Bedding of coarse calico: characteristics, types and features of choice

During the night's rest, the body is restored in the absence of discomfort while staying in bed. Therefore, it is very important how pleasant for the body to feel from contact with the fabric from which the sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase are sewn. It is also important how practical and tight set of linen, how it keeps its shape and color. The modern textile market impresses with a variety of fabrics and textures of ready-made bedding sets. Certain requirements are imposed on this type of product, and linen from calico meets them fully.

What is calico?

Calico is a dense, most often cotton fabric, actively used for sewing inexpensive practical bedding sets.The main feature of matter is a linen cross-shaped interlacing of threads. This manufacturing technology gives matter wear resistance and durability. The surface of the calico looks the same on both sides: matte, smooth and uniform.

In Russia, this fabric was discovered in the 16th century thanks to Asian cloth dealers. In the XVIII – XIX centuries, coats were mostly sewn for linen to soldiers. And since the dyed coil has no seamy side, before it was allowed on the coat lining. Lightweight children's and women's dresses were sewn from printed sheeting.

Available coarse calico has not lost its relevance since and is used not only for bedding, but also for the tailoring of wearable clothing, tablecloths, aprons, children's clothing and much more.


There are several types of calico.

  • Severe calico - a type of durable raw and unbleached fabric. It is used as a cushioning material in the shoe and furniture industry.
  • Bleached Calico - soft fabric, processed and manufactured in different variations of colors. Suitable for sewing diapers, baby bedding and underwear.
  • Stuffed. Cotton fabric with pictures, suitable for the production of underwear, gowns, dresses for women and girls. It is dyed with natural dyes, therefore it is considered the most suitable for sewing products for children.
  • Smooth painted Her description is characterized by a monochrome color and is used for tailoring lining jackets and coats.


According to GOST, the density of the calico is measured by grams per 1 m 2. For this matter, this indicator varies from 100 to 160 g. A lower index indicates a lower density of the fabric.

Fabric with an indicator of 145 is usually used for sewing linen sets for hospitals and barracks, trains, hostels, sanatoriums and shelters. A canvas with a density index of 125 is more suitable for the house. Calico density of 100 g per m 2 is also permissible for daily use, provided that the new set is prewash: it will gain fiber density, but will give a slight shrinkage. Therefore, you need to choose a set for a bed according to its size plus a small stock. The width of the sheet should be at least 10 cm larger than the width of the mattress.

Modern cotton fabrics for bed sets are not only matte and smooth, but also of unusual texture. For example, the reaped, which gives the fabric is not crumpled, but an unusually stylish look.In the processing of the "header" cotton underwear does not need ironing, but even in a bit crumpled form, it does not lose its attractiveness.

Against the background of the pressed texture, no creases of the fabric are visible, and this draws attention to the sets from those who do not like complicated care, but love to sleep in fresh and beautiful clothes.


Bed linen from this type of cotton perfectly proved itself.

  • Calico has a soft texture and a solid structure. It is easy to maintain and retains its attractive appearance for many years, as it is not afraid of washes and temperature changes.
  • The fabric does not form the pellets on the surface with regular friction, so it can be used to sleep regularly.
  • Baby bed, made of coarse calico, look very comfortable and provide crumbs a restful sleep.
  • To sweat on a coarse calico sheet is not terrible, because the hygroscopicity of the fabric is high, and also it has excellent thermostatic properties.
  • This is a completely natural and harmless material that does not harm allergies and people with hypersensitivity of the skin.
  • It can be ironed in the “cotton” mode and dried vertically. Deformation of the fabric is not threatened, unless specifically strive to achieve this.

Advantages and disadvantages

Calico has numerous advantages:

  • environmentally friendly product, for the dyeing of which only natural dyes are used;
  • availability for purchase with high quality and external aesthetics;
  • hypoallergenic and the ability to use for children from birth;
  • the resistance of the threads to stretching, the formation of pellets, wear, washing and drying in the sun;
  • simple care of matter;
  • does not deteriorate when exposed to chemicals.

Perhaps the only drawback of bed linen for the bed can be considered a slight shrinkage, which the fabric gives after washing. But this can be avoided if you follow fairly simple care instructions.

Then the linen will please for many years with its beauty.


Even considering that the material is unpretentious in operation, need to adhere to care recommendations.

  • It is not recommended to violate the temperature mode of washing.
  • A new kit needs washing to soften the structure of matter.
  • It is undesirable to mix colored and white linen in one wash cycle.
  • To dry a set of coarse calico, turning inside out.
  • Do not exceed 40 ° C for a fabric with a bright pattern and 60 ° for a single color.
  • Do not wash along with sets of artificial fabrics.
  • To iron slightly damp linen.
  • It is necessary to take into account the fact that the resistance of the printed pattern is higher than the color of the one-colored fabric. But both options do not fade and do not grow dull with time, just do not add bleaching agents and additives with aggressive composition to the powder. The fabric, although strong, does not tolerate experiments with itself.


Among domestic producers of sets of coarse calico the products of the Ivanovo and Shuisk textile factories compare favorably. Consumers leave excellent reviews about the laundry, although there are complaints that it shrinks after washing.

Shuya factory produces bed linen of all sizes and colors: from euro to baby sets. They include several items of quality products: four, two or one pillowcase, a sheet and a duvet cover. 1.5 bed set is suitable for a standard bed for one person and a small family bed for two. Duvet cover and pillowcase configuration may vary depending on the model.There are options for buttons or hidden zippers, with a smell or a slit for easy dressing a blanket.

In the catalogs of products from Ivanovo kits are collected exclusively from natural fabrics. These include both casual underwear sets and luxury underwear. Family kits are presented in different solutions: with a sheet on an elastic band or the usual free cut.

Well-proven and foreign manufacturers of coarse calico bed linen sets. Ukrainian and Belarusian goods meet the high criteria of GOST. Uzbek cotton and Indian counterparts are very praiseworthy and are distinguished by their exceptional softness and unusual patterns and colors. This is one of the leaders in the production of beautiful cotton fabrics without the slightest impurities of synthetics. Pakistani coarse calico also received good reviews. But its cost is slightly higher than Ukrainian or Russian.

In China, for example, technologies allow the use of a mixture of cotton and artificial fibers.

There it is believed that synthetics benefit the bed sets, helping them to better keep their shape.


For bed sets it is better to choose 100% natural fabrics.In addition, bright colors look favorably on them. Monophonic or printed linen is chosen in accordance with personal preferences. When choosing be sure to pay attention to the quality of linen. And also it is worth paying attention to how many and what items are included in the kit. The market is represented by a variety of complete sets of products for sleep:

  • one and a half set for a comfortable sleep of one or two people;
  • standard sets for one person, consisting of three products: pillowcases, sheets and duvet cover;
  • Euronavor with 4 pillowcases, in which 2 pcs. rectangular and 2 square;
  • family with 2 separate duvet covers and 2 pillowcases;
  • children’s with a sheet on a rubber band around the perimeter and a circular zipper on the duvet cover;
  • double with one duvet cover and a sheet.

To choose to be under the size of the bed and bedding: pillows and blankets.

You will learn more about coarse bed linen from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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