Tips for choosing natural silk bedding

The modern textile market presents a huge assortment of natural silk bedding sets that can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Silk Features

To make the right choice, the buyer should pay attention to some properties of the material. The first is the density of the silk from which the bedclothes are made. It is defined in the value of Mommi, in this value the weight of the web per 1 square meter is measured. The larger the Mommi, the higher the quality of the fabric and, consequently, the more durable the bedding from it (16-20 is considered optimal in terms of price and quality characteristics).

We note the main advantages.

  • One of the main advantages is hypoallergenic.Such underwear is suitable for children, people with sensitive skin and even suffering from asthma, since it is impossible for it to reproduce dust mites and other microorganisms.
  • Natural silk underwear sets are characterized by high thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity. In winter, it warms quickly, and in summer, on the contrary, it gives coolness. Silk fibers absorb moisture and dry quickly, this property is especially important in the heat.
  • Bed linen can be a luxurious interior decoration. Brilliant silk drape beautifully, it is soft and gentle, with proper care, the drawing on it does not tarnish. Natural canvas is practical - it is a durable, elastic material that does not shrink and does not stretch.
  • An important feature of silk bedding is the ability to provide a therapeutic effect on the human body. Silk is able to improve the quality of sleep, strengthen the immune system, positively affect the metabolism and nervous system. Sleeping on such a pillowcase is favorable for any woman, because the contact of the skin with a smooth fabric reduces the appearance of mimic wrinkles.
  • Bed linen made of 100% silk is not electrified, in contrast to sets made of cheaper artificial material.

It should be noted one more feature of things from natural silk - very high price.

Bed textiles from one hundred percent silk material costs about five times more expensive than cotton and is a luxury item, which speaks of the exquisite taste of its owner.

Kinds of fabrics for bed sets

There are several types of silk fabric, differing in the way weave threads:

  • the atlas is a rather heavy double-sided and dense fabric;
  • duchess - canvas with satin weave;
  • Jacquard is a fabric with embossed patterns;
  • Poplin - silk material with plain weave.

In addition, the quality of the web is influenced by the origin of the raw material, that is, the “breed” of the silkworm, the larvae of which produce the yarn.

The diet of these larvae is also very important. Depending on the above factors, the following types of silk are distinguished:

  • Mulberry is produced by the domesticated Mori silkworm, the most expensive material is obtained from the cocoons of its larvae;
  • tussar is obtained from cocoons of a wild insect, it is much cheaper and of lower quality;
  • Erie strands are obtained by twisting fibers from several cocoons at once;
  • Muga is made from the fibers of the Assam silkworm and is distinguished by subtlety, enhanced strength, and special color.


Making your choice in favor of sets of natural silk, you should pay attention to the rules of care. This material requires strict adherence to all recommendations regarding washing, drying and ironing.

For clothes suitable hand wash delicate soaking at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. In this case, undesirable reinforced mechanical effects, spinning during twisting. Recommended soaking is 15 minutes. For washing it is better to choose soap or liquid detergent that is completely soluble in water.

It is important to note the inadmissibility of the use of any bleach. Rinse water needs to be changed several times to make sure that there is no detergent left at all.

    To preserve the appearance, to dry the bed linen should be away from heating devices and in a dark place, avoiding direct sunlight.The ironing is done in the “silk” mode from the inside and in a slightly damp state. Store laundry in a ventilated area in linen or paper bags. Silk bed is demanding to care, but if you follow all the rules, it will last a long time and give you a lot of pleasant impressions.

    A natural silk bedding set is an excellent choice. for an expensive, even elite gift, for example, for a wedding, for an anniversary, also suitable for another special occasion. Such a gift will be appreciated and will not go unnoticed. The most demanding customers leave only positive feedback.

    See the following video for tips on choosing bedding.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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