Bed linen from Ivanovo: features of textiles and rating of the best factories

Healthy sleep helps us regain our strength after a long day’s work, the quality of which is affected by many factors. One of the important roles in ensuring a comfortable rest is bedding. The quality of sleep, and therefore the energy level of the future day, depends on how suitable it is for your bedroom, pleasant to the touch and durable in use.

Features of Ivanovo textile

For several centuries already, the city of Ivanovo has been rightfully considered the textile capital of our country, and modern production keeps up with the times, meeting European quality standards. Ivanovo textiles became a brand due to the ratio "price - quality", a variety of colors and types of fabric.

Textile factories of the city use in the production of sets all types of fabrics suitable for bed linen. Local artists create exclusive drawings that are applied to the fabric using modern technology.

The quality of the fabric and the durability of colors allow Ivanovo textile not to lose its appearance for a long time during frequent washings, not to form lumps on the surface, not to wear out and not to fade.

What fabric is better for the kit?

For a good rest, it is preferable to use fabrics made from natural fibers such as flax, cotton, silk. They have high heat-shielding properties, while passing oxygen and do not create a "greenhouse effect" under the blanket. But natural materials have their drawbacks: they need special care, and the price is quite high.

With the development of textile production, fabrics with synthetic additives were included in everyday life. Mixed fibers in one degree or another have the qualities of natural, and synthetic additives prolong the life of the product, facilitate the care of the fabric.

As mentioned above, Ivanovo factories use all types of fabrics for production: both natural and mixed.

  • Cotton. Pleasant to the touch natural material, has high strength and hygroscopic properties, is easily erased and bleached, not subject to electrification.
  • Linen. Dense fabric of natural fibers, rather coarse before the first washings, but then it becomes softer. Flax - one of the most durable materials, has "breathing" properties, pleasant in hot weather. The colors on linen are not erased and do not fade.
  • Silk. High-quality fabric from the category of expensive and luxury. Silk bedding is considered an attribute of romantic bedrooms, it exudes softness and a pleasant shine. Natural threads do not cause allergies, with proper care are durable and are not subject to deformation and fading.
  • Knitwear Soft, delicate fabric, has a high elasticity, does not deform when washed, easily takes the form of the body. For greater adhesion with the mattress, the elastic is sewn into the knitted sheets.
  • Satin. It looks like silk with a pleasant shimmer and modulations, but it is made from 100% cotton. Differs in the high durability and the minimum requirements in leaving. When washing is not deformed and does not fade.
  • Microfiber. Soft semi-synthetic fiber has antibacterial properties, is easy to wash and dries quickly. Convenient to use, does not wrinkle and does not require ironing.
  • Chintz The most economical option. Thin fabric is pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic, but short-lived. Well suited for children's sets of clothes, which after frequent washes will not be a pity to throw away.
  • Flannel. Natural fleecy material with heat-shielding properties. Bed flannel sets warm well in the autumn-winter period. The material is durable, but with each wash the fabric acquires a softer texture.
  • Calico. Cotton fabric from a thick thread without special properties of strength, requires a certain care, but is ideal for allergy sufferers. Consists entirely of natural fiber.

In addition to the main types of fabrics, Ivanovo factories produce bedding from poplin, percale, bamboo fiber.


In the production of Ivanovo All generally accepted Russian and European size standards are used for bed linen:

  • single;
  • one and a half sleeping;
  • double bed with euro sheet;
  • Euroset;
  • family;
  • baby

Depending on the type of fabric, sizes may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Modern technologies allow to apply images of varying complexity and saturation of shades. Resistant dyes do not cause allergies, are resistant to hot water, do not fade in the sun.

Ivanovo factories use two methods of dyeing bed cloths.

  • Plain dyed fabric. Color is applied to the finished fabric at high temperature. Dyes are absorbed into the fibers and, after cooling, they firmly adhere to the fabric for a long service life.
  • Printed pattern. So it used to be called manually applied to the fabric image, and in the modern world it is the process of automatically applying color prints of various themes and colors.

A wide range of shades will allow you to choose the color of bed linen that meets the preferences of the future owner and is suitable for any bedroom interior.

Bright flowers, lively landscapes, amazing abstractions uplifting and turning bedding sets into a wonderful gift for close people.

Rating of the best factories

The textile capital has more than a dozen manufacturers of bed linen, each of which is committed to improving the quality of its competitors. In the ranking compiled for consumers from other regions, the top positions are occupied by several well-known factories.

  • TexDesign. Leading manufacturer of bed linen with excellent quality and a wide range. It has its own design studio that allows you to create exclusive patterns on fabrics.
  • TD "Adel". In the market for more than 10 years, high quality and reasonable prices distinguish the trading company. In addition to the sets, you can order separate bedding, as well as kitchen textiles and home knitwear.
  • "Ecolan37". Specializes in the production of bedding from environmentally friendly materials. In the manufacture uses only natural fabrics, eco-friendly stuffing for pillows and blankets.
  • Goldtex. Manufacturer of luxury bed linen. Offer customers exclusive sets of expensive materials, decorated with handmade, lace and embroidery.
  • "Neomama Textiles". A wide selection of baby bedding: from sets for newborns to sizes of school age.

Customer Reviews

Russian consumers note the quality of Ivanovo products and reasonable prices. Especially popular textiles Ivanovo factories used as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, the birth of children.

Users also note that there is an opportunity to choose the color of the set for any interior, to please themselves and the kids with bright drawings.

Negative reviews are associated with cases of counterfeit products, the purchase of goods not in branded or non-specialized stores.

You will learn more about the bedding from Ivanovo from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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