Bed linen from sateen: range and features of the choice

Coming home after a hard working day, I want to fall into a soft bed and forget about everything. For a healthy sound sleep is of great importance to the quality of bed linen. Today, manufacturers offer us a lot of options. They differ in price, strength, durability and many other parameters. One option is bedding from satin. We will talk about its advantages, disadvantages and features in this article.

Product description

Imagine a perfectly smooth surface with glossy shine and beautiful patterns. This will be satin. Unlike natural silk, it is not so slippery and cold.

It got its name thanks to a special weaving. If we compare the back and the front side, they have significant differences. The latter is very smooth and even, while the reverse side has a clear weave pattern.This is due to the fact that the warp threads are intertwined unevenly. On the outside they form a flat surface and it seems that they all lie in the same direction. This creates a special brilliance.

As for the composition, for the production of sateen are traditionally used fibers such as cotton, silk, bamboo or synthetics in different proportions. And although synthetic and is part of, but its percentage is small. Natural fabrics are called sateen. Because of this, they have excellent properties. Their cost will be appropriate. But high-quality satin underwear costs such costs, because it will serve you much longer than a regular set of coarse calico.


Like other sets, satin linen can be classified according to several basic features: size, composition, decor, additional functions.

To size

Single sets - the most modest size, which is suitable for cots. The package includes a pillowcase, bed sheet and duvet cover. Standard sizes: duvet cover - 135 * 200 cm, pillowcase (note that only one is included in the package) - 50 * 70 cm, bed sheet - 110 * 200 cm.

Half and full sets differ from the previous ones in their large size and the presence of an extra pillowcase.Not all kits have this option, so look for the exact list of items on the package. In the English version, the inscription will read “single” or “1 bad”. As for the size of the grid, the 1.5-bedroom duvet cover has a size of 150 * 220 cm, the same size will be the sheets. Both pillowcases have an identical size of 70 * 70 cm.

Double sets are designed for large beds, although their size is more modest than that of the "euro". Therefore, when choosing, measure the parameters of your bed. This will allow you to choose the right size. The kit includes one duvet cover (180 * 220 cm), one sheet (200 * 220) and a pair of pillowcases (70 * 70 cm).

"Euro" is the most popular size of the PBC today, since most modern beds have a high mattress. The size of the sheet at 240 * 220 cm makes it easy to fill it and not be afraid that it crumples during sleep. Large size is different and duvet cover - 200 * 220. A blanket of the appropriate size is more than enough for a married couple. In this case, you do not have to drag it over, as the size allows you to comfortably sit under it for two adults. Pillowcases have a non-standard size - 50 * 70 cm.

If you are used to sleeping under a separate blanket, then the family set is for you.It includes two duvet covers with parameters 150 * 220. Sheet one (150 * 220 cm), but pillowcases, as expected, 2 pieces (70 * 70 cm).


Satin sets can be of several types depending on the fabric from which they are made.

Satin-satin combines all the advantages of silk and cotton. The fact is that the wrong side of matter has a cotton composition. This makes it pleasant to the body and reduces the risk of slipping. The elegant front side is distinguished by beauty and brilliance, as it is made of silk.

There is also a mixed satin. On the one hand, the addition of polyester to the fabric reduces its environmental friendliness. But this gives the material greater durability. The main advantage of such linen is low (in comparison with natural sateen) cost.

Satin satin
Mixed Satin

Microsateen is often called the material of the new generation. He does not roll, the drawings on him do not shed and he is pleasant to the body. This is due to the addition of polyester. The fabric lends itself well to coloring, which allows manufacturers to make not just bright prints on it, but 3D images.

Satin-jacquard can have both cotton and mixed base.Distinguishes its three-dimensional pattern, which is formed by a special interweaving of threads. For this we use looms designed to produce only this type of fabric.

Satin jacquard

Additional features

Manufacturers of bed linen are trying to make their sets not only high-quality, but also convenient to operate. Therefore, when choosing bed linen, pay attention to the following details.

  • Lightning. Remember how much trouble brings a slot for a blanket. Feet periodically fall into it (even buttons do not save), the blanket itself tries to slip through it. Lightning solves all these problems. The blanket will be convenient to remove when it will be necessary to wash the kit.
  • Elastic. The sheet on an elastic band reliably fixes it on a mattress. If you have a restless sleep, then you may have noticed many times before morning the folds form on the sheet or it is completely crumpled and straightened from all sides. Eraser will not allow sheets slip or crumpled.
  • Cover. Some kits are additionally equipped with a bedcover. This is very convenient, since the unity of the set is created.Even if you put pillows on top of the bedspread, they will create a single ensemble.


