Terry bed linen: advantages and disadvantages, subtleties of choice

Terry bedding for many is associated with a fluffy cloud, on which it is very soft and comfortable to sleep. On such underwear to take off good dreams, and the body perfectly relaxes and has a rest. Having bought a set of mahry, a person has only positive feedback about him.


Terry cloth (frote) is a fabric on a natural basis with a long yarn bristle, formed by pulling loops. From the length of the pile depends on the density and degree of terry tissue. The longer the pile, the more fluff the original product. Frote can be single-sided or double-sided nap. Fabric with double-sided mahr is often found in everyday life. Used for sewing towels, bathrobes, pajamas and shoes for rooms. For bed linen characteristic one-sided terry cloth. The base is usually natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • Cotton. Leading the production of textiles for the bed. It has a lot of advantages: it is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, it perfectly absorbs moisture and has a long service life. However, cotton products are quite weighty.
  • Linen. It has all the advantages of cotton, but linen linen is very light.
  • Bamboo. At first glance, it is very difficult to distinguish from cotton. Bamboo terry bed linen is almost weightless, it dries quickly and has an antibacterial effect.
  • Microfiber. Recently it has become very popular. It is easily breathable, does not fade, is easy to clean and does not crumple. But it has disadvantages, microfiber tends to attract dust and does not tolerate high temperatures. Therefore, bedding made of pure microfiber is not produced.

Today, terry bedding is rarely made from one type of fabric. Most often it consists of a mixture of natural and synthetic threads. The use of different types of materials in the production of bed textiles is justified by several reasons. Natural fabrics allow you to wash terry bedding at high temperatures without causing him harm. A synthetic lengthens the life of the product, giving it the necessary qualities and properties.

Fabric from the terry is distinguished by height, density of the structure, as well as torsion of the pile thread. These indicators do not affect the quality of the product, but only change the appearance. Modern manufacturers produce European and classic version of warm sheets. The advantage of the classic version without elastic is the possibility of using sheets as a bedspread or light blanket.

Dimensional mesh terry bed linen is no different from the usual. There are standard sizes of bed linen.

It is necessary to choose a warm option for a children's bed by the individual sizes as the children's dimensional grid is not regulated.

Advantages and disadvantages

Terry textile type can be found in almost any home. Sets with fluffy nap are popular among hostesses for a number of reasons.

  • Durability in comparison with satin or satin sets.
  • Practicality. Mahra has a high wear resistance. The fibers retain their original appearance for a long time.
  • Products are picky in the care. They do not need to iron, which saves time.
  • Have good absorbent properties. This allows you to use terry sheets as large bath towels.
  • Pleasant to the touch and comfortable for the body.
  • Do not cause allergies, as is usually 80% composed of natural fibers.
  • Painted only with natural dyes, which does not affect human health.
  • Universal. Have a large scope of use.
  • Perfectly retain heat. At the same time air is passed.
  • They have a massage effect that allows you to relax and tune in to sound sleep.

Terry bed linen has almost no flaws. There are only a few drawbacks. Such products dry very long.

And with careless use ugly tightening may appear.

How to choose?

Buying terry textiles, pay attention to the data indicated on the product label. It usually indicates the composition and dimensional characteristics. If there is no such information on the label, you should not take such a thing. It is better to buy bedding sets in reliable stores. On the product tag also indicates the density of the pile. From this indicator depends on the service life of the product. The average is 500 g / m². Bed linen should be made of natural material. However, the presence of a small amount of synthetic fibers will only add textiles with good properties, such as strength and elasticity.

Care Tips

Proper care will preserve the functional properties and appearance of the product. Terry bedding perfectly tolerates machine wash. You can wash it by hand, but it is worth remembering that when soaking the bath set will greatly increase its weight. The temperature regime of washing indicated on the product label should be observed. When machine wash you need to set the minimum possible number of revolutions, which will avoid the appearance of puffs lint.

Terry linens can be presoaked if necessary. Cloth of the cloth can not be ironed, it will ruin the structure of the pile. Due to high temperatures, the appearance of the product deteriorates and the useful life is reduced. Terry textiles should be stored in the closet folded.

Storage in plastic bags is prohibited, as the product must "breathe".

User Reviews

Almost all reviews about terry bedding are positive. People say that such kits are very gentle and pleasant. Just take care of them. Under them is not so hot to sleep in the summer. And in winter, these sheets retain heat well. They serve for a long time and keep beautiful appearance.

Terry bedding has become for many a constant attribute of the bedroom. He is advised to friends and acquaintances. Few negative reviews indicate that the body is very itchy from terry kits, so it’s uncomfortable to sleep on them. But these are rather the subjective sensations of certain people than a certain regularity.

You will learn more about terry bedding in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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