Garden and garden design at the summer cottage

At the summer cottage you can successfully arrange and a beautiful garden and neat beds with herbs, berries and vegetables. In this case, both sites may look like works of landscape art.

Special features

Sophisticated landscape design allows even vegetable beds to make a beautiful addition to the summer cottage. In fact, this is not difficult, because neat small gardens have always been part of the village houses in France.

On the territory of our country, practicality was always more valued than the decorativeness of the beds, so they did not think about the location of the plants. And if they made some plans, they tried to choose the place in which the plants grow most actively. But now you can correct this situation by making the bed a part of a neat garden next to a private house.

Such a design will not only decorate your site, but also simplify the process of caring for the beds, because everything will be planted in neat, even rows.

Design "by the rules"

But your garden will become so comfortable and beautiful only if you arrange everything according to the rules. First of all, you need to plan the project of your future garden on paper or on a computer. Examine everything that can affect how your garden will be - the terrain, the type of soil, the degree of illumination of the area, and so on.

For example, orchards and most ornamental flowers grow best under bright warm sunshine. Therefore, it is desirable to plant them in the southwest or southeast of the site. In the same way, you need to find the right place for your beds.

Another integral part of the ideal plot with a garden and a garden is neat paths along which it will be possible to move without harming the plants. The tracks can be laid out in different materials. The most common options are concrete slabs, small pebbles or pebbles. You can also use a special pavement tile or brick. And if you want to create the atmosphere of an abandoned forest in your plot, then the trails can be laid out with sawdust.

Many believe that the track - exactly what it is worth saving.But you should not do this, because the paths will not only make the appearance of your site more accurate, but also allow you to zone the territory into separate mini clubs with different flowers and vegetables, as well as simplify the process of caring for your garden and garden.

Proper zoning of the site should also be given special attention. To fit everything at once, you need to divide the entire territory into such areas as the entrance, garden, garden and recreation area.

  • Entrance area - This is the part of the garden that makes the first impression on everyone who comes to visit you. The parade area, as a rule, is decorated with a neat lawn with green grass and flower beds.
  • Next is the orchard. Most often, orchards are located deep in the plot. Trying to pick up some elevation for its location. Best of all fruit trees grow in non-shaded areas.
  • Next to the orchard can be located and recreation area. Trees will give tenek in hot weather, and the landscape will be pleasing to the eye. Depending on the size of the plot, the resting place can be located in the center of the courtyard or even adjoin the building.You can build a beautiful gazebo, a terrace, or simply arrange a table and a few chairs under a shed.
  • Separate need to highlight place for beds. You can create a classic garden, divided into 2 acres, or experiment with the layout and divide the entire territory into several separate segments. On one of them you can grow aromatic herbs, on the other - new potatoes, and on the third - strawberries, for example. It all depends on your imagination and wishes.
  • In the shaded corner of the garden it is necessary to allocate also the so-called economic zonewhere shovels, mortars and other things needed for garden care will be stored.

By decorating modern sites on this principle, you can use a low green fence, a paling, stones or bricks for zoning. Green hedges and partitions of climbers always look much better and more beautiful.


Landscaping the site allows you to make it truly alive and beautiful. If you do not have enough contact with nature, and you do not have time to go either to the forest or to the parks, then you can create a green oasis right at home.

It is possible to organize a beautiful garden or vegetable garden even on the smallest site.If there is no place at all, you can even arrange the greens on the roof or turn your veranda into a mini-greenhouse.

But in the courtyard, beautiful greenery and colorful flowers look more natural and organic. On the territory of one site you can combine a variety of plant species. Neat grass or plants splicing on the ground can be the backdrop for your garden. Vivid decoration of the site will serve flowers of different shades. In one area, you can combine small violets, spray roses, and other flowers.

It is necessary to select plants for planting in the country, taking into account not only the peculiarities of your site, but also your readiness to engage in gardening. If you have neither the time nor the desire to grow a huge garden, then it is better to choose green grass for lawns and coniferous plants instead of expensive roses, which themselves will grow.

For dividing the site into separate zones and creating cozy corners in your garden, you can use a hedge. A green wall may consist of conifers, climbers, or even be an original vertical flowerbed. True, and care for such a flower garden will not be easy, although it is definitely worth it.

