Flowerpot - a stylish decoration for the garden and the street

 Flowerpot - a stylish decoration for the garden and the street

Well thought out landscape design of the dacha allows to emphasize the magnificence and harmony of the garden. And for this purpose, various methods of decorating and refining the territory are used. Each hostess of the suburban area wants to arrange a real “paradise” near the house, where you can relax and enjoy nature, away from the bustle of the city.

And in order for the territory to be attractive and well-groomed, it is necessary to plant various flowers, bushes and trees. Well, additional decorations in the form of original pots and decorated street pots will create an amazing feeling of coziness and comfort.

What it is?

Flowerpots are used for planting plants, flowers and trees, as well as for functional purposes, to give the site a decorative load. Used to decorate the front area, the entrance of the house, stairs, terraces and areas for recreation. Outdoor flowerpots with flowers add completeness to the design of the garden plots.

They do not take up much space and they can be placed along the walkway, under the window, near the porch or gazebo. Any flower arrangements in a street flowerpot or flower bed can diversify the country landscape. Large and wide vases perfectly diversify the wasteland with green grass.

They are intended not only to add beauty to the site, but also to refresh the landscape design and attract the attention of passersby and neighbors.

Even naughty annual flowers bloom all year long in street pots. Besides, flowerpots make caring for outdoor plants easier. They keep planted flowers and maintain an optimal microclimate.


Garden street pots can be used for growing any plants, flowers, and even for trees.A variety of home-made vases of tires, old dishes, plastic bottles and buckets adorn the gardens, playgrounds, courtyards and cottage plots. And at the same time you do not need to have special skills, it is enough to be patient and free time.

Having a little imagination and decorative materials, you can make not just outdoor flower pots, but original flower pots.

And it does not matter in what style the plot is decorated, a variety of decorative outdoor flower pots will make the area brighter and better.

To the bottom of the pot did not bloom and do not spoil from moisture, you can raise the pot on the leg.

Hanging pots can be used for ground covers and small annual flowers.

In addition, the flowerpots can be used for the ornamental garden, they will not only create a beautiful area, but also help to grow healthy and fresh products.

It is possible to break the plot into separate beds, where instead of flowers to grow spicy herbs and vegetables. And also it is possible to create many-tier vases for different cultures.

In any case, decorative street pots will be the final chord in creating an amazing green corner.


It is possible to create a flowerpot from any available materials: plastic, wood, metal, concrete, clay. And it is not necessary that the material was natural. The main thing is that in a holistic composition of outdoor flower beds look harmonious.

The most popular are plastic, wood and stone..

And the best fit in the natural themes of ceramics, clay and stone.

And each of the materials has its pros and cons.

Wooden vases suitable for any site. The main disadvantage of wood is instability to high humidity. Therefore, before planting flowers, it is necessary to treat the surface of the pot with a special impregnation, and then varnish it.

The most common option for the suburban area - plastic vases. They are accessible, light and, if necessary, they can be put in any place, and in the off-season bring into the house. Often, they are made in bright saturated colors and by themselves without flowers are an original decoration of the landscape. Plastic is great for planting perennials, it retains moisture and does not allow the root system to dry out.

The main advantage of plastic flowerpots is the low price and low weight.And thanks to modern production methods, plastic pots at first glance are difficult to distinguish from stone or earthenware. But plastic vases are not able to withstand low temperatures, so with the arrival of frosts it is recommended to bring street pots into the house.

The most durable vases are made of stone. Not everyone can afford such expensive and luxurious street pots. Similar can be called a bed of concrete and stone powder. The surface of street pots is decorated with intricate relief patterns and ornaments.

Such pots retain moisture well and do not allow the soil to dry out, and in order to protect the plant roots from rotting, it is necessary to treat the pot of artificial stone with an antiseptic. In this case, the roots of the flowers will not overheat on a hot day, so these flowerpots can be put on sunny areas of the garden. The most important advantage is strength and durability.

Concrete and stone are not afraid of changes in temperature and high humidity.

Outdoor pots made of concrete and stone are large and have an impressive weight, therefore they are more suitable for large open areas.Pots of cement and fabric look very original, while on the surface you can make an invoice and decorate the pot with various patterns. And you can create an amazing and unique pots of the original form with your own hands.

