Baby bedding: selection criteria, manufacturers review and care tips

 Baby bedding: selection criteria, manufacturers review and care tips

A bed belonging to the child must be supplemented exclusively with high-quality linens. Fortunately, today the range of such products is huge, so finding the perfect product is not difficult. Children's bedding is produced by many well-known brands, whose products are famous for unsurpassed quality. It is worth examining in detail what parameters children's underwear sets have and how to choose them correctly.

Sizes and equipment

In a huge assortment of various children's linen for the bed, you can easily get lost. Choosing the right products, it is important to consider the complete set of the set you like, as well as the dimensional parameters of the various components included in it. Popular and popular kits produced specifically for newborn babies are assembled from the following elements:

  • a blanket - usually has small dimensions (as a rule, 110x140 cm), thin flannelet variants are ideal for the summer season, and for the winter it is better to stock up with a camel or a down blanket;
  • mattress - in most cases mattresses in sets are 120x60 cm in size;
  • pillow - this element should be soft and thin (no thicker than 2 cm), but some pediatricians advise the first months not to use a pillow at all;
  • protective side - the dimensions of this part most often make up 360x36 cm, it should contain a safe and soft layer that will protect the baby from injury;
  • mattress pad - this element is designed to protect the mattress from all sorts of pollution, which can not be avoided when a baby appears in the house;
  • side pockets - these parts are very useful and practical, they are used to store various things that are required in the process of taking care of a child (these can be diapers, bottles, napkins, toys and other similar things);
  • canopy - performs not only a decorative function, but also protects the baby from the ingress of aggressive sunlight, dust and various insects, which are especially annoying during the warm season;
  • sheet - the most successful are considered sustainable options, equipped with a rubber band;
  • pillowcase - it should not have small buttons; for baby cots they make pillowcases with woven ties or special valve clasps;
  • duvet cover - this element of the linen set should be a little more than a blanket (about 3-5 cm).

Important! During the period of hot summer, it is quite possible to abandon the use of such details as a protective board and canopy. Such details can interfere with the free circulation of air, which will result in a poor user feeling unwell and disturbing his healthy sleep.

As mentioned earlier, when choosing baby bedding it is very important to consider its size:

  • for a bed intended for a newborn baby, sheets and duvet covers can be 140–150 cm long, 100–120 cm wide, pillowcases are available with a length of 40–60 cm and a width of 40 cm;
  • single beds for children of kindergarten age can be complemented by a set in which the length and width of the bed sheet and duvet cover is 145x150 cm, and the pillowcases are 60 cm long and 40 cm wide;
  • One and a half bed linen designed for adolescent children includes a sheet and duvet cover that are 210–220 cm long, 145–180 cm wide, and pillowcases have the following parameters: 60–70 cm long and 50–70 cm wide

Tissue Types

Baby bedding is made from a large number of different materials. The total cost of this or that set depends on this parameter. Experts strongly recommend to buy for young users only high-quality products made from environmentally friendly and safe fabrics. It is worth getting acquainted with the list of the most common ones.


Bedding made of calico, found in many stores.Such products are rightfully recognized as one of the most popular and are in great demand. Coarse calico itself is distinguished by prominent large threads in the structure, as well as by their special cross-shaped weaving. This textile is famous for the fact that it does not require special and complex care, being practical and unpretentious. Bed accessories from calico are quite dense, especially when compared with models of batiste. However, their surface is matte - here you will not notice a beautiful shine, such as in satin specimens. Calico is ideal for the production of children's bedding, as it seamlessly transfers a large number of washes, without losing any positive qualities or presentation.


For the manufacture of baby bedding is perfect and a material such as flannel. This textile is heat-saving and very soft to the touch. On the surface of the flannel products there is a light down, very pleasant to the body. Due to its fluffy texture, the flannel is difficult to confuse with other materials.Flannel underwear is an ideal solution if you pick up a kit for a child for the off-season, when the heating season has not yet arrived at home. However, such products have one major drawback - if they are used too often, ugly pellets appear on their surface.


