Tapestry pillowcases: tips on choosing and care

Tapestry is a unique and very beautiful material. Since ancient times, it was valued and considered a sign of refined, refined taste. Various products from this fabric were decorated houses of nobility and royal persons. Today, the tapestry is not forgotten, on the contrary, it is very much in demand in the interior design of modern apartments. The article focuses on tapestry pillowcases.

    Material specifics

    Jacquard fabric which carries the name "gobelin" differs in the durability. It is very durable, so products from it can serve for a long time. Most often, tapestries are used to make decorative bedspreads, pillowcases, panels, and real paintings.

    Modern manufacturers decorate jacquard products with various patterns and prints, lace trim, ribbons, inlays, bead patterns.

    Decorative pillows with tapestry pillowcases are an excellent decoration for a modern bedroom, living room, nursery, dining room or study.

    Fabric advantages:

    • beautiful aristocratic appearance;
    • a variety of textures and patterns;
    • strength;
    • durability;
    • resistance to fading and abrasion;
    • hypoallergenic;
    • affordable cost.

    Among the shortcomings can be noted stiffness, as well as some features of care.

    We take into account the style

    Tapestry pillowcases contain storylines and original images. They can be used to complement and decorate the interior space.

    • For the design of a bedroom or living room in a strict classical style, the most appropriate are images of ancient architecture, floral scenes. Pillows with reproductions of paintings printed on a pillowcase also look original and interesting.
    • For decorating the interior of the dining room the most in demand are “tasty” drawings. It can be pillowcases with still lifes made up of fruits, tableware and appliances. Flower and fruit compositions create an easy and cozy atmosphere in the dining room.
    • In the kitchen you can decompose pillows with food still lifes, as well as images of tea or coffee accessories.
    • For the living room in a modern style, you can choose pillowcases with story drawings. Looks great bright scenic landscapes.
    • Cushions with unobtrusive landscape sketches will help to add peace to the bedroom interior: winter day, snowy forest, water landscapes, autumn grass.
    • In the bright and cheerful tapestry pillowcases you can clothe the pillows in the children's room. Modern manufacturers, fortunately, have not forgotten this category of consumers. From the pillow on his baby can watch his favorite characters of fairy tales or his own picture, sprinted on the material.
    • If the room is decorated in oriental style, it is worth refraining from plot drawings and landscapes. For such an interior is better to choose pillowcases with geometric patterns and compositions.

    As with any element of the decor, you should not overdo it in terms of the number of pillows in the interior area.

    It is considered that from 2 to 5-6 decorative pillows with images in the chosen style are enough for an adequate accent.

    Check the quality

    If you decide to buy gobelin pillowcases, Pay attention to the quality of the fabric from which the product is sewn.

    • Inspect the pillowcase from the inside and outside. The seams on the product must be neat, the presence of protruding threads or loops is unacceptable.
    • On the front side of a quality tapestry, the patterns and patterns are always clear.
    • Pay attention to the canvas material. Weaving in a good jacquard fabric should be pretty tight and durable.

    Selection by size

    Pillowcases can be picked up on existing pillows in the house. Then you need to be guided by their size. In addition to the standard proportions of square-shaped pillows (35x35 cm, 50x50 cm) and rectangular (50x70 cm, 70x25, 45x65 cm), original configurations can also be found.

    In the case of standard forms, the exact size of the product can be found by looking at the label. If it is not preserved, measure the pillow with a ruler of the appropriate size or soft tailoring tape. When choosing and buying a pillow case, tell the seller the parameters of your pillow so that it will help you choose the product of the right size.

    Often, pillows-rollers are used for interior design, as well as rounded or oval-shaped products.In modern areas of interior design, decorative pillows may even have a non-geometric abstract form.

    Fortunately, most manufacturers provide the service of tailoring pillowcases according to the individual parameters of the customer.

    Tapestry care

    As mentioned above, the care of such a fabric has certain subtleties. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

    • General rules. Although the material is very resistant to fading, it is still not necessary to place pillows in tapestry pillowcases in places where there is a constant exposure to direct sunlight. Like any fabric products, tapestry pillowcases do not respond well to the increased humidity in the room. To maintain the cleanliness of pillowcases, they can be periodically vacuumed, freeing them from fine dust and litter. It is also possible to carry out preventive cleaning with a dry soft brush.
    • Ironing products from jacquard material. Tapestry pillowcases can be ironed at the minimum temperature in the "Silk" or "Delicate Fabric" mode. Steaming is acceptable. The tapestry pillowcase should be ironed on the wrong side, having previously been covered with a loose cotton fabric.
    • Laundry and cleaning. In the case when the pollution is not serious, it is desirable to limit cleaning with a dry mechanical method. If washing is necessary, it must be carried out in warm water (not higher than + 30 ° C) manually. You should first soak the pillowcase for half an hour. In the washing machine tapestry products can be washed by running a delicate or hand wash program. For tapestry fabrics, all mild cleaning products are suitable. It is important that they do not contain chlorine. Not very stubborn stains and dirt can be washed with shampoo. Tapestry pillow case is not worth squeezing. The product can not be dried in the sun. Also avoid the location of wet material near heating or heating devices.

    You will learn more about tapestry pillowcases from the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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