Ceramic pots are considered a classic option for the infield. This natural and safe material does not trap excessive moisture in the soil and provides natural ventilation for the soil. Large pot is suitable for large flowers and plants with a strong root system. But the composition of any ceramic pot must include clay material.

Clay is often used to create outdoor vases. This is a very plastic material from which you can create a pot of unique shape, size and texture. When firing the finished pot, you can get a very durable material, so the pot will serve you for many years.

To use a clay pot on the street and in places with a sharp temperature drop, the surface must be treated with special glaze. It will also help retain moisture in the soil and protect the root system from drying out.

And the porous structure of the pot allows you to saturate the soil with oxygen and save flowers from rotting. But it is better not to put such pots in direct sunlight, the soil will dry much faster.

Forged metal flowerpots look incredibly stylish and elegant. But it is important to remember that the metal quickly heats up in direct sunlight, so it is better to put such flower beds in the shade and on hot summer days not to leave it without constant watering.

Of all the above materials, you can make an outdoor pot on your own. The result depends on the imagination, color sense and work skills. Outdoor flower beds look harmonious if made of the same material and in the same color scheme. Due to this, it turns out well-designed and stylish composition.

So even out of unnecessary, as it would seem, trash, you can make a real work of country art or an art object. For example, from tires you can create original decorative objects: bulky beds, swans, vases. Rubber is a very flexible and malleable material that can take any fancy shape. But Imported tires are better for decorative purposes.Domestic tires are rougher, so it’s harder to work with them..

The easiest option beds from the tire - paint the tire, cover it with soil and plant flowers inside. The rubbed car tire can be transformed beyond recognition, that even the neighbors will not guess that the original materials were an old tire.


The size of a street pot depends directly on the area of ​​a plot or a separate zone, which must be supplemented with fresh flowers.

A large and bulky pot in a small area will attract a lot of attention and look inappropriate and overly intrusive. A small flower bed on a long section will be lost and will look inconspicuous. Most importantly, the pot should emphasize the beauty of the site.

The size and location of the pot depends on other plants on the site. For example, next to large tall trees, it is better to install large street pots, and near shrubs - miniature and light flowerpots.

For large pots need two or three types of plants. For low flowerpots near the garden paths violets are great. These unpretentious, bright and small flowers are ideal for decorating stairs, playgrounds and balconies.

But the main role is played not only by the size, but also by the color of the street pot.


Do not chase the rainbow riot of colors. Designers propose to choose calm shades for the street landscape, so that the landscape is not replete with bright colors and is not overloaded with unnecessary elements. Too saturated colors will stand out from the overall picture of the site. Ideally, the color should be combined with plants, stem or bud and fit to the general appearance of the site, terrace or open yard.

It is better to choose a light calm palette: beige, olive, cream, mint, terracotta or brown shades. Such colors can be easily combined with each other and create interesting and beautiful compositions. After all, the main task is to emphasize the beauty and tenderness of the planted flowers.

Also an interesting option - to combine contrasting colors, for example, black and white vases of the same composition. But it is better if street pots are made of the same material and have a similar shape.

The form

Vases can have a simple and complex shape. The classic version of a round, rectangular or hexagonal pot looks aesthetically pleasing and appropriate on any site.Pots of different shapes and sizes can create a single unique composition.

And even the strangest forms can be created by hand. For example, a pot in the form of a snail or animal figures will look very original and attractive in the area near the reservoir. The main thing is to match the shape and style of the pot and fit the overall design of the site.

Style and design

Flowerpots and flower beds are not only for planting, but also serve as a kind of accent, helping to add brightness and attractiveness to the garden plot. They can have a different shape, size and color, but their design will complement and decorate the landscape gardening composition in landscape design.

From a variety of different options, eyes scatter: classic, antique, avant-garde, mobile, stationary flowerpots. And the most difficult is the correct layout of the compositions on the site.

As a decor you can use mirror fragments, coins, beads, small stones, seashells, nail polishes. Every detail and element can be fixed with construction glue or epoxy resin.

This option will be a real flight of fancy.Beautifully, you can combine various small items: coins, buttons, broken pieces of crockery or ceramic tiles and a variety of mosaic patterns.

And to give an interesting texture to the surface of the pot, you can lay out the walls with embossed leaves, flowers or thin branches of trees. After coloring all the elements will look great and attractive.

