Landscape design of a country house: features, ideas and examples of implementation

Every owner of a country house would certainly like his property to look attractive and original. But it is not enough just to choose good building and decorative materials, to think over the construction and layout, to implement the plan in full. It is important to take care that the landscape design of the adjacent area would fully correspond to your taste and current fashion trends. It also should not create discomfort when being in a particular area.

Special features

The landscape design of a country house has several key aspects:

  • green plants;
  • lawns;
  • specificity of the relief;
  • architectural compositions;
  • reservoirs (artificial and natural);
  • illumination of the created spatial complex.

Near the main building and even at some distance from it will need to build a common composition line, which implies a large-scale complex of works. You can do the design of the site both independently and by turning to professionals. The choice depends on personal skills and financial capabilities.

In any case, the decoration of the space around the house is subject to the general laws that must be considered when monitoring the work of specialists.

Sequence of work

The very first step must necessarily be the formation of drawings and plans on paper. The territory is divided into functional areas, which can be arranged calmly, and into fragments that cause problems or difficulties.


The main cause of damage to the landscape or subsidence of individual zones on the site is the action of groundwater, it is with them and fights drainage. Also, he must solve the problem of collecting precipitation and melt water. It’s relatively easy to dig a trench with your own hands, but it happens that you have to create underground structures. Then, without the help of professional builders can not do.

When a project is being worked out, it is necessary to take into account the laying of the sewage system, gas pipeline and pipeline so that the groundwater and soil are not clogged.


When engineering communications and drainage systems are fully prepared, care must be taken to secure the area.

It is not at all necessary to put a simple barrier from a picket fence, consider also the following options:

  • brick fence;
  • gabion with construction waste;
  • high-grade stone fence;
  • mesh fence;
  • use of a metal profile;
  • forged structures;
  • green spaces;
  • reinforced concrete blocks.

Each of these approaches has strengths and weaknesses, you can even combine them with each other and use several barriers at the same time. For example, it is permissible to fence off a grid from neighbors in a dacha, a brick wall can be placed from the street side, and decorative shrubs can be used to delimit the beds in the garden and zoning the space. In addition, you can even combine them in one place, trivial concrete blocks or corrugated flooring will be much more interesting if beautiful plants are planted nearby.

Of course, you need to carefully select a combination and make a choice consciously, immediately imagining what the final result will be.

The most correct solution for creating a green hedge will be to buy seedlings in professional nurseries, then you can be sure of their quality and not be afraid that the seeds will not sprout and will not take root in the time you need.

Remember that even slow-growing conifers can grow 10 to 30 cm in a year, and this can cause inconvenience. Do not plant trees under the wires and wherever they can interfere.


In order to make a lawn, you must decide before starting the excavation work. Consider the future use of the site as a whole and the features of concrete lawns. If you want to make a patio or prepare a platform for active children's games, these will be two different territories, the varieties and the quality of the plants must be chosen specifically.

When the main goal is to create an unpretentious lawn that does not require continuous maintenance, the optimal combination is grass mixture, which includes:

  • fescue;
  • fringe;
  • meadow grass

With the help of these crops, it is easy to design both a relatively small area and a very large plot of land.

When you know for sure that there will be animals in the house that will have to be walked, at least one part of the territory will have to be arranged for a sports lawn. It is distinguished by its rigidity and density and will easily transfer mechanical impacts from pets.

English (ground) format is optimal for decorating areas that should be as attractive as possible. And there, where the pleasant shade from trees falls, and where benches or gazebos are usually set for rest, it is necessary to place landscape garden lawns.

Flower garden

Only the lawn on the entire plot around the house looks dull and inexpressive, no matter how hard you try to make it nobler and more refined. Creating a flower garden helps to correct the situation. To decorate the appearance of the site are capable of standard roses, which look good both in the form of tapeworms and as part of various compositions.

The original step will be the use of weeping subspecies of this group, which are hung with lashes from small architectural forms.

The combination of annual and bulbous cultures will allow you to quickly and easily get a flower bed that will bloom all summer.

If you want the flower garden to please for many years, you should pay attention to such options:

  • alpine slide;
  • mixborder;
  • rockeries

Lilac is ideal for decorating sites in front of wooden houses, it is widely used in the preparation of any composition in the classical style.

