Syntheon pillows

 Syntheon pillows

The term "synthetic", used in the context of the description of accessories for sleep, not all of us have a positive attitude. And even the fact that the natural content of the pillows is often the cause of allergies and unpleasant neighborhood with house dust mite, few people are embarrassed. By virtue of habit, we acquire home textiles with a mark - 100% natural product, although you have to overpay for it.

It's a shame when the reason for the refusal of cheaper artificial materials in favor of expensive natural becomes only their own biased attitude to everything "unreal" as harmful to health.The latest generation of synthetic fillers has repeatedly proved that it can not only fully replace wool, feather or down, but also surpass them in many respects.

One of these materials - synthetic winterizer - an improved version of synthetic batting.

We will discuss in more detail the sinteponovye pillows, find out how to care for them and analyze the reviews on the stuffing from the sintepon.

About the material

The synthetic winterizer is the very first and most widespread representative of synthetic materials of a new generation. This is a bulk non-woven fabric, the manufacture of which are hollow polyester fibers, thermally bonded. Then the fibrous canvas is treated with silicone and antibacterial compositions to improve the performance of products.

Harm and Benefit

In conditions of a high pace of life, the convenience and practicality of the things that surround us are of particular value. Pillows with a sinteponovy filling completely correspond to the listed qualities.

Positive traits

Positive sides of pillows from a synthetic winterizer:

  • Hypoallergenic. Products made of polyester fibers are distinguished by the complete absence of a nutrient medium that attracts pathogenic microorganisms, putrefactive fungi, mold and skin parasites.This nullifies the risk of undesirable reactions and exacerbation of symptoms of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Hygienic. The immunity of the sintepon to extraneous smells and dust allows maintaining the cleanliness of the bed.
  • Environmentally friendly. The production process eliminates the use of toxic adhesives. The technology of thermopolymer fiber bonding has been successfully certified.
  • Elastic. Increased elasticity is a distinctive feature of any synthetic filler, synthetic winterizer is no exception. It is perfectly springy and does not face loss of shape due to active use.
  • Moistureproof. Siliconized fibers are designed for multiple washing and retain their original properties after contact with water. Silicone limits the access of moisture into the fibers, which accelerates the evaporation of the liquid after washing.
  • Breathable. Fibers with a hollow structure ensure unobstructed air circulation. When the pillow "breathes", it quickly evaporates moisture, does not turn into a dust collector and prevents the retention of foreign odors.
  • Have the ability to thermoregulate. Fibers with air channels adapt to the existing temperature conditions. Regardless of the season, they provide a comfortable temperature during sleep: they warm in winter, and in summer, on the contrary, they exclude overheating.
  • Volumetric, but at the same time weigh little. For example, a product with a width of 60x60 cm has a mass of only 0.5 kg.
  • Unpretentious to maintain. PSince the synthetic winterizer is not afraid of water, machine wash is allowed.
  • Inexpensive. And not only in comparison with analogues having a natural filling, but also with products from other varieties of the synthetic winterizer - sintepukh (comfort), holofiber, and ecofiber.

In addition, light and air accessories for sleep are indispensable on the road. The minimum weight makes them the ideal travel companion, allowing you not to give up the usual level of comfort. For comparison: a cotton pad weighs twice as much.

A pillow with a sinteponovy filler is useful also to those who by the nature of professional activity often are on duty at night. In such conditions, the quality of sleep is especially important, albeit in fragments. In a short period, the body must recover and gain strength, and without relaxing the muscles of the neck it is difficult to do so.

Negative sides

Against the background of an impressive list of advantages, the minuses of the sinteponovogo filling is much smaller. The most common arguments against buying pillows from sintepon:

  • The products are too soft, so there can be no talk about any stable support of the cervical spine.
  • They provoke exacerbation of pain in osteochondrosis, protrusion of intervertebral discs and intervertebral hernia for the reason indicated above.
  • They are short-lived. Sinteponovye pillows tend to fall down and lose the original attractiveness after a year of operation, requiring replacement with a new one. What is not critical for the budget, because their price is more than affordable.
  • The filler is electrified. The problem is solved by washing with the use of antistatic agents, and a cover made of natural material reduces the static effect.
  • Unnatural: for many people, synthetics are synonymous with refined products, and therefore a source of potential health risks.


