What should be the landscape design of the site in front of the house?

Calmness, silence, maximum fusion with nature, the absence of urban fuss and bustle - that is what motivates residents of big cities to buy country houses. Constructions, remote from cities, become cozy places, pleasing the eye and soul with beautiful vegetation. They turn into places where you can relax not only physically, but also emotionally. Therefore, the question of how should be the landscape design of the site in front of the house, worries all owners of such a unique property.

Special features

Landscape design of a small courtyard or a large plot - in simple words means improvement of the land space of the backyard plot of a townhouse or other type of private real estate.Beautiful flower beds on the territory, neat paths, different vegetation and decorative elements make the yard well-groomed and aesthetically appealing.

Creating a landscape design in front of a house without a garden is a rather painstaking, but interesting exercise, in a sense, it requires a creative approach. You can try to do it yourself or ask for help from professionals.

DIY do-it-yourself

Not so long ago, about 15–20 years ago, dacha plots were perceived solely as places for planting vegetable crops, fruit trees, raspberry bushes, currants, and other berries. They came there only in order to water, weed and harvest the crop, which necessarily went to the cans for canning, salted or marinated. Very rarely the land was empty, it was not planted with “useful” plants. There were few flowers, and there were no ornamental plants at all, and there was no question of landscape design.

Today, the situation has changed, and many land owners want to have at least a small recreation area decorated with unusual flowers, plants, an alpine slide or a fountain on their plot.The landscaping is gaining momentum.

Where to begin?

The main stages of work on the design of the site include:

  • careful thinking over what you want to see and where to place everything (decorative elements);
  • lawn trimming;
  • selection of plants.

You can build a gazebo, equip a barbecue area, create a pond or alpine slide, of course, if square meters of the yard allow. If the size of the site is small, it will be necessary to limit to a few of the most important elements

The territory in front of the house defines the boundary between private ownership and the possession of the city council, decorates the house, complements the overall "exterior" of landscape design.

In the improvement of the territory help these elements of decor:

  • flower beds;
  • hedge from living plants;
  • fountains, ponds, any artificial reservoirs;
  • gazebos, playgrounds, recreation areas;
  • garden paths;
  • statues, figures and other accessories made of clay, wood, metal.


Green areas are an important, perhaps the most important part of a successful landscape design. The use of plants allows you to create compositions that will enliven the surrounding space, will please the eye.

Many people mistakenly think that a lawn is a simple grass, for which you do not need to take care of something in a special way, to pay attention, it is enough to cut it in time. However, all this applies only to the natural grass cover, which for the most part consists of weeds.

A decorative lawn is something more than ordinary grass. Today, there are many varieties of lawn. Among them, the Moorish type and ground floor have the greatest decorative value. But regardless of the species, all varieties of plant decoration of land plots must be properly decorated.

  • The edges of the lawn should be smooth. And so that he was always like this, periodically all vegetation should be cut with a sharp tool. After the edge is a shallow ditch up to 4 cm in depth, which is filled with mulch.
  • That the lawn did not grow for the deduced line, it is necessary to fix. For these purposes, suitable curb tape.
  • Aesthetically decorate the lawn will help different ornamental plants.

Flower garden

To organize the right flower garden in front of the house is not for everyone. We need imagination and understanding of what should be the ideal size and shape of the front garden. Also, everything should correspond to the general style of the main building and the area around it.

For planting, you need to choose flowers that will not stand out strongly, but at the same time will not fade away from the general background. The path to the entrance to the house can be decorated on both sides with different flower arrangements and ornamental plants.

With the help of well-chosen flower garden you can disguise all the flaws and omissions in the architecture of the building. The best option in this case is the mixborder - a combination of different shapes, sizes and types of plants in the garden areas. The discount also looks impressive - a ribbon of flowers alternating with each other in different sizes.

Beginner gardeners should abandon exotic plants, because such flowers need constant and careful care, ideally by these experts. Beginners should choose plants that are hardy to various negative environmental factors.

A hedge that will decorate the site and meanwhile will play the role of a fence for a flower bed, you can organize bushes of lilac, rosehip, viburnum. "Freshen up" a stone or metal fence will manage curly compositions: honeysuckle, decorative ivy, grapes, kirkazon. Coniferous plants on the site will bring a touch of aristocracy.

In order for the flowerbed in front of the house, made by the hands of the property owner, to succeed, it is necessary not to forget about the simple rules.

  • Plant on the site need unpretentious perennial shrubs (thuja, juniper), and the space between them to fill with any annual plants.
  • The second rule is that at least one flowering plant should be present in the flowerbed.

A classic example of a front garden is a combination of portulac, marigold, Vittrok, lily, and tulips.