You can decorate a glass flowerpot in a marine style from colorful sea stones, seashells and glass beads. Pots with a mosaic of stained glass, ceramics and pebbles look elegant and tender. And the large vases braided from a rod emphasize the romantic atmosphere on the garden plot.

But to pay great attention to the decoration of flowerpots is not the most important thing. The main decoration of any flowerbed is landscaping and beautiful well-kept flowers.

Which is better to choose?

For each pot, you need to choose different plants: in size, flower buds, color, height and type of stem.

When choosing colors you need to take into account some features:

  • the root system of the plant should be small, because it will be limited by the size of the street pot;
  • flowers should be unpretentious in the care and resistant to moisture or dryness of the soil;
  • erect and ampelous plants are ideal;
  • it is better to choose plants that bloom throughout the season or combine them to create a continuous flowering effect;
  • Plants should not be afraid of temperature changes.


A wide variety of flowerpots can be made from wooden boxes, drinking bottles, barrels, dishes, etc. And if you decide to create an outdoor pot of scrap materials with your own hands, the prerequisite is that the finished pot should be treated with an antiseptic and covered with varnish or drying oil. Also, instead of outdoor vases, you can use room pots that are durable and resistant to temperature extremes.

For street and country vases, it is better to choose different plants that bloom all summer. Most suitable not exceeding 50 cm in height of the plant. The following plants are suitable for growing in outdoor vase:

  • Geranium - unpretentious care and very beautiful in bloom. Buds have different colors and will delight all summer.
  • Asters and Dahlias - can be planted in one pot different colors. A bright bush will stand up to the first frost.
  • Dwarf or medium cynia - ideal for small and small flowerpots.
  • Pansies - can be planted only on the outer edge of the pot and complement the flower arrangement with additional paints.
  • Lobelia - has delicate little flowers of white, blue or pink color. Look great both individually and in a group with other plants.
  • Ageratum - delicate blue and white pompons richly decorate a small bush.
  • Marigold - Favorite gardeners for unpretentiousness, abundant flowering and sunny color.
  • Petunia - very capricious for growing, but looks great in street pots, both separately and together with other flowers.

The formation of the composition is based on the color and size of the buds. In concrete vases, you can plant three types of flowers that get along well. For example, ghazan, dimorphic and dwarf Ursinia. Also next door with any flowers you can arrange dahlias. Tall flowers are better to plant near the house, and small annuals - in the center of the garden. For high pots, it is better to choose bushy hanging plants: lobelia, begonia, petunia, bell, tunbergia and fuchsia.

Before planting plants need to prepare a pot. At the bottom of the pot it is necessary to fill the drainage layer: fine expanded clay or pebbles. After that, the pot capacity is filled with prepared soil. Fertile soil, perlite and vermiculite are better suited for this, the latter will provide plants with moisture and minerals.

Beautiful examples and options

Bulk amphoras for outdoor plants look great on any country site. Plastic vases have a variety of shades and by themselves can be considered as a decoration of the site. It will not be difficult to choose the appropriate option from a variety of shades and shapes for any style.

Flowerpots with backlighting are a great functional idea for a dacha, during the day the composition looks like a flowerbed with flowers, and at night it illuminates the site. Fantasy designs made of concrete and original flowerpots in the form of busts with flowers look very original and funny and can become a real attraction on the site.

Concrete cubes can be a great decoration on the site, if the composition is supplemented with fresh flowers. The design of plastic pots allows you to place them anywhere.And even the usual bright plastic slides will decorate any fence.

An interesting option is obtained from sawn trees and old rotten stumps. But do not plant flowers directly into the wooden saw cut. Flowers will not survive for a long time due to high humidity, and the tree will quickly collapse.

It is better to put the pot inside, and to treat the surface of the tree with a special solution that will protect against high humidity.

An interesting and bold decision is to decorate the wall of the house on the street with multi-colored wooden boxes with flowers.

Old and seemingly unnecessary things and objects can be used to create a flowerpot. And any old record can become an original pot, if you lay a little imagination and strength.

Thus, it is possible to give a new life to old things. Any seemingly garden stuff can be decorated and used to decorate the site. As an example - old rusty buckets. Even small buckets of bright colors are great for flower arrangements. An old unreliable chair can be the basis of a beautiful flower arrangement. As well as old rubber boots that have already worn out.

For how to make your own flowerpot, see this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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