Features of electric swing gates

The gate is an integral part of any country house. Particularly popular are swinging structures, which today are complemented by an electric drive. Such equipment allows you to automate the movement of the valves, while minimizing human participation. Swing gates are perfect for any territory, the main thing is to arrange them correctly.

Special features

Swing gates are constructions of two leaves, which move in a circle along the central axis. Products of this type have appeared a long time ago and are considered the most practical and simple. Today canvases are given considerable dimensions, which makes it difficult to constantly open them. Therefore, they began to be supplemented with special automatic drives that drive the flap when the current is applied.

This system consists of several basic elements:

  • Drive unit. This element is used to transmit power from the electric motor to the door curtain. It should be noted that the system can move in two directions, which ensures the opening and closing of the valves.
  • Canvas. Theoretically, any type of swing gates can be turned into automatic systems. It is only important to choose the right drive system and properly install them.
  • Sensors and controllers. These attributes are optional. But today they are used almost always. With the help of such devices it is possible to provide the auto-opening of the web using a remote signal. Used to increase comfort and automation control.

The principle of operation of such a system is relatively simple. To drive the pusher, an electrical signal is applied that drives the drive. Depending on the current parameters, the system moves the flap in different directions.

Automatic gates have several positive features:

  • Comfortable management. Often this factor plays the most important role when choosing such systems. With the help of automation, the participation of a person in the movement of the canvas is completely excluded.It is only necessary to timely send a signal to the controller, which then starts all operations.
  • Increased service life of suspensions. This is due to the fact that the load on the canvas is distributed evenly.
  • Long service life. Practically all systems of automatic type are supplemented with special compensators. They do not allow the sash to close with a run, which eliminates the increased load on the supports and the frame of the canvas.

Among the shortcomings of the work of these structures can be identified improper installation of the valves, which will lead to their rapid tilting and wear. With a strong wind load on the electric drive increases several times. Therefore, their installation is possible in relatively quiet places where there is no constant wind exposure.

Types of designs

The design of the swing gates is quite simple and consists of one or two blades that move on hinges. To prevent opening, it can sometimes be supplemented with gate systems (bolts, etc.).

Depending on the material used for their production, products can be divided into 2 large groups:

  1. Wood.Gates made of wood are the most simple and short-lived. Installation of electromechanical drives on them is almost never done.
  2. Metallic. Designs are durable and high strength. Able to withstand significant weight and wind loads.

Swing gates made of metal are equipped with electric drives very often, since the material can easily withstand physical loads from this system. Depending on the method of production and the products used, metal structures are divided into such types.

  1. Forged. The most beautiful products, as they are made of metal rods and decorative blanks by forging. Products differ in high cost and durability. They easily tolerate temperature extremes, but require timely painting, which gives them originality.
  2. Welded. The frame of the gate is made of metal pipes of various shapes and sections. The design of these canvases is somewhat limited, since the blanks are not distinguished by special design properties. But this type of gate is relatively simple to build, so they are often supplemented with automatic machines.

Today, in the manufacture of such structures combine several materials. Often the metal frame of the sash is filled with a profiled sheet or sandwich panels. If desired, such systems can be decorated with forged inserts placed around the perimeter of the frame.

Types of electric drives

The operation of any automatic swing gates is impossible without the use of special equipment, which drives the sash. The main element of this design is the electric motor. Depending on the principle of operation, the drives can be divided into several types.


The simplest version of the device, which is used to open canvases of small size. Depending on the technical characteristics of these drives are divided into 2 subtypes.

  1. Worm. The electric motor here is connected to a special rod, which is equipped with a worm thread. Depending on the direction of the carriage movement, the web opens or closes. The disadvantage of this kit is the small length of the worm. Therefore, automation can open doors only in one particular direction.A great option for gates installed in the suburban areas, where the structures are small.
  2. Hydraulic. The main component of this system is the pump. Auto-closing is carried out by changing the oil pressure inside the cylinder. Such mechanisms are complemented by automatic closers, eliminating the sudden slamming of paintings. The speed of movement of the valves depends on the consistency of the oil. In winter, the mixture may become cold, which will affect the operation of the mechanism. To neutralize this factor, special heating elements are installed on the closers of this type.


Reliable devices that are quite difficult to disable. The presence of a metal lever allows you to provide remote opening of the valves in any direction. Leverage-based systems are able to withstand significant loads, so experts recommend installing them on heavy sash.


Drives of this type are relatively rare, as they are expensive. They are used in cases where they do not want external fasteners to be present at the gate, as they will spoil the decor of the canvas.


Construction of swing gates is a relatively simple operation that, with certain skills, can be carried out independently. But home-made designs do not always have a unique design, so it’s best to purchase them in specialized stores.

Installation of automatic swing gates consists of the following operations:

  • The construction of paintings. This process is individual as it depends on the design chosen. You can quickly make the sash of metal pipes, which are then simply sheathed with sheets of metal profiles.
  • Mount. The gates are suspended from the supporting pillars of the main fence for special hinges. Here you can use designs that allow you to open the sash, both at 90 and 180 degrees. It is important to ensure high bond strength. In order for the drives to work well, the blades should be set straight. They should not arbitrarily move, and not have distortions.
  • Installation of automation. This process is quite time-consuming, so it is important to thoroughly understand the instructions before starting work. Initially, the actuator mounts are welded to the sash and support post.Sometimes the last element can be located directly on it. After that, the brackets are exposed so that in the open state the system does not receive the maximum load.

If worm gearboxes are used, then in the open position the carriage should not be in the maximum end position of the gear.

When all mechanical parts are exposed, they are interconnected by bolts or welding. The procedure is completed by connecting electrical cables to the controller and setting it up.

Installation work includes many small nuances that must be considered. Therefore, if you do not have experience with automation, entrust the solution of this problem to experienced specialists.

Manufacturers and reviews

One of the factors of quality work of automatic gates is the manufacturer of components for such devices. Today we should highlight the products of several brands.

  • Came. The company is one of the leaders of the domestic market. It produces several types of systems, allowing to organize the automation of all types of gates. Among the positive characteristics of products can be identified ease of use and the possibility of application, regardless of climatic conditions.
  • Nice. In terms of quality characteristics, the opening automation of this brand does not practically differ from the modifications of the previous manufacturer. The owners note good and durable work, as well as the possibility of flexible system settings, regardless of the method of opening (outward or inward).
  • Roger Technology. Automation of this model range refers to the elite. According to customer reviews, the designs do an excellent job with high loads. But the company is positioning its production only on the release of models for small gates. Therefore, it is used only on country-type gates.

Professional Tips

Swing automatic gates are rather complicated structures, therefore When buying or operating them, you should follow a few simple rules:

  1. Periodically carry out prevention of the entire system. It is important to lubricate all hinges in a timely manner and check the quality of the movement of the mechanisms. This will prevent seizure and engine operation at high loads.
  2. When choosing automation, consider both the width of the leaf and its weight. Many types of drives can move only a small mass, therefore, they are equipped with small shoulders of the door closer.If you need to move huge structures, give preference to lever mechanisms, whose work does not depend on the weather and the weight of the sash.
  3. Buy automation only known companies. This increases the likelihood that the system will last for a long period without failures.

Electric-swinging gates allow you to automate your home, increasing the level of comfort and safety. This solution will be the best option for any objects, as it is practical and durable.

The installation of the gate with an electric drive, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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