Terry towels: purpose, size and features of choice

 Terry towels: purpose, size and features of choice

Today, modern man is not homely without terry textiles, because many people like to wrap themselves in a soft towel after taking a shower or bath. But it happens that after the first wash the product loses its attractive appearance, it becomes hard and unpleasant. It is worth considering the particular choice of terry towels to choose the best option.

Manufacturing materials

Terry towels today are in high demand due to the tenderness and high level of comfort that they provide during their use. These towels can be made from various fabrics, so you should learn more about the materials of their manufacture.

  • Cotton. Cotton towels are quite soft, gentle, and also perfectly capable of absorbing moisture. It is preferable to prefer the fabric of organic cotton, because it is grown without the addition of chemical compounds. This fabric is environmentally friendly. Such textiles are brought from various countries, such as Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Egypt. But there are products that contain both organic and synthetic fiber. On the product label you can find information on the composition of the fabric. So, artificial fibers are designated as "M", and polyester - "P". Cotton towels are offered by companies such as Tac, Hobby, Arya, Karven and others.
  • Linen. Products from flax like most, because they are characterized by high strength and long service life. Lyon has a dense structure, so this towel in contact with the skin creates a slight massage effect.
  • Bamboo. Terry products from such material as bamboo appeared relatively recently.They attract the attention of soft texture, beautiful appearance due to the presence of a small gloss, which gives them elegance and originality. A distinctive feature of bamboo are antibacterial properties, so terry towels made from this material began to be in high demand. Among the most popular manufacturing companies are the Maxstyle and Mariposa.

Purpose and size of the product

Before buying, you should familiarize yourself with what terry towels are, consider the possible sizes and, of course, their purpose. They can be designed for different parts of the body, so many types of such towels are offered for sale. It is necessary to elaborate on the most common types.

  • Bathhouse. Such products are large, as they are often used after taking a bath and a shower. It is very nice to completely wrap yourself in a soft towel. The length of the product can be 150 or 160 cm, and the width - 100 cm. The sauna version should perfectly absorb moisture, warm it, and also be characterized by softness and tenderness.
  • Kitchen. Such products have special requirements.because in the kitchen it will be in contact not only with dirt and grease, but also with various aggressive agents that are used for washing dishes. Usually, a dishcloth can be applied to hands, dishes or a table. Prefer material with a short nap. Often for kitchen choose wafer options or from flax.
  • Facial. The towel should be very soft and gentle, as it will come into contact with sensitive skin. A good solution for washing is the option of bamboo. The optimal size is 50 by 90 cm.
  • For legs and arms. Products for these parts of the body can go set. Usually they are presented in small sizes, for example, 30x50 or 40x70 cm. A special requirement is put forward to this group - excellent absorbency.
  • For kids. Terry towels are often purchased for children, but it is worth paying due attention to their choice. It should have double-sided makhra, and also be characterized by tenderness and gentleness. The child will definitely like the product, decorated with a bright print. Many options complement the hood, which allows you to securely fix the towel on the head of the baby.
  • Beach. These products perform two tasks at once: they are suitable for wiping after bathing, and you can also lie on them and sunbathe in the sun. They must be of a convenient size, and also characterized by excellent absorbency. The optimal size is 70 by 140 cm.
  • Wedding This option is a symbol of the wedding day. Most models are made of flax. They are often decorated with embroidery, which presents pigeons, swans, larks, as well as drawings of flowers. Usually the wedding set consists of several towels.
  • Massage. These towels are composed of flax and cotton. Since they must be tough, thanks to this composition, you can soothe and relax the muscles during the procedure.

First, you should decide not only on the dimensions of a terry towel, but also on the functions that it will perform.

