Features and characteristics of baby bedding from poplin

Most parents are especially careful about the choice of baby bedding. That it primarily affects the quality of sleep of the child. An increasing popularity in the modern market is gaining bedding set of poplin.

What it is?

Poplin is a natural fabric woven from cotton fibers. Sometimes synthetic, silk or wool threads are added to it. Poplin has an unusual weaving threads of different thickness, which is why the fabric is so pleasant to the touch. Because of this feature, she is a favorite in sewing baby clothes. Since the skin of children is soft and soft, soft poplin creates comfortable conditions for their sleep and rest. The characteristics of linen from this fabric also include the following characteristics.

  • Hypoallergenic, no irritation, as it uses only natural and safe fibers to create poplin.

  • Strength. Due to non-standard weaving, the fabric can withstand up to 200 machine washings without significant deformation.

  • Does not fade and does not fade drawing. The paint is applied to the lower layer of the fiber, so the pattern becomes brighter and more saturated even after machine wash.

  • Good breathability. The linen creates invisible ventilation of the air, and the child will not sweat or freeze under it.

  • It has the ability to not transmit and retain heat. That is why this kit can be used both in winter and in summer. In the summer the child will not be hot, and in the winter cold.

  • Attractive appearance and reasonable price.

  • The lightness and softness of the material will make you feel comfortable even for babies.

Of the shortcomings of such underwear can only be noted inaccessibility in retail stores. But such a kit can be purchased at the manufacturer's online store.

Tips for choosing

When choosing baby bedding from poplin, one should first of all pay attention to tailoring and the quality of the product.This will save the budget and the purchase will please more than one year. You should also pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Many manufacturers add synthetic fibers to it, which has a negative effect on quality. That is why the preference should be given to well-known and trusted manufacturers of bedding.

Paying attention to the country of origin is another reason. The sizes of linen of the Asian and Russian brands slightly, but differ. For example, a set of 1.5-bed linen in a Russian-made bed will have standard sizes (150x200 cm), and an Asian manufacturer’s underwear will usually be 3-7 cm less.

Before you buy should pay attention to the quality of the picture. It should be bright and well printed. But at the same time experts and experienced mothers do not recommend choosing underwear with the image of aggressive heroes or colors that are too bright. Lingerie should set up the child to sleep, and not to excite once again his nervous system.


Bed set of poplin, made of cotton threads without the addition of chemical fibers, as a rule, unpretentious in the care.It can often be washed at high temperature and high spin speeds. He is not afraid of stains and quick drying. Such clothes under any conditions will return to the original form. Often it does not even need to be ironed, since after drying the poplin is smoothed on its own.

If linen with a synthetic addition has been purchased, then it should be washed in a delicate mode and at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. If these rules are not followed, it may shrink.

Poplin with silk also requires delicate care. Washing in the car is possible at lower spin speeds and with special liquid detergents. The kit can also be washed by hand, following the directions on the label.

A bed set of poplin with the right choice and care will be able to serve the child for years, and will give a peaceful sleep.

About bedding from poplin, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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