And if you are not ready to construct a complex vertical flowerbed, but you still want to create something beautiful, you can plant the plants in a wooden cart or barrel. Such a flowerbed from improvised means looks very original and becomes a real decoration of the site. In this case, to make it your own hands, you will spend quite a bit of time.


First, do not ignore such an element as garden paths. They should be located in a small area, and even more so in a large area. It is the paths that will facilitate the process of gardening and make walks through their lands much more pleasant. After all, you do not have to get to your favorite plants through dirt and weeds. If the area is quite small, make less individual zones, and narrow trails.

To make your garden look beautiful, even if you are organizing the landscape for the first time, listen to the advice of professionals.

It is also important to determine the types of plants that you place on your site. If you are new to gardening, then opt for district plants, which are easiest to care for. Over time, you will be able to plant various exotic varieties, but it is easier to begin with the fact that it does not require additional care.

In addition, pay attention to the fact that all the plants you plant were healthy. On seed bags, always check the expiration date, and check the bulbs and saplings for cuts and other signs that the plant is damaged. If you grow plants in a greenhouse, then try to provide it with proper conditions - the right amount of light, polycarbonate walls, plenty of water and fertilizer. Vedas are the seedlings most demanding in the care, and yet can not resist the negative conditions and rapid temperature changes.

And, of course, do not forget that at any time of the year your site should not be empty. Therefore, choose different varieties of plants that either remain green all year round, or bloom in turn, starting with the earliest spring and ending in late autumn.

Beautiful examples

Regardless of whether you want to divide the plot into separate zones, clearly separated from each other, or grow it all together, you can still organize a beautiful garden.

Country garden

A simple rustic garden will look great next to the house in Provence, Country or Rustic style.The main thing is that it does not look like an abandoned garden, but as a neat and well-kept plot. The simplest rule that will help preserve the pleasant appearance of the garden is not to plant all the plants mixed up.

It is not necessary to divide the beds into segments and enclose each of them with a hedge, paths or rows of stones. It is enough just to land the vegetables and herbs in even rows. It will already look neat and attractive. Also try to place a number of plants that are externally combined with each other.

Luxury lawn

The lawn is an integral part of the perfect English garden. Beautiful grass cover hides unsightly patches of bare ground and prevents weeds from growing. The lawn can be a separate part of your garden, as well as a background for other plants.

As a background for flowers and bushes, you can use a mixture of herbs - bluegrass, fenders and fescue. In the summer, your plot will be covered with luxurious emerald rugs made from a mixture of all these herbs. The fact that you will not spend a lot of money on the design of such a lawn can not but rejoice.

Graceful flower beds

The perfect complement to any garden is a colorful flower garden.Here you can show imagination and combine the most different types of plants. Different may be the shape or height of the flower bed. You can decorate with a flower garden and the entrance to the garden, and a dining area, and any other place on the site. For decoration flower garden you can pick up such universal plants as poppies, delphiniums, irises, basilis and so on. Best of all, if the plants you have chosen are neat and long-term, so that you do not have to re-register a flower garden every year.


Climbing plants are another ideal find for the garden. They can be used to design the facade of the house or to create partitions. Having made a simple support and planted ivy or bindweed under it, in a year or two you will receive a partition completely covered with a green plant. With the help of wisteria, decorative beans or other climbers, you can even create arches or live canopies. Almost all of these plants are perennial, which means you do not have to constantly plant new seeds and wait until the past beauty is restored.

Garden maze

This version of landscape design may seem somewhat unusual.In addition, you might think that it would take too much time to create such a miracle of nature. But in fact, everything is not so difficult.

It creates a beautiful labyrinth of simple and not very demanding plants: thuja, juniper or low Christmas trees. Coniferous plants are the easiest to give the desired shape. They can be planted in rows, creating a real maze. However, in order not to get confused by yourself, first sketch the scheme on paper and try not to deviate from it.

It is possible to decorate such a garden with figures cut from all the same conifers. Even if you do not have much experience, you can give the plant the shape of a ball or a triangle. And the rows of your labyrinth from the inside can be filled with sawdust or colored sand to make the paths beautiful and comfortable for walking.

All these ideas can be successfully combined with each other, having both a green hedge, and vegetable beds and beautiful flower beds on one site. So you will receive from your summer cottage not only aesthetic pleasure, but also practical benefits.

Review the design of a small garden in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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