To the final result of the design of the flower garden met all expectations, it is worth remembering some more professional advice:

  • if the flowerbed is very close to the house, the planted plants, especially flowering plants, should coincide with the shade of the walls of the building;
  • on a large plot it is better to plant plants with large leaves, and on a small one - to use small-leaved stands;
  • in order to avoid the effect of emptiness on the site in winter, it is worthwhile to plant in the territory coniferous trees and bushes with bright bark.

Seating area

Many city dwellers buy a summer cottage to get a chance to take a break from the noise, improve their health in absolute solitude with nature.And in order to get real relaxation, in the newly acquired territory of the recreation area, comfortable and pretty corners are arranged, where you can truly relax.

These cozy corners include:

  • Mangal It is hard to imagine outdoor recreation without a brazier. It serves as a place where different goodies are prepared, and also often replaces the heater in cool weather. In the mangal it is desirable to put a table for cutting dishes and storing dishes.
  • Pergolas. It is quite logical to install an arbor next to the brazier, where you can try freshly cooked delicacies for a pleasant chat. In the form of decoration, you can plant various flowers around, and arrange columns of arbors with climbing plants. Suitable winter-resistant grape varieties.
  • Bath complexes. Bath - the dream of many property owners outside the city. If the territory has a pond or any other body of water, except for the fountain, you can build a steam room near such a refreshing place. Next to the exit, a veranda or terrace will be appropriate, planted around the perimeter with coniferous trees or grapes.
  • Playgrounds. Away from the mangal for safety, you can place a nurserythe site. It is advisable to install a sandbox, slides and swings, various sports facilities, for example, a horizontal bar on it. The plants surrounding the children's area should not have thorns. If children have a tendency to allergies, the choice of flowering plants should also be approached with great responsibility. The playground should be bright, with images of favorite cartoon characters.
  • Places of leisure. A resting place where whole companies can gather can be arranged around a mangalnaya zone or a barbecue zone. To protect from the sun or suddenly started to rain make a shelter. Be sure to put a table, chairs or benches. The site can be fenced off by a floral fence, small trees or shrubs. Recreation area can be done: open or closed with portable structures that easily fold and turn the platform into the open.

Interesting solutions

Design design of the land before the estate, tanhaus, house - a very exciting job. Having completed the organization of the flower garden, you can add the general composition with interesting accessories.

Decorative pots and pots made in modern style will not be superfluous.barrels and tubs of wood (if the house is decorated in the direction of country), blocks of granite (perfectly fit into the modern style), a simple, uncomplicated fountain. Also, the originality will make garden figures, stones of different sizes and other design tricks. It is important not to overdo the name of the additional details, otherwise the house and all the space around it will become ridiculous.

The estate in the country will become even more beautiful and aesthetically more attractive if you cut the bushes and the living fence, with coniferous plants this should not be done. Shrubs and trees of small size can be arranged in the form of animals, improvised gates, make the original framing of the walkway, indicating the main entrance.

The bushes planted in the center of the site will look extraordinary, they will become a kind of epicenter of the general idea of ​​landscape design.

Professional Tips

The main principle of the design of the area around the apartment building, which is noted by professionals, is that the interior of the courtyard should coincide with the idea of ​​the site design. When planning how the panorama will be before the building, you should try to choose all the compositions in such a way that they have the same style decision.

The land plot can be ideally flat or, on the contrary, it can differ in unusual relief, be in a pit or on a slope. These moments determine how the decorating project will be.

The main thing that should be relied upon during the registration of the territory is the style of the main structure. The interior of the courtyard should overlap to the smallest detail with the main building or supplement it as much as possible. Pompous fountains, columns of marble and paths from this material will look ridiculous if the site is a dilapidated old house.

Ideally, the house is the central element of the territory, which you need to navigate in the subsequent work on the site. The main path leads to it, it is surrounded by trees and other living and artificial components of the design. A well-played building is half the battle for landscape design.

Beautiful examples

Living plantings, additional accessories on the territory will not give the design a complete look, if the garden paths in front of the entrance to the house remain without proper decoration. Everything in front of the yard also plays a significant role in the exterior.

An excellent material for garden paths is tile, stone, paving.

Such a solution solves several problems simultaneously:

  • the area around the house takes on an attractive appearance;
  • households and their guests can comfortably stroll around the site;
  • during the rainy season the tracks will be clean;
  • the land around the building will be divided into functional areas.

You can gently sprinkle gravel along the sides of the garden paths, plant flowers, dwarf bushes, or litter the lawn.

Fountains, artificial ponds and other reservoirs will become an accent of the landscape frame, its highlight, the main asset. In addition, they will increase the level of humidity, and it will be very pleasant to walk on such a platform, especially on hot summer days. There are no rules regarding the size and shape of pools, ponds, streams. It all depends solely on the personal preferences of the owners of the site.

About what should be a landscape design of the site in front of the house, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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