Swing benches: types and manufacturing process

 Swing benches: types and manufacturing process

Swing benches belong to the family-type models. They can have handrails or do without them, hard seats are often covered with a mattress or pillows, and on the mounting beam they make a canopy, which makes the swing home-like cozy. Often they are installed in a recreation area, next to the table and flower beds, where the family can get together and spend their leisure time.

The model can be purchased ready. Most often they are produced on a metal base, they have a small canopy and sufficient mobility that allows you to move the structure to any place. But more comfortable and desirable will be the swing, made by hand.

Where better to install?

Before you start working on the swings, you should choose a suitable place for them. The design can be installed anywhere, but if you need beauty and comfort, you should think about the choice of place.

Such swings are quite spacious, they can be adults with children. Where they are installed, a comfortable platform for outdoor recreation is being formed. Nearby there may be a dining area, a barbecue place with a stove and a brazier. Or emphasis is placed on aesthetics: the swings are located in the center of a fresh lawn or surrounded by flower beds, by a decorative fountain, pond, or waterfall.

The place for the installation of the future swing can be open, closed or half closed. Open structures are installed on a free part of the garden or in front of the house. The maximum that they can have as a roof is a small canopy, equipped on the structure itself.

The swing, located in the arch, overgrown with wild grapes or roses, looks great.

The semi-enclosed grounds include terraces, a pergola, where several conditional walls covered with vegetation are erected. Sometimes the swing is placed in an enclosed space - on the veranda or in the gazebo. Choosing a place for a frame swing, you should consider certain nuances:

  • Do not install the structure in a valley to avoid moisture;
  • the place must be level or it must be leveled;
  • swings need a shade from a tree, buildings or a shed, but at the same time you need to avoid places with drafts;
  • next to the recreation site, poisonous plants, as well as allergens and honey plants should be eliminated.

How to make?

Having chosen a worthy place for future swings, you can start creating them. At the initial stage, it is necessary to draw up design drawings, or at least sketch out a sketch, and calculate dimensions. Go to the prepared place and try to imagine what the swing will look like. They must withstand a minimum weight of three adults. The angle between the seat and back is set empirically, the most convenient option is chosen. The height and width of the swing is determined by the size of the people sitting on it.

Frame benches

Start making the swing should be from the frame of the future design. Bars connect in pairs at an angle, one of them will relate to the back, the other - to the seat. Mounted with wood glue and bolts.Thus assembled four pairs of elements fasten horizontal bars: two on the back and on the seat. It turns out the "skeleton" of the future bench.


Before sheeting the frame with lamellas, the length, width of the structure and the bend of the angle between the back and the seat are checked again. Each lamella is drilled holes on both sides for fastening. Then the frame is gently hemmed with prepared material. The bench must be turned and strengthened the bottom with metal corners.


With the help of bolts, armrests of the simplest form are mounted on a ready-made bench base. They can always be removed as unnecessary, bolts allow you to quickly do it.

Processing and coloring

Before painting, wood should be treated with antifungal agent, protected by impregnation or linseed oil, apply varnish. Painting the swing should be taken seriously, the raw parts of the wood will be destroyed in the air.

The final assembly of the structure should be carried out after the complete drying of the varnish, a scrupulous check of all the bolts and fasteners.


Chains or other fastenings are attached to the finished shop.Then hang on beams, rafters, if installed in the gazebo or on the veranda. If the swings are mounted on an open area, a special frame is built for them.

Types of frames

There are several basic types of frames. Swing benches, designed for several adults, equip the most reliable model. U-shaped frame looks like a letter P, consists of two bars, concreted in the ground, and the crossbar. Such a frame, even taking into account the cement, can not be called reliable, it is designed, rather, on a children's swing.

L-shaped frame is a structure of double supportsconnected tops with each other and exposed from different sides. The crossbar is attached to the pair of supports for hanging the swing. A-frame is performed as the previous one, only between the paired bars for the rigidity of the crossbar are installed, supports are obtained in the form of the letter "A". This frame is considered the most durable, it is designed for a family-type swing.

X-shaped frame also lined up with the letter "L", only its ends at the top of the supports intersect, the crossbar for hanging the swing lies between them.

Mounting methods

You can hang swing benches in many ways. Ropes, metal cables, chains, and logs are suitable as hangers. Chains combine two qualities at once: reliability and spectacularity; they are easy to adjust in height, so this material is most often used. But nevertheless it is worth checking the chains for the quality of the anti-corrosion coating and the strength of the links; the model must withstand at least 400 kg of weight.

Adjusting the suspensions for the bench, you should focus on the convenience of a seated adult, he should touch the ground with his toe, then you will not have to put your feet under the swing and will easily get up from the swing.

Properly placed suspensions along with the bench is attached to the crossbar.

Classic way

In this case, the type of A-frame is selected. The crossbar is made in the form of a bar about 10 cm in diameter. It is mounted to the supports with metal corners. To hang the suspensions with a bench. If necessary, a canopy is installed on top of the structure.

Loose mount

It is performed without side pillars, so the swings look light, floating in the air.Bars, on which hangers cling, should be quite powerful, as they will experience increased load. Under the swings, they sometimes mount a wooden platform and build a wall from the leeward side of the wood. You can nail the trellis to the wall and plant climbers, it will decorate the resting place.

Capital mount

On the prepared site four pillars are installed and cemented. On top of them mount the frame. A crossbar is laid on the frame for hangers, the rest of the conditional roof is “sewn up” with boards on the edge. The structure resembles a pergola. Three sides can be closed from the wind with transparent polycarbonate, but the building in the garden will look more harmonious if you install the tapestries and plant them with wild grapes.

Mounting suspension from timber

Fixing suspensions are made not only of flexible elements (cables, ropes, cords), they can be made of rounded timber. From the mount will need hooks, rings and powerful carbines. Completely wooden construction is attractive in its own way.

How to run out of pallets?

If construction works were conducted at the dacha, and the pallets remained after the delivery of the bricks, they can be used to create a swing.One piece will go to the seat, the second - to the back, they should be cut to size. Pallets must be treated to a smooth state in order to eliminate the danger of splinters, then impregnate with an antiseptic, cover with stain or varnish.

The back and seat are connected with metal corners. Between the tiers, the pallets pass suspensions (rope, cable). Swings should be well balanced, otherwise they will fall back. It is possible to make a long construction from four pallets. For convenience, the bench is decorated with pillows. Comfortable swings in the garden area say that the owners are able not only to work hard, but also to fully relax comfortably.

Learn more about how to make a bench-swing, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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