Most domestic manufacturers offer standard size terry towels, while products from foreign manufacturers may differ slightly in size. So, products can be presented in the following sizes:

  • 30x30 or 30 by 50 cm - toilet or guest, which are intended for use in the kitchen or for hands;
  • 50x70 or 40x70 cm - the standard version for the kitchen;
  • 50x90 cm - the best solution for the face;
  • 50x100 cm - acts as a small shower or for the face;
  • 70x140 cm - standard size of an average bath product;
  • 80x160 cm - the classic version of the bath;
  • 90x160 or 100x150 cm - large bath towel, which is often used for the sauna or bath;
  • 80x200 cm - this is a sheet that is suitable for relaxing on the beach or can be used for massage;
  • 150x200 and 175x250 cm - standard terry sheets.

Color and design

A terry product should be considered not only as a towel for wiping kitchen utensils or body parts, but also as an integral decor of the room where it is located. A beautiful terry towel will give the interior beauty, originality, so the color performance, like the design of products, plays a big role. If the interior of the bathroom is made in neutral colors, then bright towels will be stylish additions to the design of the room.

Classic is, of course, white textiles. He is always in trend, because even in hotel rooms it is common to use only snow-white products. Some hotels even use their logo to highlight the status of the place.For home use, you can use textiles of different colors. For example, to create a pleasant, romantic atmosphere in the bathroom, you can use towels in neutral shades. It is necessary to give preference to blue, turquoise, dairy or apricot color. If the interior is presented in dark colors, then light textiles will be able to decorate the situation.

Men prefer the terry towels in dark colors, among which it is worth noting burgundy, dark brown, gray-blue and black textiles. Although you can pick up and variegated version, decorated with bright patterns. Jacquard products surprise a variety of patterns and will be an excellent decorative element of the interior of a bathroom or kitchen.

Main selection criteria

To choose high-quality terry towels, it is necessary to take into account several important characteristics.

Pile length

The optimal length of the pile should be approximately 5 millimeters. If the loops are too short, the fabric will get wet pretty quickly, become rough and tear over time, which will lead to discomfort during use of the product.Towels with long hairs cannot be called the best either, because with a length of more than 8 millimeters after the first wash, it will completely lose its original attractive appearance.

Material density

This parameter must be taken into account before buying a terry product. It shows how many grams of cotton are present per square meter of fabric. The density of the product has a direct impact on the life of the product. So, the higher the density, the longer the use of towels. Usually this parameter is presented on the label. If this indicator is not, then you can even independently determine the density of the fabric - just weigh the product. If the weight of a 70x140 cm towel is about 490 grams, its density is 500 grams per 1 m².


The absorbency of the product depends largely on the composition of the product, so you should read the information presented on the product label. It is influenced by the type of yarn. Combed yarn is characterized by the best absorbency. But, of course, this criterion is also influenced by the length of the pile.


The buyer usually touches the product on the softness, because it plays an important role when choosing a towel. Soft fabrics, which are characterized by fluffiness, like many. These are the products worth buying. Tactile sensations indicate the high quality of textiles.


Product weight can say about the quality of the product. So, if a large towel weighs less than 500 grams, then you should not buy it. It is better to give preference to products that weigh 700 grams, because it speaks of its good density. Products weighing less than 300 grams should not be considered at all, because they are made of low quality fabric.

Neat tailoring

This criterion also applies to the main ones, since only a quality product will look neat. The edges of the towels should be properly processed, stitches - smooth. It is impossible to check all the criteria when choosing a towel in the store, so it is worth buying products from proven manufacturers or at home to conduct a thorough check of the purchased product.

Subtleties of care

To keep the terry towel soft for longer and keep its gorgeous look, It is necessary to adhere to the following rules when caring for it:

  • washing can be done both manually and in the washing machine;
  • water temperature can vary in the range from +30 to +60 degrees;
  • ordinary laundry detergents should be used for washing;
  • it is recommended to refuse the conditioner, because its use forms a silicone film on the fabric, which negatively affects the hygroscopicity of the product;
  • usually terry towels are not ironed, you just need to smooth the wet product with your hand;
  • To maintain a neat appearance, the stretched loops should be carefully cut with scissors.

How to choose a towel, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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