Jacquard bedding: features and tips for choosing

 Jacquard bedding: features and tips for choosing

Jacquard fabrics are far from new to the world of home textiles. They are very beautiful and pleasant to the touch, and thanks to a special manufacturing technology they tend to "flow" in sunlight. In this article, we consider the types, pros and cons of such a fabric, as well as recommendations for choosing and caring for the material.

Characteristics and composition of the fabric

Bed linen made of jacquard fabrics has good functionality and durability. At first impression, you can note:

  • dense texture;
  • pleasant sensations when touching;
  • quality manufacturing.

Externally, jacquard fabric is akin to tapestries, it always looks aesthetically pleasing. Such materials cost a lot of money and belong to the category of elite. A euro family linen set can cost a thousand dollars, and even more.

Jacquard fabric appeared at the dawn of the XIX century due to the invention of the brilliant textile worker M. M. Jacquard, who made an incredible discovery. The master invented a complex loom, which makes it possible to reproduce any pattern or pattern on the fabric, while leaving the material dense and textured, similar to a tapestry. Napoleon Bonaparte appreciated the new invention, contributed to the formation and development of Jacquard's weaving business.

Two hundred years have passed, modern weaving machines operate on the same principle that Jacquard invented. He came up with an algorithm for the dense connection of threads in complexity is not inferior to the computer algorithm. Innovation, invented during the Great French Revolution, allows you to create fabrics in which there are a number of unique qualities. Especially well manages to create combinations of different threads, for example, such as:

  • silks;
  • cotton;
  • bamboo;
  • PVC yarn.

Jacquard is, first of all, technology, therefore it is not recommended to confuse the structure of the fabric and the method of its manufacture. This fact is the reason why such fabrics have such a wide range.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any material, jacquard fabrics have both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of the material:

  • has a very nice texture;
  • does not accumulate static electricity;
  • absorbs moisture well;
  • has a decent thermal conductivity;
  • well washed;
  • does not require much time for drying.

The lack of jacquard is the price. It “pays off” with wear resistance; a thing made of this material can last several times longer. However, it is worth remembering that the durability of the kit will depend entirely on its care, this fabric is capricious. In addition, pure jacquard is not as common, it is mainly combined with other fabrics. If there is a jacquard lingerie on the marketplace, which is suspiciously low, then it says about three things:

  • it's a fake;
  • it is a thing of the second or even third grade;
  • The product is completely made of PVC threads.

That is why when purchasing, be sure to check the labels and the availability of certificates.


Jacquard fabrics are differentiated by type, much depends on the structure of the fibers that they use. One of the most popular fabrics of this class, satin jacquard, has natural cotton in its structure. Cotton has excellent thermal conductivity, pleasant to the touch, sleeping on such clothes - it means a full, comfortable rest.

Externally, satin jacquard is very similar to silk, however, its cost is much lower. In many technical parameters both these fabrics are similar, Jacquard also does not shrink, does not fade, is pleasant to the touch. The main drawback of the material can be called too high a price. Also, not all buyers are satisfied with the texture of the fabric, which seems too smooth and soft. Also, bamboo jacquard linen is in great demand. The bamboo plant grows in tropical latitudes and has a mass of useful qualities:

  • has antiseptic properties;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • contains beneficial amino acids.

Linen bamboo jacquard is satin, "flowing", looks very aesthetically pleasing.Softness is not inferior to the best varieties of cashmere. Such products, as a rule, have the following fastenings:

  • buttons;
  • lightning;
  • special loops in which there are laces.

Silk jacquard is in the greatest demand; it has long been a symbol of sophistication and luxury. This fabric has a unique coefficient of thermal conductivity, in the hot season, it "keeps" cool in itself. In winter, sheets made from this material should not be used. The benefits of using silk jacquard:

  • long service life;
  • perfectly absorbs moisture;
  • does not provoke allergic reactions;
  • possesses hygienic qualities.

Lingerie also has preventive properties, it is useful to use it for people suffering from:

  • heart disease;
  • arthritis;
  • skin diseases;
  • rheumatism.

Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that some companies do not bother themselves with the observance of technology, and process raw materials with chemicals that can harm health. It is worth acquiring things from well-known manufacturers who, with their brand, confirm the quality and environmental friendliness of products. Such things will be quite expensive, but this will be an indicator of the quality and authenticity of the goods.

Bed linen fabric embroidered tencel Jacquard is highly environmentally friendly, it contains eucalyptus fibers. It has the following properties:

  • strength;
  • softness;
  • smoothness of texture;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • no toxicity;
  • good moisture absorption;
  • crumple.