Rest zone

There are no special canons in the creation of recreation areas, you can flexibly choose both the size of the space, its geometry and even specific functions.

Creating a gazebo is attractive because this design will be:

  • plain;
  • not too intrusive visually;
  • functionally complete.

In this room, you can retire, have a cup of coffee or chat with loved ones. And when guests come to the house, it is no less pleasant to gather there during the warm season. When creating arbors you can use wood, brick, metal and even glass. The choice of geometrical forms is great - round and many-sided, triangular and square designs are created relatively easily.

But you need to take into account not only your own taste, but also the peculiarities of the design of the territory as a whole, the chosen concept.

If you do not like the idea of ​​a gazebo, you can use the patio, for which a flat area, well lit by the sun, is set aside.A prerequisite is to cover the surface with tiles, wood flooring or clinker, otherwise your imagination is almost unlimited when decorating a patio.

In most cases, the patio is not complete without:

  • benches;
  • lighting fixtures;
  • relatively small table;
  • flowerpots.

Installing an outdoor fireplace does not always justify itself, and if it is difficult to make the right decision, it is better to seek help from experienced designers.

Variants of modern projects

In the design of modern suburban areas can be used as ready-made projects, as well as the general principles of various styles, which are flexibly adapted to the specific situation.

The classic format always includes:

  • flower beds with a clear geometry;
  • the predominance of flat right angles;
  • the strict correctness of the shape of each tree and even a bush.

A luxurious impression will be created even if you just plant the plants in high beds or in randomly arranged containers. Part-time decoration is especially suitable for creative and extraordinary people, because it relies on the creation of whimsically-looking plantings of unusual shape.

The variety of possible projects is very large: there are combinations based on old tires, and containers, and bathrooms that are no longer needed in your home.

“Rural” format is especially appropriate in a small area that they want to fill with plants. Obligatory feature is the use of natural materials for the formation of tracks and the creation of decorative designs.

Any garden, elements of which are made in the same style, is themed. Often there are marine motifs, references to the design of country or Eastern exoticism.

Regardless of whether you are building a cottage or refining the area around the cottage, it is very important to take care of the bath. It plays an important role in both hygienic and wellness plan, the benefits of visiting the bath are much more extensive than the effect of taking a bath.

When there are children in the house, be sure to provide a playground. Do not limit yourself to slides and sandpit, if space allows - create houses with fabulous characters, even on the most modest part of the swing can be put.

We design under the area

Landscape design must necessarily correspond to the occupied area. So, in areas of size 5, 6, 8, 10 acres, you can plant single trees, they will become the semantic center of the composition.

There are only two key requirements: the absence of external defects and impeccable appearance in any season of the year. Most often they use either coniferous crops, or maples, oaks and lindens.

The fence in small areas should not be made high. Geometric style is the most effective way to use the available space. Ancillary facilities and technical facilities move to the northern part of the territory, in the same place you can plant single trees, which will help to weaken cold winds.

If the area is 10 acres, you can already use part of the territory under the lawn or create solid flower beds. There is also the possibility of installing gazebos and saunas, which are recommended to complement climbing cultures. In addition, you can even create gardens in the Japanese style or deliberately "wild" corners.

When the area reaches 12, 15 or 20 acres, the variety of decorating moves increases even more.

It will be possible to arrange the following options:

  • a miniature pond with or without a waterfall;
  • alpine slide;
  • full patio.

When the territory of the house adjoining site is 26, 30 hectares, it is even harder to choose the optimal solution than in a smaller space. The fact is that there are already too many options, and you need to have developed spatial thinking in order to make the right choice.

We adapt to the terrain

Whatever the available area, a big problem is the uneven terrain, the presence of pronounced differences. It will be long, expensive and impractical to fight this directly, pouring soil in some places or tearing it out and exporting it to others. It would be more correct to beat the existing defects, to transform the negative aspects of the terrain into its merits.

When the area is covered with minor hills, it is advisable to fix their slopes with gabions.

From above, rockeries are organized, the preferred cultures in which are:

  • saxifrage;
  • brisket;
  • periwinkle (any subspecies);
  • hare cabbage;
  • stonecrop.

