Automation for gates: tips on choosing and installing

Comfort for any person is very important. We are constantly trying to make our lives better and more convenient, for this modern man has plenty of opportunities. One of them is an automatic system for opening the gate.

Special features

Motorists, who are also owners of a private house, know from personal experience how much effort it takes to drive into the local area during bad weather. Automation for the gate in this case is a real salvation.

Many of these structures also have a tuning function, during which it is possible to eliminate jerks of motion. The drive will smoothly open / close the doors, which will prolong their service life.

The complete device includes:

  • electromechanical drive;
  • access system - control panel.

In more expensive models:

  • Control block;
  • code keyboard;
  • video camera reader for cards.

All this is done to enhance the control and protection of the private area. The device kit can be purchased separately, but will the previously selected automatics be compatible with them?

When choosing automation, be sure to take into account the features of the installed gate. For folding designs are designed lever and chain systems. Before the swing, you can install linear, lever and underground mechanisms.


Automatic systems for gates in the Russian market are presented in a large assortment. Constantly appear not only new models, but also new types of mechanisms. At this point, the attention of the buyer presents the following types of automation:

Linear system - the most common optionwhich is suitable for most cases. Installation can be performed on any part of the gate that the user chooses. The cost is small, and for installation suitable columns with a small diameter.

No matter which way the gate will open, the opening angle is limited to 90 degrees.It is important to choose a mechanism with quiet operation of the chain rail.

In the process of working at the last stage of opening / closing the valves, the system is programmed to slow down. Such a moment allows us to extend the performance of the structure and make its operation more gentle. The gate can be easily opened manually when there is no power.

Lever is the second most popular system. Here also, availability and easy installation, which will be under the power of any user, are in the first place. Installation weight does not exceed 13.5 kg. The gate can open at 120 degrees, not 90, as in the previous case. The work is based on the principle of independent movement of levers.

Deceleration devices are not needed here, therefore the electric motor has a long service life. Wide columns and monolithic gates with a weight not exceeding 600 kg are required for installation.

Underground - has the most aesthetic appearance and allows you to save the landscape idea without changes. But complex installation often stops the user and in all cases this choice is reasonable. Underground automatics for a dacha or a small private house are excesses that will not justify the end result.

The system is located in a special protective box.Initially, the opening angle of the valves is 110 degrees. The adjustment helps to increase this indicator, with its help you can get 360 degrees. The operation of the automation is quiet and smooth. The weight of a shutter can reach 900 kg with a width of 5 meters.


Gate automatics - a unique creation that has a rich functional potential:

  • Convenient use of the gate and comfortable movement to the local area.
  • Saving comfort in any weather, because you no longer need to unlock the gates in the rain or snow, and lock them back after the passage. The engine will start easily at the user's signal.
  • The electric motor works quickly and silently. In some types of automation, there is a function of slowing down the flaps.
  • Security, protection against hacking and unauthorized access to the territory.
  • Safety operation is largely ensured by photovoltaic cells. These components for gates that open to the outside are particularly relevant.

Tips for choosing

The choice of automation for the gate - is a simple matter, if you know about some tricks and secrets. It is them that we will now disclose.For automatic opening of the gate, linear or lever mechanisms are most often selected. But still, a more popular option is the linear model with the translational motion. The choice of a lever mechanism is relevant in case of difficult work with linear automation.

Another interesting option is an underground installation. They are aesthetic and allow you to save the landscape of the site. But difficult installation does their choice not in all cases justified.

The choice of automation determines:

  • Type of gate installed.
  • The width of the valves.
  • Weight of the structure.
  • Maximum level of load and intensity of operation. The best option is the gate of corrugated. With rare use, you can choose a device designed for 50% of operation. In the case of continuous use, you will have to choose a model at 100% intensity.
  • The time during which the flaps open 90 degrees is indicated in seconds. Here you can rely on your personal wishes.
  • The maximum step and opening angle are the indicators responsible for comfort during operation.
  • As for the choice of drive, it is better to use a worm gear.This option is most popular among users. It is affordable, reliable, has excellent power, rarely breaks and is easy to repair. There are no difficulties in using. But the worm gear has limitations on the door dimensions: weight up to 600 kg, width not more than 3 m. It is necessary to install a hydraulic drive on larger-scale and massive structures.
  • Programming remotes - a nuance that few people think about when choosing automation. Very vain. Each manufacturer of this process is carried out according to different schemes. On the one hand, the programming system should be clear to you. On the other hand, the complex programming process with multi-level protection is a serious problem for intruders.

The most affordable option is homemade automatics. Such a choice is made at your own risk. If you approach the process of creating a mechanism seriously and do not regret the money for components, you can get a completely reliable control system. Otherwise, it is better to abandon this idea altogether.


If you order automation installation services for gates from specialists, the user loses a significant amount.This can be avoided if you do the work yourself. It is a feasible task, although it will take a lot of time.