Today bed linen made from relatively new textile raw materials - bamboo is very popular. Such products are in great demand, as it has very pleasant and delicate surfaces, and also has antibacterial properties. Bamboo products do not cause allergic reactions and skin irritations, so you can safely buy them for children of all ages. Bamboo linen is very light and differs in texture with a slight sheen. The quality of bamboo models are very similar to silk or cashmere, which are many times more expensive, but are more capricious and less practical to use.


This is another very popular woven material used in the manufacture of bed linen for both children and adults. Cotton products have a democratic value and serve for a very long time, which attracts many consumers. The main property of cotton is its high hygroscopicity.Similar options are good for bed linen and the fact that it is quite warm to sleep on them in winter and not hot in summer. However, choosing a suitable cotton set, you need to take into account the fact that models from cheap raw materials are unlikely to last for a long time - their rapid wear is simply inevitable, especially with daily use. If we are talking about high-quality and more expensive woven material, it will not only last for a long time, but also retain an attractive appearance for many years.


Such fabric as sateen is beautiful with a beautiful surface with a subtle brilliance and delicate silky texture, reminiscent of satin. Due to the special fiber plexus, satin products are characterized by excellent strength characteristics and are resistant to abrasion, which makes them a wonderful solution in arranging a children's bed. Satin underwear is attractive not only for its design, but also for its high hygroscopicity. In addition, it does not shrink after washing and almost does not wrinkle. The only disadvantage of such products is their high cost.


Bike is a very delicate and hygienic fabric, which is best suited for arranging a baby’s bed.The main feature of this material is a double-sided surface with a pile that effectively retains heat. Despite its level of density, such a fabric absorbs moisture well, runs smoothly and dries quickly. Sometimes a small percentage of viscose is present in the composition of the bike, making the base material more wear-resistant and durable. Of course, models with a similar addition and look more attractive, but are characterized by a reduced level of hygroscopicity, which is very bad for children's bedding.


This textile is a thick canvas with a single or double-sided nap, which is made in the form of eyelets. Due to this feature, woven material boasts effective absorption. In addition, terry products perfectly breathable, allowing the skin to "breathe", which is very important for young users. Mahra holds the right shape well. This matter does not shrink and does not stretch over time. Care of terry products is simple - you do not need to iron such things. Experts recommend to buy terry kits for older children, since the contact of the delicate skin of babies with a nap may cause discomfort.

Linen cloth

This type of textile has no rivals in environmental and naturalness. Linen is not only not harmful to the health of the child, but also has powerful antiseptic properties. When using such products, some wounds on the body will heal a little faster. In addition, linen textiles effectively absorb excess moisture, while maintaining heat balance. But linen bedding sets for baby beds are not so often, despite their positive qualities. This is due to their relatively high cost, as well as certain difficulties in the care. Such things are too easily crushed during operation and during washing. It can be quite difficult to smooth them out - it often takes a lot of time, which not all users have.

Criteria for selecting quality products

Very high demands are always placed on baby bedding. The lion's share of modern bona fide manufacturers adheres to these, but this does not mean that when choosing a suitable kit it is not necessary to be vigilant. Before buying should pay attention to a number of important criteria.

  • Security. Baby underwear for the bed should be absolutely safe. That is why experts recommend choosing only products made from natural fabrics, which do not contain dangerous compounds. Remember that the name of the fabric used and the type of fiber must be indicated on the packaging or label.
  • Quality. Be sure to inspect the seams of selected products. The lines should be as neat as possible and absolutely even. If you notice any defects in the performance of things, this may indicate their handicraft production. And also it is worth viewing textiles to light - the material should be evenly dense.
  • Smell. Things should not come from an obsessive chemical smell or an unpleasant odor of dampness. Such flaws can talk about improper storage of linen, as well as the presence in its composition of harmful substances.
  • Dimensions. Be sure to choose a set of bed linen of suitable dimensions. Sheets, duvet covers and other items should not be too big or too small. If you do not follow this requirement, then the child will not be very comfortable in his bed.
  • Manufacturer. Try to choose only high-quality sets from reputable companies (there are a lot of such in the modern market), especially if you buy luxury underwear. Of course, branded products are likely to be more expensive, since they are produced based on the required standards, but they will last a long time and will not harm the health of the child.

