3D fences: advantages and installation

Nowadays, you can find fences made of various materials that combine strength and an attractive appearance. The most popular designs are made of wood, brick, metal and even concrete.

Particularly noteworthy are welded 3D meshes, which are able to perform the functions of quality fencing due to the characteristics of their design and material.

Special features

A key feature, as well as the advantage of 3D mesh is its durability and practicality. The fence is a mesh sectional metal product. One such section is made of iron rods welded to each other. Galvanized steel serves as the material of manufacture, which guarantees the design of the fence durability and high quality.

The product is almost universal and is most often used for fencing municipal territorial units. Due to its absolute transparency, it is not always advisable for fencing certain types of private territories.

3D fence differs from the usual due to the following specifications:

  • Multi-layer coating technology ensures long-term intake (60 years on average).
  • The increased rigidity of the metal grid rods ensures a long service life for it, moreover, it is practically impossible to break them out.
  • Vertical metal rods fastened with V-shaped bends reinforce the mesh fencing design.
  • Galvanized metal makes the product resistant to corrosion, as well as allows it not to lose the original color for many years.
  • The mesh design provides a free view of the space, as well as allows the sun's rays to penetrate unhindered inside.
  • Despite the fact that the product is made of mesh, its durability creates reliable protection against intruders and uninvited guests.
  • Favorable price in the market makes the purchase affordable for many owners of country plots,as well as the opportunity to save on the fencing of a large area of ​​industrial enterprises when buying material in bulk.
  • Due to the fact that the whole structure is assembled from small modules, the installation process is easy and fast. Even people with no experience in construction can cope with this task.
  • The appearance of the product is simple and unobtrusive. The abundance of options for various forms of sections, as well as the color scheme allows you to choose a 3D fence, the maximum fit it into the overall picture of the design space.

Application area

As a rule, this type of fence is used in fencing of educational institutions, hospitals, stadiums, factories, industrial enterprises, children's sports or playgrounds, and so on. However, this modern mount is increasingly used for private areas and suburban areas.

Various design options make it possible to choose a mesh product, taking into account the peculiarities of the interior and landscape design of the site. Low cost makes the purchase profitable for private enterprises, supermarkets, parking lots, parking lots and storage facilities.


All components of the 3D constructions are supplied by the manufacturer in a form ready for installation. This kit includes:

  • Mesh iron panels with a width of not more than 3 m, with welded from steel galvanized rods stiffening ribs arranged vertically. The height of the sections can be completely different, on average it reaches 1.5–2.5 m. The cell size is 5x20 cm. Sometimes, the standard parameters of height and width can be adjusted and selected in a personal manner. For questions regarding the subtleties of design, you should contact the manufacturer and discuss with him all the nuances.
  • The minimum diameter of the metal bar is 3.6 mm, but it can be thicker. Some companies produce fences from welded mesh, where the diameter of the rod reaches 5 mm.
  • The supporting pillars of the grid are round and square in shape. In each of them must be present mounting holes for mounting metal grids. In order to prevent dirt and moisture from getting inside, the tops of the supports are equipped with special plugs. The pillars can be made with an elongated lower part so that, if desired, they can be concreted into the ground, as well as with a flat lower part for mounting on a solid surface.
  • The fence is fastened by fasteners, such as clamps and brackets, made of metal or plastic.

As noted above, a multi-layer coating is used in the production of mesh fastening, and three types of materials are involved:

  1. Zinc - makes the structure immune to the effects of corrosion.
  2. Nanoceramics - an additional layer that protects the metal from the process of corrosion and external environmental influences, such as atmospheric temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Polymer coating - is a protection against minor external defects, such as scratches, chips, and so on.

All components of the system are resistant to weather conditions. Welded mesh fence covered with a layer of special powder or PVC coating. The pillars and the fence itself are painted with paint, the color of which should be present in the RAL table.

It is worth noting that 3D fences have several varieties. It can be as standard products from galvanized wire, and from metal picket fence and wood.

Speaking of the relationship between quality and price policy, one cannot but mention the fences from the “Gitter” grid,which are most popular among tens of thousands of buyers. The quality and reliability of this modular design is not inferior to the profile products.

Circular welding of the grille makes it so strong that it is absolutely impossible to break it down and ruin it.. The main advantage of the product is a special fixation, thanks to which installation can be carried out in a relatively short time without using special equipment. The sections themselves are very light.therefore installation and installation of the fence should not cause difficulties.


The table presents the standard ratios of parameters of the welded mesh with PVC and PPL coating.

Size of the panel, mm

Col-in, pack

Cell size

2500 * 10З0 mm

3 pcs

200 * 50 mm | 100 * 50 mm

2500 * 15З0 mm

3 pcs

200 * 50 mm | 100 * 50 mm

The diameter of the wire in a product of this type, as a rule, varies from 4 mm to 8 mm.

Protrusion wire top 25-27 mm.

The maximum section size in length is 2500 mm.

How to choose?

Choose a quality panel fencing is quite simple. It is enough to be aware of some issues related to the features of a particular model. Making a choice of a product, it is necessary to consider and know some moments.

There are several varieties of 3D fences.In addition to products made of galvanized steel, they are also made of metal picket fence or wood. Each of the varieties has its advantages.

