Characteristics and properties of microfiber towels

Synthetic fiber towels are often found in many retail outlets today. Microfiber products are wildly popular, as they have many positive qualities. Today we will take a closer look at similar products, as well as learn about all of its properties.

Fabric features

Microfiber is a modern material consisting of fibers of synthetic origin, differing in minimum thickness. Tiny gaps are present between the individual threads in this fabric. Since microfibre fibers are as thin as possible, this material is very light. In addition, microfiber is a strong and durable fabric that is not easily damaged or torn.

Today microfiber is widely used in various industries. Not only durable and wear-resistant towels are made of it, but also various special-purpose clothes - military uniforms, equipment for tourism and sports.

Microfiber makes excellent products used during cleaning.

This type of fabric in our time is very relevant. It turns out high-quality clothing that can be safely worn in conditions of impressive physical exertion and in extreme conditions. Microfiber does not interfere with heat exchange, but effectively removes excess moisture, so that the user's body can "breathe", not freezing and not overheating. It should be borne in mind that microfiber products weigh almost nothing, so using them is easy and simple.

Microfiber make various towels. They may differ in their texture. So, there are not only terry, but also wafer or non-woven products, as well as very delicate and pleasant to the touch instances. Often, synthetic fibers make a material that is very similar to paper or felt. The range of modern microfiber towels is very wide and diverse.Choose the perfect option for any purpose.

Advantages and disadvantages

Microfiber towels today are very popular and enjoy enviable demand. The relevance of such products is due to a number of advantages that are characteristic of them.

  • First of all, it should be noted that microfiber towels are very light, so they can be easily carried in a bag or a special case, if necessary.
  • Such a towel is super absorbent. It absorbs a lot of excess moisture into its structure.
  • In most cases, microfiber products are compact in size and do not take up much space in the house or in a bag / case.
  • These towels are pleasant to the touch and gentle.
  • It is possible to wipe with similar canvases without experiencing discomfort, even if they are slightly damp.
  • Microfiber towel quick-drying. In addition, it can easily squeeze to a completely dry state. Not every product can boast such qualities.
  • This product is seamlessly laundered. From the surface of microfiber, any dirt and stains can be easily removed.
  • Towels from the specified tissue do not provoke allergic reactions, and microbes and other harmful microorganisms do not live in their structure.
  • Microfiber towel is durable. Over time, it will not start acquiring mahr and will not lose its visual appeal.

But do not think that microfiber towels are perfect. Such products are not without flaws. We will get acquainted with them.

  • Microfiber itself does not like exposure to high temperatures. A towel made from this material is not recommended to dry on the battery or to iron with a very hot iron.
  • Large and high-quality microfiber towels are expensive.
  • Products from some manufacturers have a not very pleasant smell. According to many buyers, these towels are not very long.

As you can see, microfiber towels have both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, a lot depends on the particular manufacturer that produced the product. Thus, poor quality products can absorb moisture and exude a specific smell.

In fact, high-quality microfiber, on the contrary, in the shortest possible time absorbs water and does not have a sharp aroma.

Sizes and application of products

As mentioned earlier, towels made of synthetic fibers are found in many stores and are presented in a variety of ways. They can differ not only in color and texture, but also in size. On the shelves it is possible to find as compact copies of 40x40 cm, which are usually bought for hands, as well as larger ones (60 by 120 cm) and even huge canvases belonging to the category of beach / bath.

Also not to mention that microfiber towels are multi-tasking and versatile. They are used in various fields. Here are some of them.

