Characteristics and features of microfiber bedding

 Characteristics and features of microfiber bedding

Bed kits are made of various fabrics: both natural and synthetic. All of them have certain advantages and disadvantages. People for whom durability, practicality and aesthetics of bed linen are important often choose microfiber kits. This material has excellent quality, excellent performance and affordable cost.

What is this fabric?

Microfiber is a material consisting of the finest polymer fibers. In another way it is also called microfiber. In the production of this fabric using polymers, polyesters and polyamide.As a result of the interweaving of these components, thin but durable synthetic threads are obtained. Microfiber was first created in Japan in the late 70s of the last century, its mass distribution began 10 years later. Today this fabric is made from various raw materials. Some types of materials include cotton, but in the domestic market it is extremely difficult to find cotton microfiber.

Many products are made of microfiber. This may be clothes or home textiles. Such material can be painted in various color shades, giving it an elegant appearance. Sleeping sets from this fabric have numerous advantages, thanks to which they are given every year by an increasing number of consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Microfiber bed linen has different colors, so that even the most demanding customer will be able to purchase linen in accordance with their preferences. In addition, the following advantages are inherent in such sleeping sets:

  • favorable cost - products from synthetic materials are several times cheaper than from natural raw materials;
  • soft and smooth - microfiber is pleasant to the body due to its silky and smooth texture;
  • good air permeability - microfiber bedding promotes natural air circulation;
  • resistance to deformations - even with long and intensive use, the laundry will not stretch and will not "sit down" during washing;
  • poor crushing - due to this property, bed linen is practically not wrinkled when used; in addition, it can not be ironed after washing;
  • hygroscopicity - thin fibers of the material have a porous structure, due to which the fabric quickly absorbs excess moisture and evaporates it;
  • easy care - any dirt is quickly washed off the microfiber, after wetting the fabric dries quickly;
  • material is very tough to break; in addition, it does not form puffs, pellets and hooks that can instantly spoil the appearance of the sleeping set;
  • color stability - microfiber bedding does not fade and does not fade; it is able to keep bright and saturated colors, despite the numerous washes;
  • an obstacle to the formation and development of pathogenic microorganisms, which often become the cause of various diseases and allergic reactions.

The disadvantages of microfiber are its “fear” of high temperatures, which is why the bed sets cannot be washed in too hot water or dried on various heat sources, for example, a battery, a coil, a heater. When ironing clothes, choose "sparing" modes. Another disadvantage of tissue is its ability to accumulate static electricity. In addition, microfiber accumulates fat over time, because of which it can lose the quality declared by the manufacturer. The service life of microfiber kits ranges from 2 to 5 years.

Selection rules

When choosing a bedding set for the bed, you should abandon the acquisition of too cheap products from unknown brands. The fact is that unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of the cost of products, can use not microfiber, but other synthetic fibers in which there are no pores. As a result, such kits will be devoid of smoothness and softness, which are inherent in microfiber. As well as in the production of low-quality textiles can be used toxic dyes. It should be noted that the manufacture of high quality microfiber bedding sets in artisanal conditions is impossible. Having bought cheap products of unknown production, the consumer risks to face a number of problems:

  • linen has an unpleasant smell;
  • the kit is dyed unevenly;
  • when washing products molt;
  • linen changed shape when washing in the allowable temperature;
  • the use of a sleeping set causes allergic reactions.

To avoid these effects, you should carefully examine the purchased textiles. Signs of poor quality goods are the following:

  • blurred and fuzzy drawing;
  • uneven line;
  • knocked out threads.

When choosing a product, you should carefully consider the label. It should contain detailed information on the composition of the product, equipment, recommendations for care and washing, as well as information about the manufacturer (contact details: phone numbers, address).


In order for a microfiber sleeping set to serve for more than one year, delighting its owners with its pristine appearance, it is important to properly care for it. To do this, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • products are washed manually or in the drum of a washing machine with a pre-selected "gentle" mode;
  • water temperature should not exceed +40 degrees;
  • it is advisable to abandon the use of conditioners and bleaching agents, because these compounds are able to "clog" the pores of the material;
  • the kit must be dried in a natural way, hanging out indoors or outdoors;
  • products can be ironed at a minimum temperature.

At observance of the above-stated recommendations the linen will keep the initial consumer qualities throughout 5 years.

Customer Reviews

Many people buy microfiber bedding sets for home or garden. According to most buyers, such underwear has bright and “cheerful” colors and affordable price. According to consumer feedback, microfiber sleeping sets differ in the following properties:

  • reliable and durable;
  • do not crumple and fade;
  • well ventilated;
  • dry quickly;
  • promote quality and healthy sleep in both adults and children.

    Some buyers leave negative reviews about microfibre. According to them, the sets of this fabric shrink when washed, fade, fade in the sun, poorly absorb the formed moisture and almost do not let the air through. Such responses are left by people who have purchased substandard goods,produced by artisanal method. Factory microfiber shows the best consumer qualities. To avoid fakes, you need to purchase kits from well-known brands in stores with a good reputation. The following factories are considered reliable manufacturers of microfiber linen:

    • domestic company "Morfei";
    • Turkish firms Dophia and Casabel;
    • Valtery made in China.

    According to consumers, microfiber underwear is not inferior in its characteristics to products made from natural materials. Therefore, do not chase for cheap. Miserly always pays twice, do not forget about it.

    You can learn more about microfiber bedding from the video.

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