The appearance of this tissue is closely connected with the achievements of technologies of the 21st century. Fabric has unique properties to adapt to the temperature regimes of the surrounding reality. Also tencel jacquard is able to provide full air exchange, it is easily erased. The fabric is based on eucalyptus fibers, so its cost is very high. In the process of long-term use, the material can be drawn out, which, of course, is its minus.

Another type of jacquard fabric is percale. For the production of this type of material used natural cotton, which has a good density. Differs fabric extraordinary ease. Its structure contains ultrafine threads. The advantages include:

  • strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • the possibility of additional decor;
  • easy washing and quick drying.

The fabric does not tolerate chlorine compounds, also it is not recommended to be washed in a washing machine. The highest quality percals are made in Portugal and Italy. The material looks aesthetically pleasing, it is ideal for decorating a variety of interiors.

Design options

The most popular bedding from the Jacquard family is white linen. These products do not go out of fashion for several centuries. The secret is simple: white color harmonizes perfectly with almost any interior from classic to hi-tech.

For eclectic lovers, homogeneous jacquard fabrics of warm summer and spring colors are very often suitable. For those who cannot imagine their life without romance, we can recommend the material of cool violet and lilac colors, and it will be interesting to look at pale pink fabric. Jacquard's signature style is a beautiful pattern that looks original and aesthetically pleasing. This pattern is well suited for a classic style.

It should be noted, and the ability of the material to change color depending on the intensity of illumination. Silk fibers are present in the fabric structure, and this causes a change in color.By light ebb, you can determine the amount of viscose in the fabric (if it is there). Jacquard will be a wonderful purchase for well-lit apartments, for example, those with French glazing.

In recent years, linen is in great demand, which has two textures. On the one hand, there can be a color pattern, on the other hand, satin or coarse. Often, companies go to different tricks, using two main tones, one of which forms a deep background, and the other can only emphasize the very structure of the drawing or pattern.

Bed linen from jacquard with lace will look good both in the nursery and in the bedroom for parents. Monochromatic lace is usually used, which emphasizes the comfort and aesthetics of the room. Lace lingerie is also ideal for a romantic and glamorous interior space. This type of laundry primarily focuses on the aesthetic preferences of homeowners, their ability to appreciate the beautiful.

Real expensive linen always looks monotonous, restrained and elegant.

How to choose?

Choosing underwear, you need to consider that the fabric should not let the sun rays or any other light.Its texture is a flat cloth, without any knots or torn threads. All lines should be perfectly flat, and fit snugly to each other. Also can not be in the natural fabrics of the threads, which differ from one another. If you find such a defect, then this may be the first sign that the fabric is a fake.

A set of linen must be selected according to the size of the blanket. Sheets are best to take with a margin, too small will not hold well. In addition, jacquard with silk or satin slippery, and this is another reason to buy larger clothes. It is much more convenient to fill in extra material than to sleep on a bare mattress at night. It is best to buy such fabrics in the company store, there are more guarantees that there will be no cheating. When caring for the laundry, you just need to follow all the recommendations that are on the label.

Care rules

Jacquard can always be distinguished by a relief pattern. Each piece of jacquard fabric has a memo, which lists the modes of washing and care. Depending on the type of material (mix, natural fabrics, synthetics) there is a different care for him.Wash Jacquard in the machine is permissible only in warm water not more than 35 degrees. You can use standard powders. To iron such a scandal is necessary only from the inside. Do not dry clothes in direct sunlight, with the exception of silk products.

It is important to remember that jacquard fabrics do not tolerate chlorine compounds, it is also not recommended to clean them with alcohol-containing agents.

Fresh stains on the fabric must be removed immediately, without shelving. Wipe off dirt better with a sponge soaked in soapy water. Things from Jacquard can not be squeezed or twisted. When washing clothes in a typewriter, it is imperative to turn off the Spin option. When ironing, the temperature on the iron should be moderate.


Reviews of Jacquard fabrics are the most positive. Materials from Turkey showed themselves to be especially good; they present the perfect combination of price and quality. Prices for goods of European and American manufacturers are two to three times higher. Jacquard fabrics of domestic manufacturers are also gradually gaining lost ground, starting to use increased demand.

Buyers note the durability of the material, its unique properties. Many people like the fact that Jacquard keeps cool well, it is pleasant to sleep in summer in such underwear. In addition, the fabric itself looks very decent.

The lack of jacquard is a high price, besides, now there are a lot of fakes. Choosing a real, quality product is difficult, and this forces some people to abandon their purchase. Another disadvantage - special care, which can create difficulties. In a house where there are small children or sloppy animals, it is better to refuse such linen.

How to choose linen from Jacquard, look in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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