Arrangement of the dacha area of ​​8 acres: beautiful landscape design

Landscape design of a plot of 8 acres - a difficult task, but interesting. It can be trusted with professionals, as well as carried out on their own. But for this you need to familiarize yourself with certain rules and regulations.

Special features

Planning and working on landscape design of a land plot of 8 acres requires a carefully thought-out plan for the placement of all zones (economic, residential, recreation areas and playgrounds), taking into account fire safety and sanitary standards. To avoid problems with the listed authorities and neighbors, should carefully read the regulatory documents, namely:

  1. SNiP 30-02-97 - regulations for the planning and development of gardening associations.
  2. SNiP 01.02-85 - fire safety standards.
  3. SNiP 2.04.01-85 - regulation of arrangement of water supply and sewer networks.

To understand how to comply with the regulations, play it safe by talking to a specialist, even if you plan to do the construction of the site yourself, and it seems to you that everything in the regulations is clear. This will save you from many mistakes in the future and save money on rework. Since there are certain nuances in the zoning, which we consider below.

To comply with sanitary standards, you must perform the correct zoning on the site.

The peculiarity of landscape design is determined by such important factors as: the shape and proportions of the land plot, the type and characteristics of the soil, the presence of a slope on the plot, climatic conditions and the buildings already present.


It has already been said that zoning is mainly determined by fire safety and sanitary standards. Now consider in detail its nuances.

All buildings on the land plot should have between themselves the minimum allowed distance, which is determined by the purpose of the building and its material, we refer to the scheme below for information.

Types of building materials (for example, non-combustible and low-combustible materials):

  • BUT.Built of stone, concrete and bricks.
  • B. Buildings with hardwood floors.
  • V. Frame houses of wood and timber.

Options for the placement of buildings, taking into account the minimum distance between each other:

  • A and A - at least 6 meters; B and B - at least 8 meters; B and B - at least 15 meters;
  • A and B - at least 8 meters; A and B - at least 10 meters; B and C - at least 10 meters.

To comply with sanitary standards when planning zoning, it is necessary to take into account the purpose and functions of buildings. For example, the economic zone, which includes sheds with garden tools, chicken coops and animal pens, should not be placed closer than 12 meters from the dwelling. Plan a shower and a bath no closer than 8 meters from the house, build compost and a toilet at a distance of 8 meters from the well to ensure clean water.

Most often on a land plot of 8 acres there is an opportunity to place the following zones:

  1. Living room - house.
  2. Household premises - barn, chicken coop, garage, well, cellar.
  3. Recreation area - porch, gazebo, terrace, swimming pool, playground.
  4. Garden area - greenhouse and garden beds.
  5. Facilities for sanitary purposes - toilet, bath, summer shower.

Nevertheless, many abandon the garden and garden and define the cottage as a vacation home.

Properly placing all the zones on your site, you will receive a multifunctional place for the rest of the whole family and a source of food.

Beautiful examples and options

The first great example of a holiday home for the whole family. The plot has a garage on the right side of the access zone, the house is located in the center, this made it possible to equip an arbor on the right side of the facade, and a swimming pool behind the house. The entire plot is decorated with a lawn with winding paths and ornamental trees.

The second example shows a rectangular plan with all functional areas. The house and carport under the car are located at the beginning of the site from the side of the road. There is also a garden with a greenhouse at the end of the fence. The gazebo, the playground, and the sauna are well located and “communicate” with each other. An additional place to relax is the terrace near the house, which overlooks the whole cottage. This will take well illustrated by properly organized landscape design in compliance with all safety standards.

The third example illustrates a plan with a slope, and a house located at the highest point, with a flower garden and recreation areas going down the hill.If you want to implement a similar design, but at the same time create a garden.

It is worth considering that in the lowlands in the spring always accumulates a lot of water that is difficult to leave, so you will need to allocate funds for the drainage system.

Irregularly shaped areas are more common, so it’s more difficult to place everything you need on them. Here is another example of a real slant plot.


