Fresh design ideas garden area of ​​6 acres

 Fresh design ideas garden area of ​​6 acres

Even a small suburban area can be interesting to issue and turn into a blooming garden. Often in the country you want to place the beds for growing your own vegetables, and garden crops, and flowers that will delight the owner of the site and make outdoor recreation more enjoyable. If the site is only 6 acres, then you should think about how to visually expand the space and execute its zoning.

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Features of planning

The layout of the suburban area largely depends on the purpose for which this land is used. At any site there is a small garden, recreation area, a place for household needs and residential buildings.If you need an extensive recreation area, and the owner likes to plant flowers, then it is worthwhile to allocate a maximum of space specifically for these needs. If the owner likes to grow a lot of fruits and vegetables, the main space on the site will take the beds and fruit trees.

The main landmark in the planning should be a residential building. Usually it is located at a distance of not less than 5 m from the street, while the windows do not run into economic structures or a garage. If the house is already built or the owner has decided exactly how to arrange it, then the paths should be thought out - the general layout of the site will depend on them.

Often, a circular layout looks very harmonious on 6 acres. This means that the main path around the site will go in a circle with branches to the house, street, garden or recreation area. Usually, in this case, the beds are located on the sides of the plot, and raspberry, blackberry, currant or gooseberry bushes are often planted along the fence. Large trees can be placed in the center and make in their shade a rest area with hanging chairs and a table. Flowers are usually planted under the windows of the house, but it is worth trying to evenly distribute them over the plot.

Often make a straight path parallel to the house. Usually it starts at the entrance and leads to the beds located in the depth of the plot. Small trees can be planted along a straight path, creating a peculiar grove. Usually, a plan with a straight path divides the territory into squares - there will be a garden, which can be located on the side of the house, beds and utility rooms will fit in the far corner of the plot, and from the street side you can organize a cozy seating area. The size of all these sections depends solely on the needs of the owner - you need to calculate how many meters you need, and arrange the track in accordance with these calculations.

Sometimes the planning area to the diagonal. Best of all this option is suitable for those who want a small house with a spacious garden. On one side of the diagonal walkway, you can place a living room with a terrace - this will be a relaxation area, which can be supplemented with ornamental shrubs and flowers. On the other side should be placed the beds with vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs.

Often they make winding paths along a section and divide the space into several separate zones. Such a design can be extremely interesting if you visually isolate these zones with shrubs, ivy or artificial hedge. Thus, each zone turns out to be special - in one corner you can make a Japanese rock garden, in the other you can plant lush flowers, and in the third place a small decorative waterfall. This design is suitable mainly for those who want to decorate the site and breed ornamental plants.

How to expand the space?

If a plot of 6 acres, then it is best to use every square meter. No matter how interesting the design project is thought, it is, first of all, based on practical goals. The plot should be convenient for work and rest - avoid too narrow aisles, do not place utility rooms in hard-to-reach places, take care of easy access to each flowerbed and bed. In order for the plot to become more spacious visually and to be as convenient as possible, it is important to correctly zone the space.

If you want the territory to look bigger, then you need to avoid high barriers. Any part of the site should be clearly visible, but if you need partitions, you should use grids with climbing plants and shrubs for this. A fence around the site or similar high barriers inside the garden will visually reduce the already small space. If the owner for some reason is forced to put a fence, then it should be in bright shades.

If you want the site to appear more than it actually is, you should avoid ordinary planting of large shrubs and trees. The ideal option would be a chaotic tree planting throughout the territory.

The same applies to plants with bright flowers that immediately catch the eye - you need to try not to concentrate flowering plants in one place, but plant them evenly throughout the site.

You should also allocate space for a free area with a lawn. It does not carry any practical value, however with a large lawn the site will look more spacious. However, the lawn can also be used for recreation - you can spend picnics on the grass and sunbathe. Well, if the beds will also be divided,and their shape will not be direct - you can consider semicircular and spiral-shaped variants, which will look very interesting and modern, and also contribute to the expansion of space.

Design options

Landscaping is a fascinating process. There are many interesting solutions for the arrangement of the site, many of which can be implemented with your own hands. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that for a garden plot of 6 acres in design it is necessary to proceed from considerations of practicality and comfort - it is better to give preference to a laconic design so that an excess of decorative elements does not interfere with work and rest on the plot.

In this case, it is desirable to ensure that the dacha has become beautiful and interesting - for this you can try the following design elements.

