How beautiful to fold a towel?

 How beautiful to fold a towel?

Towels, folded in the form of figures, have always been gifts that make them truly enjoyable. At the same time, such gifts did not oblige both parties to anything expensive in return. They become a doubly pleasant surprise if they are folded in the original style and interesting and carefully decorated. This article will tell you how beautiful it is to fold a “terry cloth” and make it into various shapes.

How to make a rose

Rose as a gift will be one of the most romantic surprises, especially for girls, even if it is out of a towel. Having mastered this technique with your own hands, you can even make a bouquet that will show your non-standard approach to the choice of a gift.

For roses will need:

  • small towel of light color (yellow, pink or red);
  • Toothbrush;
  • two small green towels of different shades.

    The execution algorithm consists of several simple operations.

    1. First you need a light towel, which later will be a bud, folded diagonally, and then slightly move one half to the side to get two protruding corners.
    2. Then turn the base of the resulting triangle towards the vertices.
    3. Now the toothbrush, which plays the role of the stem, is taken and wrapped in a canvas from the base of the triangle.
    4. Wrapping the brush, turn out the edges of the towel. Turn the remaining tips of the towel again, imitating the rose petals.
    5. We take a small pot and put the unfolded green towel of a dark shade there.
    6. From above we put a green towel of a light shade.
    7. We put in a pot a brush with a rose and fix it with a light green towel, crumpling the latter and filling it with a hollow space in the glass.
    8. Dark green canvas imitate leaves.
    9. Rose in the pot is ready.

    You can make several of these roses without leaves and collect a bouquet from them by wrapping them in a bigger towel so that the toothbrush stalks are not very noticeable.

    Funny pig

    Towels, folded in the shape of a pig, can be a comic or a symbolic gift. It is suitable for birthdays for those born under the sign of the Pig. Especially in the corresponding year of the calendar.

      For this crafts will need:

      • towel size 30x50 cm;
      • stationery gum;
      • paper eyes.

        Performed by the following points.

        1. First, the towel rolls into a roll.
        2. Then this “sausage” folds in half, where one edge will be longer than the other.
        3. The long edge is “ringed” with a rubber band.
        4. Then the same edge turns inside out. This is the penny.
        5. The remaining two edges are formed into the ears and face with the help of rubber bands.
        6. The roll is unwound and twisted on the short side around the patch.
        7. Now you just stick your eyes.
        8. Fix everything once again with a rubber band and you can even add “holes” to complete the look of the patch.

        Bunny with a carrot

        Such an article will always be an amazing gift that children will especially like.

          Step by step instructions on how to make a bun out of a towel.

          1. First you need to fold the towel diagonally.
          2. Then move a part of the corner so that later they take the form of hare ears.
          3. Now we begin to twist it from the base and leave free only the distance for the ears - 5 cm.
          4. Next, fold the sausage in half back and fix the ears. We fasten behind the stationery gum.
          5. Now we take one free edge and we wrap another part of the sausage with it, forming the body, and we tuck the edge in the form of legs in front.
          6. Do the same with the other end.
          7. Bunny ready.

            Carrots make much easier. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the “main material” should be very small and orange in color.

            1. The towel folds diagonally.
            2. Twisted symmetrically from two sides.
            3. It is fastened with an elastic band on the end and turned upside down.
            4. Carrots can be decorated with green application as leaves.

            Towel cake

            Another spectacular gift can be a multi-tiered cake. It is easily made, besides it fits well with any interior.

            For him it is best to choose white terry samples of different sizes. It is advisable to choose a few towels, not very different in size.

            We fold the smallest towel in several layers in width and roll them into a bagel.Should get roll in the cut. Fasten with a rubber band in the middle and tie it with a ribbon to hide it. We do the same thing with a larger sample, and we make more thickness this time. And we do it with all the “floors” of our cake. Put all the "layers" on each other. It is advisable to tie them with a ribbon of a contrasting color and in the form of a beautiful butterfly.

            How to fold a swan

            Swan is an integral part of the interior of expensive hotels, but it will be useful to be able to fold it yourself. You can surprise them with your family and just make yourself enjoyable.

            Swans are easy to form. The towel is placed in width and visually divided in half. The edges of the towel are bent to the middle, forming a triangle shape. Then symmetrically on both sides of the towel must be twisted to the middle. Now the two resulting ends are divided visually into three parts. Bend along the marked lines to the figure of a swan. Crafts are ready.

            Almost all of us love spectacular gifts, and the figures, folded from towels, are just that. In addition, they do not have to spend much money, and you can do it easily and simply in one evening. It is only necessary to have patience and a little skill.Animal figurines as a gift are more suitable for children, cake for men or the boss, and roses from towels, of course, for girls.

            How to roll a towel in the shape of a bear, look in the video below.

            Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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