How to fold bedding?

 How to fold bedding?

The order on the shelves in the closet with bedding is no less pleasing to the eye than the neatly decorated interior of the apartment. However, due to household chores, every housewife has enough time and effort to lay out bedding on the shelves. And once, when you open the cabinet door, you realize that such a mess is no longer good, you need to start sorting and arranging things. The article will explain how to carefully fold the bedding.


For starters, get rid of unnecessary, old, long-forgotten and unused things on the shelves. They litter the space of cabinets and dressers. In search of the right set of clothes you have to rummage through a lot of things.There is not always time and desire to put everything in its place. As a result, after a couple of weeks, the order in the closet gives way to complete chaos, which is annoying.

It is worth taking care of the condition of the duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets. Ironed things are more convenient to fold, besides, they become much smaller in volume, they can be placed more compactly. Therefore, one of the main cleaning points in the closet is the ironing of bed sets. Many housewives use the steam function when ironing clothes. So it is better to remove the folds. And if you add 1-2 drops of fragrant oil to the water, the bedding will not only be smooth and neat, but also literally begin to smell sweet. So that things do not have folds, they should be shaken and straightened well on the surface of the ironing board before ironing.

To decompose the sets conveniently, it is desirable to sort them. Indeed, in the cold season and in the summer, most people use different bedding. If it is winter outside, you will need sets of more dense fabric. They should be put closer, while light summer underwear can be removed deep into the shelves.During the warm season, bed linen is sorted in the opposite way, as light and breathing pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets will be used.

ConMari Method

Japanese ConMari to help housewives has developed almost a whole system for laying things in wardrobes or dressers. Her method is very popular lately, many consider it the most effective and convenient. The basic principles of this method of properly packing things are the following simple rules.

  • We must strive to ensure that each thing takes up as little space as possible. To do this, you need to improve the ability to gently fold the laundry.
  • Any thing should be placed so that when it is extracted, the general order is not disturbed.
  • Every thing in the closet should be accessible to the eyes.

    The author of the method also strongly advises housewives not to stretch the cleaning in the closet. Do not do it in several stages. It is best to allocate enough time and clean up the shelves at once. The second valuable advice is to recommend cleaning alone. Conversations or disputes with households only distract and take time.And at the stage of sorting things and getting rid of all unnecessary differences may arise or a real scandal.

    Here's how step-by-step offers KonMari to act when restoring order in the closet.

    • Cleaning begins with the release of the shelves of the cabinet. At the same time, old unwanted things are selected that should be thrown away.
    • The remaining kits must be disassembled into separate categories. KonMari recommends storing pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets in different stacks.
    • Neatly folded things are stacked on the shelves in accordance with the basic rules: every thing is visible, removing items from the closet should not touch the adjacent stacks of laundry.

    Packing method

    Another trick for convenient storage of linen. It lies in the fact that the whole set is neatly stacked in a pillowcase. After ironing, it is necessary to fold the duvet cover and bed sheet in a compact manner, as well as the second pillowcase, if it is included. All things are placed in the "packaging". The edges of the pillowcase-packing neatly tucked, and the whole stack is placed on the shelf. This method is also convenient because the kit is always assembled.There is no need to look for individual items, revising and sorting out different stacks of linen on the shelves.


    Stacked folded set can be tied with a ribbon. This is both convenient and beautiful. Lay the ironed duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases on top of each other. For bandaging, you can use decorative ribbons or simple ropes. In any case, the kit will be assembled. It will be convenient to remove their closet to make the bed.


    The essence of the method lies in the fact that folded or folded linen is stored on the shelves in a position that is not quite familiar to us. It does not fit horizontally, but is placed like books in a vertical plane. Visually, it looks unusual. However, the extraction of linen from such a vertical row is much more convenient.

    Baskets and containers

    If the cabinet dimensions allow, you can store each set of clothes in a separate basket or a small container. The appearance of the shelves becomes orderly, and removing the laundry is much more convenient. The process of removing the desired bedding does not disturb the neighboring things and does not cause confusion in the closet.

    On an elastic band

    Often in the complete set of bed linen there is a sheet with elastic. Initially, such textiles were popular in the west, and our housewives took them into service relatively recently. It is worth touching on the question of how to fold a large sheet with an elastic:

    • spread out the sheet and stretch it over the entire length, flatten the corners;
    • connect the top corner with the bottom located on the same side of the sheet;
    • The next corner you need to put under those two that you have connected before that;
    • the fourth corner needs to be tucked under all three angles, a rectangle should turn out in this way
    • The folded sheet can be rolled up and tied with a tape or elastic.

    Where to store?

    It should be noted that at the moment the case and a dresser are far not the only places for storage of bed sets. In the linen tightly packed on the shelves, a mole can often start and spoil things. In recent years, special cases have become very popular among housewives. They come in different sizes, they can be suspended or for horizontal storage.

    Another convenient innovation is vacuum bags.In this way, you can save space, as things in such a package become much more compact. They conveniently store spare kits for guests or things that will not be used in the near future. Packages protect laundry from moth larvae and other negative factors, such as moisture.

    4 ways to fold bedding in the video below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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