Landscaping a land plot is an exciting and second most important occupation after the construction of main buildings. But first of all it is necessary to conduct preparatory work on the ground. These include:

  • Wiring communication networks for drainage, water supply for irrigation, automatic irrigation and domestic needs, lighting.
  • Studying the soil and preparing it for planting - uprooting roots, fertilizer.
  • Evaluation of the relief, backfilling lowlands or the creation of hills, the study of chiaroscuro for planting fruit crops.

Once again we note the importance of competent zoning on your site, as this will allow you to make a plan for gardening. For example, you will determine which trees, shrubs and fruit crops will grow on your land without effort and additional care, and which will require special attention.Knowing in advance where there is more sun, and where and at what time of the day a shadow falls, you will be able to land correctly.

Regardless of the configuration, whether you have a plot of irregular or square shape, landscaping requires an individual approachFor example, the climatic conditions and the ecology of the territory dictate their own rules. On this depends the choice of trees and plants for planting.

The process of gardening on a plot of land performs a decorative function, which we consider in detail below.

Elements of decor

The main tone of the style of the site sets a residential house, it is the fulcrum for the entire landscape design. And the main source of decor is gardening along with natural materials (stone, metal, wood). Let's look at the main elements of the decor:

  • hedge;
  • tracks;
  • lawn;
  • ornamental plants;
  • ornamental trees;
  • flowers;
  • artificial reservoirs;
  • vertical landing;
  • rock garden;
  • multi-level flower beds.

This and much more - the main tools for decorating your land.

After you have defined all functional zones, you already know for what needs you will use your allotment.After the preparatory groundwork, you can begin to lay the tracks. For a plot of 8 acres, it is best to use winding paths that will connect all the buildings together (house, garage, bath, toilet, barn, etc.).

Lay paths in such a way that you can walk without interference to any point of your plot, including flowerbeds, this is important for watering and for picking the fruits of your harvest, if the dacha is not just a resting place.

When working on a design, don't be afraid to experiment, bright colors can be achieved simply by mixing, for example, vegetables and flowers on the same bed: Imagine how beautiful the pumpkin will be, surrounded by the lush color of flowers. But first talk with the breeder, he will tell you which mixes will not harm your vegetables.

Always looks advantageous rock garden, located at the main entrance. Or Tui, landed in a row near the fence.

By the way, it is better to beat an ordinary fence and grow on it a hedge of grapes, wild roses, hop or ivy. Such a fence is not only decoration, but also protection from drafts and prying eyes.

Hedges will serve as an excellent tool for dividing zones.

Properly organized beds and flower beds are a highlight of the garden, they will allow you to comfortably work on them and harvest.

Enjoys popularity vertical gardeningThis approach not only saves space, but also gives convenience when collecting fruits, so not only ornamental plants and flowers can be planted, but also vegetables and berries.

Thoughtfully go to the decor of the recreation area. Wicker furniture, furniture made of natural wood, perfect for patio areas and terraces.

However, for open spaces around the pool is better to consider options for furniture made of moisture-resistant materials.

Following the logic of the assignment of your land, and having familiarized yourself with all the rules of ergonomics and zoning, you will be able to independently equip and decorate your site, resorting only to consulting specialists.

Expert advice

Even before planning a design project, try to reflect your ideas on a piece of paper yourself, draw all the functional places based on the feeling of personal convenience, and then show your project to a specialist, he will adapt it to the standards. If the plans are planting large trees, you need to think in advance for their landing sites, otherwise the overgrown trees will block most of the site.

Before starting work, take care of fertilizing the land, get rid of weeds and do not neglect the ground covers, otherwise weed control will be endless. If there are lowlands, and planted planting of fertile crops, take care of the drainage system. Prior to the beginning of all planting works, it is necessary to think out a plan for the wiring of communication systems, think over how you will water, independently or with the help of automatic watering. Excellent if you use both methods together.

When planning paths, choose a more durable material, usually it is concrete, the paths of rubble are driven into the ground, and the wooden embankment needs to be updated, although it is more environmentally friendly than other materials.

The most basic task is plan your project so that you have an accurate idea of ​​how it will look like in a few years. This will save you from confusion. and provide a plan of improvement action for each coming year.

On the planning of the suburban area and expert advice you will learn in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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