Picket fence is varied in variations of appearance forms. Types and sizes of shketin can be different, due to which the fence can be easily selected in accordance with the needs of design and safety. Just like steel, metal shtaketnik durable and easy to transport, store and install. Such a fence creates an imitation of a wooden fence. The particular attractiveness of the top of the shtaketines gives it a special appeal. Caring for fencing banal and simple. It will be enough to drench it with ordinary water from a hose.

As for the bulk construction of wood, there can also be an unusually many options. Such a fence looks elegant, stylish and expensive.

These can be fences made of wicker boards decorated with beautiful carvings, these are also chess fences, bulky items of interesting shape, and so on. Of course, The advantage of this 3D product is naturalness and environmental friendliness.. This option is suitable for those who want to move away from the traditional options of wooden fencing and come up with something unusual and original.

It should be understood that, despite all the above qualities, the tree is quite susceptible to environmental influences, therefore, requires care and attention.

There are 3 types of fencing, differing among themselves by parameters and properties, namely:

  • "Original" - a universal version of the 3D fence, which can be used in the fence of all types of plots, with rare exceptions (some types of sports fields).
  • "Standard" - type of fencing, characterized by a reduced cell size (100x50 mm). This makes the grid more rigid, durable. As a rule, it is used in the protection of parking zones, railways, highways, and sometimes airports.
  • "Duos" - this is a 2D mesh, made in accordance with increased demands for protection against mechanical stress. It is used in the fencing of areas of mass gathering of people.

To determine for yourself a suitable type of product, it is necessary to understand the difference between 3D and 2D fences. The first option implies the presence of a special reef, which increases the strength of the fence section. In the second case, this element is absent, however, instead, the fence stiffness determines a double horizontal bar.

If we talk about the fence of the suburban area, then it is the 3D fence that is able to perform all the functions necessary for this.

  • Before buying, you need to decide on your requests and requirements. This is a decisive factor in figuring out the desired length and diameter of the rods themselves. To protect, for example, a pedestrian walkway, a very low fence, plus or minus 0.55 m, will suffice. If the goal of the fence is to perform a more decorative and aesthetic function than a protective function, then here you can freely manage with a fence about 1.05 in height 1.30 m The most popular variant of the mesh fence, designed for the garden and the garden plot, is the “Original” with standard parameters, indicated in the table above. For fences of various kinds of municipal institutions and enterprises, the “Standard” or “Duos” is best suited, where the fence height can reach 2 m (sometimes higher) and the rod diameter is 4.5 mm.
  • It is necessary to investigate the question of the basis for the fence. The best option would be to concrete its lower part. In some cases, it is impossible to do this at all (for example, if the fence needs to be installed on asphalt, or a hole cannot be dug in the installation area). In this case, fences are used on a special anchoring.
  • If you decide for yourself that the aesthetics of the fence is not so important, then the “economy” option is a reasonable choice, which includes coating only with a zinc shell. This model will significantly save your money, because its cost is much lower than the cost of a model with PPL or PVC coating. But it is worth considering that this model does not provide you with a guarantee of 12 years. If you care about the beauty and color of the product, it is best to choose a fence with PPL coating (polyester powder coating).
  • Mesh fences are perfectly combined with polycarbonate. The design of the combined fence will protect you from dust, as well as from excessive or unfriendly looks. For installation of this model, use the installation of strip footing and brick pillars.

Important! When buying a product, you must make sure that a special certificate of conformity of the manufacturer is available, as well as ask for feedback on its products.


To begin with, the pillars of the support for mesh fencing can be square or round. Special fastening holes should be made in each of them. The pillars can be concreted into the ground and mounted on asphalt.Metal or plastic bolts and brackets are used to fasten the structure.

Installation is carried out in several stages:

  • Before starting work, it is necessary to mark the corners of the selected area.
  • At the places of marks are pegs. Along the perimeter of the stretched cord.
  • Set the place of the gate or door wicket.
  • Proceeding from the line designated by the cord, the columns are set in accordance with the size of the width of the sections.
  • In order to build support columns in the asphalt or concrete, use special anchor bolts. It is recommended to deepen the pillars into the ground by 1 m. After the deepening and installation of the supports, a cushion of rubble is poured, after which all of this is concreted. Sometimes masters prefer to screw in special screw piles and fix the support columns to them with the help of bolts.
  • During installation, the sections are fastened with clamps, fastened with bolts and brackets. It is important to measure the verticality of the supports as accurately as possible, in order to establish the fence sections in the future.

Successful examples

3D fencing is becoming more and more popular among other types of fences of various types of territories.This element of the security and protection of the site was and will always be one of the most important and requiring a serious approach. After all, safety and livability of the house or any other object are at stake. It is necessary to understand that it is not worth saving on things of similar importance.

In addition, in our time, fences and fences can not only protect the site from unwanted guests, but also serve as an element of decoration of the site, giving it comfort and cordiality.

Below are a few examples of various options for 3D fences, made with taste and in the original style. This includes a wooden 3D fence, and a fence made of a picket fence, as well as a beautiful wooden fence that serves not only as a fence, but also as a decoration of the territory.

On the installation of 3D panels, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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