Despite the fact that among the advantages of padding from the padding polyester is simplicity of care, there are a few rules that should be followed.


  • Every morning, beat and turn the bedding to prevent premature stalling of the filler.
  • In the mornings, waiting for time to get a blanket and pillows are ventilated, after which it is time to start cleaning the bed.
  • To control the humidity in the room, the rate is up to 65%.
  • Wash pillows, taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer.


When planning your laundry, first check the product by putting a book on it. A quick leveling of the surface is a good sign: the pillow can continue to be used further. The remaining dent indicates the loss of a synthetic padding of their qualities, so there is no longer any point in washing.

So keep in mind that:

  • Allowed to carry out hand / machine wash, the frequency - a maximum of three times a year.
  • Presoaking is undesirable.
  • When washing, the water should have a temperature of up to 40 ° C.
  • The use of the machine-machine is permissible only for the given program “delicate mode”.
  • Ideally, the washing machine is half loaded. If this is not possible, then at least two thirds of the total tank capacity.
  • It is important to thoroughly rinse the product, at least 3 times.This should be done due to the nature of the structure of the hollow fibers.
  • The best detergent options are non-aggressive and liquid. These include gels with a delicate effect, sparing compounds without chlorine and bleaching active ingredients that destroy the structure of fibers.
  • You can squeeze the product at 400-600 rpm, but you can not dry it in a washing machine.
  • For drying, it is placed on a horizontal base in a purged place and is regularly turned over, whipping and ensuring uniform drying.

Shake the dried pillow so that the fiber is distributed inside. An alternative care option is dry cleaning services, which is more expensive, but with a guarantee of quality.

How to shake a padding pad?

In order to reanimate the accessory with loosened padding polyester due to washing, choose one of the following methods:

  1. When wet, it is treated with a vacuum cleaner, trying to gently move the lumps of strayed filler to the right places where they will be distributed under the influence of air flow.
  2. Unpack the product to get to the stray mass and fluff manually: gradually and in small fragments. Then the pillow is repacked. This is an extreme option.

In order to beat up the padding cushion, which simply collapsed as a result of prolonged use, it is necessary to take it from the sides, squeeze and straighten, as if tearing the filling.

How to choose?

When choosing an accessory for sleep, do not hesitate to test your favorite model, lie down on it to make sure that in terms of height, degree of springiness and shape it suits you. The height of the pillow can be from 5 to 15 cm. Because of an incorrectly chosen parameter, headaches can occur in the morning, the normal blood supply to the tissues is disturbed, and the muscles of the cervical spine flow.

The ideal option is considered when the height of the product coincides with the width of the user's shoulder.

Pay attention to three points:

  • Quality sewing. High-quality seams are a flat continuous line consisting of small and frequent stitches: this way the filling will not spill out. Punctures on the material are not allowed. If you slightly tighten the place around the seam, then it should remain intact.
  • Cover material. For the manufacture of covers is mainly high-quality cotton. The best option: a pillow in a case with a lock-zipper, which simplifies the tasks of drying, cleaning,replacement filler.
  • No unpleasant smell - This is a prerequisite for all synthetic fillers. Since not every manufacturer is scrupulous about the quality of its products, the use of harmful materials is practiced in the manufacturing process. The presence of a strong odor indicates the use of low-quality raw materials.

And the last. It is possible that sleep on the new pillow will be accompanied by a certain discomfort for some time. Do not rush to conclusions about the unsuitability of the product. The body needs to adapt and get used to sleep in new conditions. It usually takes a couple of nights.


Analysis of the reviews showed that the padding pad is an ideal choice for those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. This category of users is mostly satisfied with their purchase. There are no special complaints from customers for whom a comfortable sleep is a dream on a soft pillow, so they purposefully chose a softer filler.

Of the benefits most often noted trouble-free care and cheapness. The latter, in the opinion of the majority, fully compensates for the fact that the products have to be changed frequently, due to their fragility.

The padding pad can be sewn with your own hands. How to do this, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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