  • That the landscape was not boring, you can make it layered. With the help of stones and mounds, it is possible to imitate natural hills, which are interestingly decorated with flowers and green plants. Such simple elements will make the site more diverse and give it individuality.
  • Many people like to have ponds, fountains or waterfalls on the site.Indeed, the murmur of water relaxes well and contributes to a harmonious atmosphere. In addition, even in the conditions of a minimalist environment in a small area, artificial reservoirs will attract attention and make the space interesting.
  • Various ceramic and stone statues, ranging from decorative figures of animals and ending with copies of ancient sculptures, will also make it interesting to decorate the site. In a small area such decorative elements should not be abused, however, several such instances will look quite appropriate. In modern stores it is easy to find statues for every taste - you can choose the options that will be harmoniously combined with the design of the house.
  • You should also think about lighting. Along the tracks it would not be superfluous to install small lanterns, since they will perform both practical and decorative functions. Now you can find very interesting forged or stained glass options that will become an interesting design element.
  • If the owner of the site is close to the option of design in a rustic style, then you can put a scarecrow next to the beds.Among the modern variety of options you can find very interesting figures that will complement the site in an original way.
  • For connoisseurs of the ancient style can come all sorts of arches and columns. Too many high elements in a small area should not be placed, however, if you put one arch or column near the terrace, it will look quite appropriate.
  • Japanese design is perfect for small areas. Interesting massive stones perfectly allow you to arrange the site and divide it into zones, and miniature trees will look very interesting and not to block the territory once again. It should be noted that such a design is unlikely to be harmoniously combined with the traditional design of the suburban area. If it is decided to perform landscape design in a concise Japanese style, then it is worth making out in this way the entire site or to allocate a small corner for the Japanese garden, separate from the rest of the space.

Selection of plants and trees

It is very important to choose the right plants for your site, because this is what determines the appearance of the entire territory.If planting vegetables is planned in the garden, then the situation with the choice of ornamental plants is more complicated. It is important to choose them correctly so that the dacha area pleases with its appearance.

When planting flowers in a small area it is better to place them throughout the space. You should also take into account the color combinations - in this case it is not necessary to make sharp contrasts. It is necessary to think over the design so that the colors smoothly flow into one another. In addition, it is better to plant the plants in such a way that a flowering garden will remain in spring and summer, and in the fall. Crocuses, gypsophila and chrysanthemums can be placed on one plot of land - this will ensure flowering from the early months of spring to mid-autumn.

Pink shrubs can look very good - with proper care, they will delight with their flowering for several months. In addition, roses are easy to pick up under the desired color scheme, because they are not only red or white, but even yellow or purple. Most often, it is such shrubs that visually distinguish the territory in the summer cottage.

Crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips will delight in their bloom in the spring. They can be planted throughout the country, because these flowers are quite unpretentious in the care. All summer irises, peonies, pansies and bells can bloom, but they should be especially carefully monitored, avoiding drying out of the ground or overflowing, and abundant use of fertilizers for flowering. As for the autumn period, you can see asters, gladioli and chrysanthemums, which, under favorable weather conditions, can bloom until the very beginning of October.

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In addition to flowers, green plants also have a decorative function. It is necessary to plant a lawn with grass as much as possible - this will expand the space and will look beautiful. In addition, in small suburban areas it is customary to actively use a variety of climbers. For example, with the help of ivy, you can decorate a house or a terrace, or you can make small partitions inside the plot that blend in well with the landscape.

Trees are also best planted over the entire area of ​​the site. In this case, preference is given to small options, if space is limited. Dwarf pines and Christmas trees can look especially good on the site and also delight all year round.

Depending on the region and weather conditions, it is worth considering fruit plants: cherry, apple, pear, apricot. It is better not to plant such large trees in the center of the plot, but distribute them around.

Beautiful ideas

If the owner is thinking about the design project of his garden plot, then it is worthwhile to first think over all the details, and only then install decorative designs or purchase plants.

Below are some interesting examples of real design for a small area.

  • If you do not like the lawn, then you can lay out the area with a stone - light shades of such material will allow you to expand the space. In addition, on this background, even green plants will stand out and look elegant. The advantage of the stone lies in the fact that it requires almost no maintenance.
  • It is necessary to surround the living room and the recreation area with flowering plants. It is good if there are windows on the flowerbeds and flowering shrubs are planted around the terrace - this will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view and breathe in the pleasant aroma during the rest.
  • In small areas, the best looks non-standard design beds.Do not plant vegetables in rows - you can put the beds in a circle or in a spiral. With this solution, even the beds will look like a decorative element of the landscape.

In addition, soft lines will visually expand the space, and it will be much easier to go to such beds than in the case when the plants are planted in dense rows.

In the next video you will find a review of landscape design on a plot of 6 acres.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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