Bed linen from poplin: properties, composition and rating of manufacturers of fabric

Not only the appearance of a person and his mood, but also his health depend on good sleep. Therefore, you need to choose bedding with all responsibility. This applies not only to pillows and blankets, but also bed linen. It depends on the material of this product how comfortable and pleasant it will be to sleep on it. For example, one of the most popular varieties today is bedding made from poplin.

The composition and characteristics of the fabric

Previously, the material was made exclusively from real silk threads, but Modern technologies allow fabric making from various raw materials.

  • Cotton. As soon as they began to produce poplin from cotton, the price of the product dropped significantly, but this had practically no effect on quality. When choosing bed linen made from cotton poplin, it is better to give preference to Indian products.In addition, Turkey, China, Indonesia and Pakistan are also strong competitors in this regard.
  • Cotton and synthetics. Another name - polyplin. Beautiful and affordable material, however, in quality, of course, is significantly inferior to 100 percent cotton: it is easily electrified, forms pellets, paints fade quickly.
  • Natural silk and natural wool. This is an expensive and very high quality raw material. The linen made of this material carries the status of the elite.

    In the textile industry, poplin is woven using a plain method. A distinctive scar is created by weaving more dense transverse fibers into thin vertical threads. The product is bleached or dyed, while the production uses components that fully comply with environmental requirements. In this regard, the canvas is hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for children's beds.

    You will learn more about the properties of the fabric by watching the following video.

    Pros and cons of the material

    Nowadays, bedding made of poplin is very popular. Buyers purchase these products, even despite the rather high cost of the product. This is due to the number of benefits of the fabric.

    • Poplin is a very pleasant to the touch material, soft and smooth, it is comfortable and comfortable to sleep on it. In addition, high density is characteristic of linen from poplin, which allows it not to lose shape, and therefore the bed will look equally fresh before and after sleep.
    • A feature of poplin is resistance to several dozen washes. Even if the laundry is washed in the machine about 200 times, the appearance of the material will not change. This suggests wear resistance and durability of the fabric.
    • During sleep, bedding from poplin provides the body's natural thermoregulation. In addition, the linen perfectly absorbs moisture, which is especially important when choosing a product in a crib. In winter, under a veil of poplin is not cold, and in summer - not hot.
    • It has already been mentioned above that chemical dyes are not used in production, and therefore poplin is absolutely safe for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
    • This is a very beautiful material with a light unobtrusive shine, giving the interior a special refinement. In addition, poplin does not have special requirements for care.

    Before you buy bedding from poplin, you should also familiarize yourself with some of the shortcomings of this product:

    • if there is wool in the composition, the fabric may shrink;
    • a synthetic product can shed heavily, and its colors quickly fade.

        In general, the disadvantages of poplin linen are characteristic only of fake linen. The process of making this fabric is almost jewelry. For high-quality interlacing of threads, special craftsmanship is required, and if the production technology is not followed, then a low-quality fabric is obtained, which has the above-listed drawbacks. To avoid this, you should buy products only from trusted manufacturers.

        Kinds of Kits

        Choosing bedding from poplin in the textile department, the buyer should pay special attention to the size of the product. It is important that it fits the bed and bedding.

        For example, you should buy a sheet with parameters 20 cm more than a mattress, so that there is no difficulty in making the bed.

        In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth knowing that bed linen is divided into several sizes.

        • 1,5-bedroom set. Suitable for a single bed, cot or chair. It consists of sheets, duvet cover and two pillowcases. It is convenient to take such laundry with you for spending the night outdoors, to use if one of the guests stayed overnight. This bed is suitable for a children's bed.
        • Double. It consists of sheets, 2-4 pillowcases and a duvet cover. This kit is designed for wide beds, it is convenient to use it and on sliding sofas.
        • Family. The set includes two duvet covers, 2-4 pillowcases and a bed sheet.
        • Euro. Relatively speaking, this is the size for a triple bed. You should know that for the Russian standard bedding this kit is hardly suitable. If you can still find suitable pillowcases, and you can fill the excess sheets under the mattress, then a standard blanket inserted in a huge blanket cover at night will deliver only inconvenience.

          Bed linen can be classified according to the design offered by modern manufacturers.

          • Monophonic. Brilliant poplinen underwear of burgundy or orange colors will look very nice, but still, manufacturers often offer products in pastel shades. Pink or peach sets look very tender. A certain zest is introduced into the interior of poplin linen, which has pillowcases and a duvet cover of different colors, but they are made in the same tone.
          • With patterns. There is no limit to the imagination of manufacturers.The material allows you to apply amazing mysterious images. And this is not only a standard painting, but also fantastic images, fancy abstractions, figures of irregular shapes. Basically, pastel colors are also offered, but if you wish, you can also find a set of saturated colors.
          • 3D effect. It is a bright expressive volumetric pattern. The effect is created by a special interweaving of the threads. Very beautiful, impressive option.
          • Baby. For children, kits with the image of fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters, modern toys are offered. Lingerie can be chosen for boys and girls, for kids and teenagers. Kits for newborns are sold separately.

          Rating of bed linen manufacturers

          As a rule, the domestic buyer usually makes a choice in favor of the goods of Russian origin. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, check out the rating of the most popular domestic manufacturers of bed linen.

          • "Art Design". Manufacturer from Ivanovo. The largest company that offers a wide range of textile products. It is famous for its quality and reliability.It has its own design studio, which makes the products very affordable. In the shops you can find designer underwear.
          • "Vasilisa". Another popular factory that offers a wide variety of kits with individual designs at an affordable cost. The advantage of products of this company is durability and stability before washing.
          • Cotton Paradise. This Cheboksary company uses high-quality German dyes for production, thanks to which the product retains its bright and fresh colors, even despite repeated washing in a typewriter.
          • BegAl. A distinctive feature of the paintings of this company - the lack of seams in the center. For convenience, the duvet cover is equipped with a zipper. The company combines domestic quality and Italian design, and therefore BegAl products are somewhat more expensive.

          How to care for textiles?

          If the purchased bed linen is poplin, and not fake, then it does not need special care. The advantage of this material is the absence of the need for ironing, the fabric and independently independently resumes the form.

          If the quality of the linen is not confirmed by anything, then it is worth to make sure and follow some simple rules of care.

          • Wash the product is recommended at a temperature not higher than 60 degrees.
          • Increase the temperature to 90 degrees is allowed in case you need to remove difficult-to-remove stains.
          • When hand washing clothes need to rinse several times, and in the machine to wash mode with an additional rinse.
          • It is better to abandon soaking linen. It is not recommended to boil it.
          • To dry the canvas should be in a ventilated room, where direct sunlight does not fall, after turning out all the products on the wrong side.
          • During ironing, it is better to put the iron in the "Cotton" mode.

          Customer Reviews

                As a rule, consumers speak very well of bedding made of poplin. Its softness and smoothness is noted, it is very pleasant to sleep on this fabric. Linen serves for several years, but the colors are not erased, the pellets are not formed. Negative reviews are left by buyers who purchased linen from polyplin. In this case, the product has lost luster after the first few washes, it is quickly wrinkled and not smoothed. In general, according to buyers, poplin is a great alternative to more expensive fabrics such as satin, jacquard or silk.

                Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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