The work is divided into the following stages:

  • It is worth starting with checking the operation of the valves. They should function without the slightest problem. Any nuance should be eliminated, the opening / closing process should be carried out easily and naturally. Only then can we proceed to the next stage.
  • For the upcoming work it is necessary to prepare a set of tools. It includes a screwdriver, drill, hammer, tape measure, pliers.
  • All elements of the system - closers, drive, control systems - should be installed inside the courtyard, outside access for unauthorized persons. Still, automation is not only user-friendly, but also security and protection for the territory.
  • We study the supporting columns. Some requirements are imposed on them, which depend on the selected drive. For example, for a linear mechanism it is necessary to provide a distance from the extreme point of the column - 150 mm, it is possible less. If this condition is not possible to fulfill, then you have to change the type of drive, for example, on the lever.
  • We carry out measurements of the place for installation of the basis of the drive. In the case of a concrete or brick foundation will have to work to strengthen.
  • In the case of a linear device, it is necessary to leave 1 cm in stock for the stroke of its rod prior to operation. After that, we make the adjustment of the smoothness of the mechanism.
  • In case of soft movement of the valves, stops must be adjusted or an automatic system with limit switches must be installed. Such precautions will stop the movement of the valves when they move quickly. When exhibiting work effort, you must adhere to the minimum value.

Maximum power during operation leads to rapid wear of the structure and short system operation.

  • We install automation and connect it to the electrical network.
  • After the system is turned on, the setting of the operating time of the valves is performed. We also install photocells and signal lamps on the construction.
  • We mount the backup button on the automatic system, which will allow you to open the gate without any problems in the absence of power supply or a failure of the control panel.

Precautionary measures

Extend the life of automatic mechanisms and protect yourself from a number of troubles can be subject to the precautionary measures during installation and further maintenance of the structure.

They are simple, their observance does not require much time and special efforts:

  • Regulation of the force of the device is necessary. It takes into account the weight of the gate, which at large indicators has a significant pressure on the nodes and leads to rapid wear.
  • Photo cells must also be present in the design. They react to movement and stop the gate in the right situations.
  • The protective system protects the sash from jamming, and the drive - from failure in case of formation of obstacles in the way of movement.
  • The gate should be placed on reinforced hinges that will not allow the structure to warp. Otherwise, in case of unequal opening of the valves, the system will activate the blocking mode.
  • With a large weight of the structure, it is necessary to carry out the installation of a mechanical locking latches of the lever type. In this case, when swinging the gate, the electric mechanism will not be damaged.
  • Automatic equipment with function of blocking a driving gear in case of failure of the mechanism will protect the territory from accidental people. Unauthorized persons will not be able to take advantage of the situation of lack of power or the transfer of the system to manual mode.
  • In order for the electrical mechanism to last as long as possible, it is necessary to place the power supply line in the insulating pipes and install backup cables.

The assembly of the mechanism and the construction as a whole must be carried out in accordance with the instructions, generally accepted rules and recommendations. Otherwise, you can not only spoil the mechanism, but also create a dangerous situation.

Manufacturers and reviews

Many companies are engaged in the release of automation for the gate. Not all of them offer quality products. But the high cost is not always the key to good quality. In short, you need to understand and get acquainted with the manufacturers so that the choice does not become a disappointment.

No wonder our review begins with the company Came. This Italian manufacturer is considered the most popular among users with different budgets. Products are valued for their high quality and reliability. Among the budget options can be identified model CAME VER 900, such a kit will cost up to 13 thousand.rubles. It has no backup power supply. Of the more expensive models, Came ver 700 attracts attention for 20 thousand.

Also in Italy produced another brand of automatic systems - Nice. These products are no less popular with the previous version. It is appreciated for the presence of protection against hacking, short duration of opening, powerful and reliable engines, high security. Particular attention when choosing is worth paying models Nice Spin 21 KCE for 14 thousand rubles and Thor 1500 KCE for 22.5 thousand.

The oldest manufacturer is Faac company. Among the distinctive characteristics of products in the first place is a reliable hydrodynamic technology, which makes the mechanism durable and invulnerable. You have to pay for such technologies, because Faac products are quite expensive.

And again, we are faced with Italian products - this trademark Comunello. Products manufactured over 50 years, during this time, millions of users have been able to appreciate all the advantages of this automation. Comunello is definitely not a part of the low-cost segment. You'll have to spend a lot on the purchase, but in the future you will not need to repair it and carry out additional equipment.

Large, international, European manufacturer is Alutech company. She owns several brands: AN-Motors, Levigato, Marantec. The company embodies advanced technologies, produces high-quality products, undergoes certification, releases new items and provides a good guarantee. In short, a worthwhile option for the Russian user.

Our rating cannot be complete without manufacturers from china. In this state, the automation segment for gates is actively developing. You should not be skeptical about this product. Among the Chinese brands are worthy options, for example, GANT, Professional or Miller Technics. Products of these brands has a lot of positive reviews, despite its availability.

Chinese automation should not be operated at the limit of its power, it is better to leave a good margin to protect yourself from complicated repairs or connecting a new mechanism. This is its feature.

From the above manufacturers, the Russian user receives a clear instruction, which is an important condition for proper installation.

For information on how to choose an automatic gate, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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