Monophonic set - universal option. To make it fit perfectly into the interior, look at the colors in which the room is made. But you can purchase a set of bright contrasting color. This will create an additional color accent. At the same time, the room itself will noticeably change.

The combination of two shades on linen can be either a contrasting character or be of the same color range. Which version of the two-color CPB will suit your interior depends on the palette in which it is executed, as well as on your personal preferences.

Popular now and printed pattern. There are two ways to apply it. The first is reactive. Coloring pigment completely penetrates all fibers. This ensures the wear resistance of the pattern. It can be easily washed in a washing machine. In the second method - printed, the pattern will decorate only the front side. It is logical to assume that shedding, and losing its original beauty such a canvas will be faster.

New technologies allow the manufacturer to make real masterpieces,such as drawing 3D. The choice of drawings and ornaments here is unlimited. Any image can be transferred to the fabric. The so-called photo drawings look very interesting. They convey floral compositions, illustrations of animals and wildlife in all their glory. The children really like funny cartoon characters and cute puppies and kittens.

Strap-satin translated from English means "strip". The threads in different areas (bands) have different directions. Due to this, an interesting fabric decor is created.

Despite the abundance of drawing techniques, embroidery is still popular and relevant. Its use in decorating the bed set gives the product chic and respectability. It should be noted that the cost of such a canvas is much higher (often in this version there are sets of quality Lux).

It should be said about such a special material as the header. When you first look at it, you will immediately understand its main feature. The canvas looks as if rumpled. At the same time its aesthetics is not lost.


Satin underwear is loved for its excellent performance and beauty.

Satin sets will be enough to fix after the night, and they will again look like they have just ironed. If, after washing, carefully hang them, then it will be possible to avoid the tedious ironing.

Satin has a nice shine. It is not as rich as silk, but it also slips much less. The smoothness of the surface looks very aesthetic and beautiful. Due to the special technology of weaving and the use of natural fibers, satin linen can withstand up to 200 washes. This is a solid indicator.

For kids and adults who have a tendency to allergic reactions, the indicator of hypoallergenicity is very important. In these cases, it is unacceptable to use synthetic fabrics. Even if it is quite hot at night, you should not worry. After all, underwear well absorbs moisture, eliminating the body from unpleasant sensations.

Trying to surround yourself with things that are safe for health, special attention should be paid to bed linen. After all, sleep takes us about 8 hours a day. Give preference to proven manufacturers, as even natural fiber can be dyed with improper quality dyes.Firms that value their name will not allow this in their own production.

Breathability of linen is a very important factor. In addition to good heat-saving properties, it should pass air well. This provides the necessary air circulation during sleep.


Satin underwear has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. But there are not so many of them, and many of them are conditional.

  1. High price. Quality satin bedding can not be cheap. Therefore, no matter what the sellers promise you, stick to a rational point of view in this matter.
  2. Exposure to fading when dried in the sun. Of course, in the conditions of the city it is difficult to imagine that someone is drying laundry on the street. But there are balconies, which often serve as a place for drying wet clothes and linen. Therefore, a warning about this feature of sateen is not at all superfluous.
  3. Excessive smoothness. If the manufacturer has not taken care to make the inner side of the duvet cover more rough, then the blanket can slide off and the sheet can be straightened and crumpled.

Selection rules

In order to evaluate the quality of satin bed linen in the store, pay attention to the following points.

  1. The thread density is at least 100 per square centimeter of linen.
  2. Carefully inspect the entire surface of the laundry. It should not have any clues. If the fabric is of sufficient quality, then they will not appear during the operation.
  3. Take one layer of fabric and look through it to the light. Its density should be sufficiently high, there can be no talk of any transparency. Looking through the fabric into the light, the silhouettes of objects should not even be guessed.

Customer Reviews

      Satin bedding reviews are mostly positive. Users like the brightness of shades, and the smoothness of this material. Moreover, more and more people are ordering it through specialized websites, since the assortment in them is much larger.

      Good recommendations have such manufacturers as Blakit, Tac, "Vasilisa". Appreciated by users of the quality of luxury bed linen from Turkey, but the Chinese manufacturers do not inspire confidence in our fellow citizens.

      You will see the review of satin bed linen in the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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