Rules for choosing the color and design of the bedroom set

In choosing a particular color of baby bedding should be considered the following features of different scales:

  • green - this color will help the child to relax, calm down;
  • red - on the contrary, will cause aggression and may even depress the child, especially if red is quite bright;
  • yellow - uplifting, pleases the child, but can bother if there is too much of it;
  • blue - normalizes sleep, relaxes, soothes;
  • white, beige - these colors also soothe, contribute to a peaceful sleep;
  • gray - makes the child more confident, while accents should be minimal;
  • black - adversely affects the child's psyche, if it is too much.

You should not choose too bright products, as they will irritate the child and interfere with fast falling asleep.A large number of colorful prints and drawings are also best avoided, especially if there is already a rather “lively” and colorful finish in the room. Prefer positive, but not toxic parts, otherwise the child will not be very comfortable in this environment. Black color may be present in the laundry, but only as outline elements. In large quantities of this color should not be, because it can act depressing.

Top manufacturers

As mentioned earlier, for children it is best to buy branded bedding sets from famous brands. Today there are a lot of them. It is worth considering some of them.

  • Bed linen of the highest quality for babies and teenagers are offered by many Turkish manufacturers. The best reviews of consumers leave beautiful and safe products from the brands Altinbasak, Cotton Box, TAC, Hobby Home. The range of these manufacturers is very rich and diverse. Choose the best option of Turkish bed linen from a good fabric can be for every taste, color and budget.
  • Polish brands offer equally high-quality and attractive kits.For example, the trade and production enterprise Kieczmerski offers charming kits for babies and newborns, with delicate colors and unobtrusive embroideries in the form of little animals.
  • Russian manufacturers, producing high-quality and durable bedding sets for children of different ages, are not far behind. Many consumers turn to the products of the companies Bambinizon, Olla, Papitto, Zolotko and others. Domestic products are usually inexpensive and are found in many retail outlets, which indicates its availability.

Recommendations for the care of materials

The specific care of baby bedding mainly depends on the textiles from which it is made. Usually for the first wash they use a delicate mode to consider how the thing reacts to the procedure. In the future, you should rely on the instructions on the label. Simple laundry detergent should not wash baby clothes. To do this, use such tools:

  • baby liquid soap or in the form of chips;
  • special children's powders;
  • liquid gel for delicate washing.

It is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • air conditioning is better not to use;
  • Be sure to monitor the contamination of baby bedding; it is better to select a separate basket for it - do not mix with adult things;
  • wash contaminated clothes on the same day so that the fabric does not absorb stains;
  • contamination from juice or milk should be pre-washed, and the general washing should be done only afterwards;
  • children's underwear must be ironed at least until he is 3 years old.


Buyers leave a lot of positive feedback on brand baby bedding sets made from high quality materials. Of course, many people have noticed the high cost of such products (especially for well-known Turkish or Italian brands), but the longevity of purchased items is more than worth the price. In models from many firms, for example, Turkish, Belarusian and Polish, consumers have not noticed a single serious shortcoming. Some buyers experience shedding of color and shrinkage of waterproof items after washing. In this case, the problem may be hiding in the wrong care or a fake product purchased from an unscrupulous seller (if we are talking about branded options).In order not to face such problems, you should apply to trusted outlets and online stores with a good reputation. In addition, many people consider the price of branded kits of foreign firms overpriced.

Beautiful examples

In the crib there will be a cute white set with delicate drawings of different animals of inconspicuous colors. On the background of white walls you can arrange bright bedding on a double teenage bed, decorated with colorful drawings of a lion cub and a turtle from the famous Soviet cartoon. The bed, owned by the young princess, will sparkle with new colors, if you add it with pink bedding in the style of Hello Kitty and “reinforce” with a blue-and-yellow floor carpet.

How to choose bedding for the child, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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