Eurostandard bed linen: features and sizes

 Eurostandard bed linen: features and sizes

Nowadays, the range of bed linen is so wide that you can easily “get lost” in it. Today, European standard product kits are especially popular and in demand. Such models are famous for convenience and optimal dimensional parameters, which made them so popular. Today we will get acquainted with such bedding and find out what its features are.

What is euroset?

Surely everyone at least once in my life heard this combination - eurocomplete bedding. Many have heard about him, but not everyone knows what he is.Some mistakenly believe that the word "euro" means the quality indicator of a product, but in this case it has a different meaning. With regards to bedding, the euro symbol indicates specific dimensional parameters of the products, as well as their performance characteristics.

It should be noted that the Euro set of bed linen is notable for its increased dimensions. Such products are very different from the standard sets of its length and width.

Differences from other standards

Lingerie, made in accordance with the European standard, is very different from other varieties of similar products. For example, the main difference between Euro-bed and standard double sets is in the dimensional parameters of the bed sheet and duvet cover included in the set. In European versions, these things are longer and wider.

There is a difference in the number of pillowcases that are included in the bed set. So, there may be more than two of them in the “Euro” standard configuration, and these parts can be made in different colors, and their sizes can vary.In standard double sets, there are usually only two identical pillowcases with the same parameters. When there are 4 pillowcases in the headset at once, one pair of them has a simple square shape, equal dimensional values ​​and color (the color corresponds to the color of the sheets from the set), and the other pair is represented by rectangular pillowcases that have more elegant and elite design (these details are usually repeat the design of the duvet cover).

Eurobearing can also be compared with today's popular family kits. The latter are usually supplied with two single-and-a-half duvet covers, but there is always only one bed sheet. Its minimum size in the family set is not less than 220x240 cm. According to users and experts, family sets can be used as a good alternative to Eurobel, since they also have impressive dimensions.

Kit Contents

Do not rush to go to the store for buying bedding, until you find out what is included in its kit. Products of the European standard are insanely popular today and are chosen by many consumers. They differ in quite good sets. For example, as part of the standard eurocomplete there are such components:

  • duvet cover;
  • a sheet that is the same size as the duvet cover;
  • different number of pillowcases (from 2 to 4 pieces).


Eurostandard bedding are different. Various modifications have their own distinctive characteristics. Let's get acquainted with them.

Standard and mini

The dimensions of the bed linen class "euro" are usually determined by the dimensions of the duvet cover. So, products from the “standard” category are designed for blankets, the dimensional parameters of which (in accordance with the dimension table) are 195x215 cm (optimal copy), 200x200, 200x220 cm. As for the parameters of the sheets, they can be different. It will be possible to choose a suitable variant practically for any bed, up to rare models with dimensions of 200x220 cm.

Kits, in which the parameter of the width of these parts is more modest (no more than 220x230, 220x240 cm), belong to the Euro Mini category. In this case, the name speaks for itself - such products are slightly less than the standard options.


Eurobelie from this category is an enlarged variety of standard options. In many cases, instead of the “maxi” mark, the number “2” is put on the packages with laundry.In our country, such copies do not produce, and on the shelves they can be found extremely rare. As a rule, such products are made by manufacturers from Turkey, China and Europe. Perhaps the lack of such products in Russian stores is due to their low popularity and demand, because the beds of appropriate sizes in our stores are almost never found.

Product Parameters

The level of comfort of sleep and rest on the bed directly depends on the choice of suitable bed linen. Kits made according to European standards are very popular today. Most often on sale there are options, the dimensions of which are as follows:

  • duvet cover - 200x200 cm;
  • europane (can be simple or elastic) - 220x250 cm;
  • pillowcases - 50x70 or 70x70 cm.

Such bed linen is made from a variety of materials. The total cost of the kit depends on this parameter. Here are the most popular types of fabrics used in the production of eurobella

  • Bamboo. Environmentally friendly and safe material with antibacterial properties. It produces a very soft and gentle underwear, pleasant to the body.Externally, bamboo looks like more expensive silk or cashmere.
  • Satin. The material consisting of synthetic or HB-fiber. Eurobath from satin is very popular because it is quite dense and has a pleasant luster. Satin products are one of the most practical and are not afraid of frequent washes.
  • Calico. One of the most popular in the manufacture of bed linen fabrics. From it do both daily, and ceremonial sets of eurobella. The material itself is practical and durable, looks elegant and expensive.
  • Batiste. Textiles with a unique interweaving of threads. Linen from batista light and airy. It has an attractive and translucent appearance. However, cambric evbelee does not have a large sock. Soon, noticeable “bald patches” will appear on the material, so you should not use such products daily. And the price is quite high.
  • Percale. This is a cotton fabric of linen plexus. It has a matte and velvet surface. Percale Eurobelly can keep warm, but at the same time it is able to "breathe", thereby creating a very cozy atmosphere. Percale kits are durable and durable.
  • Cotton. The most popular material, which is used in the production of both standard and euro furniture. Cotton products have an affordable price. In winter, sleeping with such models is not cold, and in summer it is not hot. However, one should take into account that high-quality cotton will last for a long time, but cheap material will shrink after the very first wash, so you shouldn’t save on the purchase of cotton Euro bedding.
  • Silk. One of the most expensive and luxurious are elite eurosets from natural silk. They look great, but are quite capricious. It is not recommended to wash such products in a conventional washing machine - it is better to turn to dry-cleaning services. If you ignore this rule, the thing will quickly become unusable and will get noticeable damage.
  • Rayon. Eurobelle from this raw material looks the same as natural silk options, but costs several times cheaper and is less demanding in matters of care. That is why most buyers turn to such models, and not to natural ones.

As for the color parameters of euro-linen, there are more often monophonic variants.It can be a variety of colors, from light and delicate to dark and brutal. Choose the best option for the situation, made in any styles and colors. You can also find options with unobtrusive prints. It can be floral motifs, various kinds of geometric shapes, checkered patterns, 3D images, animals and many other elements.

How to choose?

Eurostandard bed linen set to choose correctly. Pay attention to a number of important criteria that should be considered when selecting a suitable product.

  • Dimensions. Before you go to the store to buy Eurobella, you should measure the parameters of the length and width of your bed. Based on the identified parameters, the product is selected. The linen should not be too big or too small, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to sleep on it.
  • Quality sewing. Pay attention to the quality of the performance of the item and its packaging. On the product should not be damaged or any other defects. If they are in your field of vision, then it is better to refuse the purchase. Low-quality goods will not last for a long time and you will have to buy a different set, and these are unnecessary expenses.
  • Material. Choose high-quality kits made from environmentally friendly and safe materials.
  • Design. Despite the fact that it is bedding, its color and style should still be appropriate to the environment. Do not forget about this nuance, choosing the right set. For example, on the background of variegated wallpapers with rich small prints, it is better to arrange single-color euro-linen of calm tones. If, on the background of the bed, there is a boring and minimalistic finish, then it is quite possible to choose the laundry and more vivid - with prints and patterns.
  • A store. Acquire Euro-size linen sets in proven stores with a good reputation. You should not buy such things in the markets or in street shops.
  • Manufacturer. Despite the fact that branded products are usually quite expensive, experts recommend referring to it. Choosing a high-quality set of Euro furniture, you should not trust unnecessarily low prices and incomprehensible trademarks. Such products do not last long. Refer to branded products. Do not save on the purchase of a reliable kit.

For information on how to choose the European standard bedding, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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