The ravines and pits inevitably concentrate meltwater and all precipitation. To solve the problem is easy if you create a pond,which is surrounded by perennial herbs and flowers, it will be good to plant weeping willows. On the slope there are enough garden and cottage houses. This feature is also corrected in the simplest way; you only need to place the steps directly in the ground.

Most often, the stairs go towards the rock garden, pond, or they are brought to the houses located in the middle of the site.

The slopes of various steepness, hillocks and depressions provide visual depth to limited areas. If a small garden is divided into two terraces, it becomes visually more voluminous and spacious, since the space can be divided into shares by fences from shrubs or terraced flower beds.

But not all people like this approach, sometimes it is better to use alternative methods. It is required to drain the lowlands, level and strengthen the ravines.

For a narrow section, multi-level design can be considered one of the best options.

With a width of 15 - 20 meters, it is advisable to distinguish three key fragments:

  • residential (there will be a house);
  • allotted for the garden and garden;
  • intended for placement of outbuildings.

Each block should be isolated, it should be given external clarity so that the borders are visible immediately. Try not to leave fragments that would be empty. Correcting the effect of the corridor helps planting at the beginning and at the end of the territory of different growth, but similar in geometry and color of trees. The highest among them is better to plant at the end, so that for each observer the space seemed shorter. If at the very beginning it is impossible to plant a single tree for some reason, you need to place several trees in the far corner.

It is nice to put bright, eye-catching objects like a gazebo surrounded by specially selected flowers, or a richly colored garden decor to the background. A nice way to expand the space is garden graphics, especially often located along the shortest side. If you wish, you can alternate it with flowers.

Narrow areas better to decorate in the style of minimalism, giving a suburban house and its surroundings restrained, it is quite laconic. It is advisable to enter into the situation of bulk mounds, mirror compositions, decorative objects made of wire.High-tech style areas have a non-standard look, in a similar exterior metal and glass objects, products from natural wood are appropriate.

Garden, garden and flower beds should be placed on the sunny side, and the house should be made in the form of a rectangle stretched in length. On most narrow sections of the house they put a facade on the street, unless there is no active traffic on it. Then the house should be placed in the middle of the territory, and forward trees that will absorb the exhaust and reduce noise.

Beautiful examples

  • Real examples of landscape design of a country house almost always include greenery, allowing you to create a pleasant appearance and improve the microclimate in the territory. One of the best solutions is the use of a composition with different-sized coniferous plants (tapeworms). They are brought closer together to emphasize the continuity of space, stone flowerpots and small stone paths can be used. It is important that the plants do not hide from view the house itself and do not interfere with the disclosure of its visual aesthetic advantages.
  • There is an option in which coniferous crops (like sprawling shrubs stretched upward,and squat dense "cushions") are used to frame both the house itself and the tracks and are placed around the perimeter of the lawn instead of a stone curb. In this case, it is desirable to shade a brick building with different tones of green, but it is not recommended to use more variegated and rich color tones.
  • Landscape designers often try to decorate the porch of the house with the help of symmetrical compositions. In the picture you can see how the decorative flowerbeds look from the plantations distributed along the height that surround not only the porch, but also the path lined with a multi-colored stone.
  • Forged railings at the entrance are spectacularly combined with a thick carpet of moderately red squat colors. To make the floral decor look more beautiful and not faded, it is recommended to use lawns made of dense green grass.
  • Country house with a garden may look very unusual. The fancy beds, bordered with a pinkish stone, look very attractive against the background of the tracks of a poisonous green color. A good step would also be the use of wooden boxes dug into the ground, each of which should be filled with monochromatic plants.
  • The grand area of ​​a country house, which occupies a large area, can be covered with an even lawn and round flower arrangements, each of which has two tiers - the exterior is low and rather high in the center.

Opportunities for registration areas around the country houses are very large. But in order to achieve a good result, professionals recommend devoting all the performers to the details of their plan.

Think about what you need, and how much time you will spend, caring for the city. Depending on this, make the final decision. Consider how priorities may change in a few years.

To learn how to create a beautiful landscape design of a country house, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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