  • In most cases, microfiber towels are used for drying hair or dishes (kitchen options are especially popular). In addition, such a product can be safely used as a baby towel - it does not harm the child and will be pleasant to the body.
  • Often, microfiber towel is used as an improvised headdress, when there is hot weather outside the window. It is simply put on the head, and then tied behind the wide ends. With this addition, the user will not be stuffy, since microfiber is remarkably blown.
  • This towel is ideal for hiking and traveling. For example, it can be a mountain hike in conditions of low temperatures and heavy rain. With the help of such a microfiber cloth it will be possible to remove condensate from the material from which the tent is made.
  • If there is a very hot weather outside the window, it is possible to slightly wet the microfiber towel and then tie it on the wrist. Such an improvised "bracelet" will be very convenient to wipe the sweat from the face and neck. In addition, a wet towel will give a pleasant coolness and very quickly absorb the sweat from the body.
  • Very often, large and brightly colored microfiber towels are used as real flags during kayak trips. Such additions are not afraid of precipitation and can be used as a source of shade.
  • Microfiber towel is perfect for hiking on the beach or in the pool. It does not take much space in your purse or briefcase.
  • Some girls choose microfiber towels to create improvised skirts. As a rule, the need for these elements arises if the lady wanted to visit a temple or monastery.
  • If during the campaign to replace the heat came a cold and gusty wind, then you can make a small scarf from a microfiber towel and tie it around your neck. Such an accessory will not only protect the user from cold and drafts, but will also breathe.
  • If you fall and hurt during a trip or hike, such as bruising or stretching, then you can use a towel in this case. It will make a great bandage. The lion's share of such products is antibacterial treatment, so they can be made of absorbent and fixing dressing.
  • If the street suddenly started to rain, then a large microfiber towel can be used as a cozy cloak. This product will absorb all the excess moisture and will not allow the user to freeze and get wet.

As you can see, microfiber towels are very functional and practical. They can be put into action in the most unexpected situations. It is also worth considering that well-chosen products can serve as a decorative addition to the interior, for example, in the kitchen.

There are a lot of options for using these things, which makes them popular and in demand.

Subtleties of care

A towel made of such fiber as microfiber requires a certain care, like any other woven thing. If you take care of these products correctly, they will last longer and will not lose their original appearance.

The cloths used both as beach, and as kitchen, and as marching, are allowed to be washed as in the washing machine, and hands. The main thing is to remember that the temperature should be no more than 40 degrees. It is permissible to wash microfiber products using both simple soap and high-quality laundry detergent.

In no case do not apply to detergents in the granules, as well as bleach and conditioners, in which there is a component such as chlorine.

If we neglect this prohibition, then in the future the microfiber towel will absorb moisture much worse, and its antibacterial characteristics will inevitably decrease.

It is not allowed to dry similar products over an open flame, on hot stones or using electric heating devices. It is better to hang such towels on a rope in the open air. In such conditions, the fabric dries very quickly, but its positive characteristics will not suffer.

If you stick to all the listed features of care, then the towel will serve you for a long time and will not lose any positive qualities. The main thing is not to expose it to excessively high temperatures and avoid chlorine-containing detergents.


Today, many consumers prefer microfiber towels. They are used for a variety of purposes - they are useful both in the kitchen and in a hike or on the beach. Consider the main advantages that many buyers have identified for themselves:

  • judging by the reviews, such products are lightweight and modest in size, so they are comfortable to carry with them even in an ordinary handbag;
  • these towels easily and in a short time absorb water;
  • they dry out very soon, without losing their shape and original dimensions;
  • some models are complemented by rubber hangers - it is very convenient to use such options;
  • quality things in the course of washing do not lose the brightness of the color;
  • they are easily washed from a variety of stains, so they are often bought for the kitchen;
  • According to the buyers, microfiber is a very soft and soft to the touch fabric that does not damage the skin;
  • such products keep their presentation for a long time, which has pleased many consumers.

Many people have not noticed a single lack of use of such towels. However, there are those who have noticed for themselves some drawbacks. Judging by the feedback from consumers, microfiber towels have the following disadvantages:

  • some were faced with the fact that the purchased towels absorb moisture very poorly (in this case, the quality of the particular model chosen and the manufacturer who released it plays an important role);
  • Many buyers did not like the fact that large towels often have an unreasonably high price (everything depends on the outlet and its price policy);
  • some were caught with towels, emitting specific odors, causing doubts in their quality and safety.

In order not to encounter the minuses observed, it is necessary to purchase microfiber towels in checked outlets.

It is advisable to choose products from well-known and popular manufacturers.

About microfiber towels you will learn more about their next video.

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