will interest all guests,and a round wicker swing with a soft mattress and a large number of pillows will create a home-like atmosphere.

The modern design and laconic design of the frame will emphasize natural fabric and elegance of the design, and a small awning will protect from the sun. On the contrary, a swing made of natural wood, decorated with antiquity, give the feeling of a children's fairy tale.

Bright swings for children can have a completely simple design of a circle, suspended both on the frame and on a strong branch of a tree. And can be decorated in the form of a small boat or other transport. For those kids who are afraid of swinging on the usual chairs and benches, you can buy special accessories in the form of a special stand for arms and legs.

You can choose classic materials and design, and you can buy interesting design designs. Swing can combine a few pieces of furniture or replace them with him. With their own production and certain skills, you can realize your wildest ideas and dreams.

How to make a garden swing with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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