Review of Russian, European and non-standard bedding sizes

 Review of Russian, European and non-standard bedding sizes

Bed linen is usually purchased in a set, the size of which is characterized by rigid standardization. To know the size of the kit is as important for the consumer as the type of fabric, its hygienic properties. But different countries and even individual manufacturers introduce a special label, which is not easy to understand.

Russian standard kits for adults

Although in Russia the sizes of bed linen are reduced to GOST, many manufacturers deviate from such a standard, and even from common dimensional nets. The fact is that plants are trying to close all assortment positions.As a result, the difference in comparison with the typical size mesh can be 10 cm down or up. It is also worth noting that 1-bedroom bedding sets have ceased to be issued for quite some time. They proved their lack of practicality. After reviewing the tables characterizing the bedding sets, you can see that pillowcases are most often made in the size of 70x70 cm. But some of them can be 50x50 or 40x60 cm.

Half-bed set includes:

  • duvet cover 145h215;
  • sheet 150x220;
  • pillowcase 70x70 cm

Pillowcases in a two-bedroom format also have a size of 70x70. Double-bed duvet covers - 175x215 cm. Sheets designed for two people - 220x240 cm. In the family form of sets, double-bed sheets and duvet covers of one and a half size bed are used. As for the European standard (which is indicated by Russian manufacturers), they have a size of 220x240 cm.

On a single bed often put a bed and a half bedding sets. Larger ones are not comfortable enough. The “royal” branch of the European standard includes duvet covers and sheets of 220x240 cm. At the same time, such sets include 1 pillowcase 70x70 and 2 pillowcases 50x50 cm.For adolescents, duvet covers should be 145x215 and sheets should be 150x215 cm.

Also, teen couples do not include couples, but single pillowcases with a size of 70x70 m. As for bed linen for newborns, it consists of reduced pillowcases - 40x60 cm. At the same time, the size of the duvet cover is reduced to 115x147. But the format of the sheets varies: there are sizes 100x150 and 120x150 cm. It is stated in GOST that the duvet cover is not used in a single set. Sheet in it should be 203x120, pillowcase - 214x120 cm. For a one-and-a-half format, the following dimensions are provided:

  • 215x143;
  • 215x153;
  • 214x130 cm

Products of the double format that meet the Russian state standard are more diverse. So, the duvet cover in them can have dimensions of 215x163 or 215x175 cm. Sheets vary in size:

  • 214x145;
  • 214x15;
  • 23x15 cm

There are five formats of double pillowcases:

  • 40x40;
  • 60x60;
  • 70x70;
  • 75x75;
  • 80x80 cm

Foreign Requirements

But besides domestic firms, the Russian market has been mastered by foreign companies. Meanwhile, compliance with the size of products in the Russian and foreign textile traditions brings many problems. It is useful to analyze the characteristic average sizes for products manufactured in Europe and China.

Half and half duvet covers are from 140x205 to 180x210 cm.For one and half sheets, this dimension ranges from 160x220 to 180x260 cm. The pillowcase in this kit is 70x70 or 50x70 cm.

Two-bedroom standard sets of European format can include duvet covers from 180x215 to 200x200 cm. For sheets, the variations are 220x220 and 220x240. Pillowcases - the same two dimensions as in the previous example.

The European "standard" includes sheets 200x220 cm, duvet covers from 220x240 to 250x290 cm. At the same time, the pillowcase remains unchanged - 70x70. But there is another group - "Euro Maxi". It includes sheets 220x240 m, the minimum size of duvet covers is 220x240. But the largest dimension varies: there are 270x310, and there are 290x310 cm. Benefit can be extracted from the grid of conventional American names. They are applied to pillowcases, ordinary sheets, duvet covers, sheets with elastic bands, mattresses. In centimeters, the dimensions adopted by the US textile industry are as follows:

  • Babe bed (crib) - 40x60 (pillowcases), 120x170 (classic sheets), 100x120 (duvet covers), 60x120 (sheets with elastic bands), 56x118 (mattresses);
  • Single (Twin) - 51x76 or 65x65 (pillowcases), 183x274 (classic sheets), 145x200 (duvet covers), 90x190 (sheets with elastic bands), 90x190 (mattresses);
  • King - 51x76 or 65x65 (pillowcases), 274x297 or 305x320 (classic sheets), 230x220 or 260x220 (duvet covers), 150x200 or 180x200 (sheets with elastic bands), 150x200 or 180x200 (mattresses);
  • Double (Full) - 51x76 or 65x65 (pillowcases), 229x274 (classic sheets), 200x220 (duvet covers), 140x190 (sheets with elastic bands), 140x190 (mattresses).

In European countries, bedding is produced of at least a size and a half size, the same is sent to Russia. A typical filling of a one-and-a-half kit is a duvet cover, a sheet and a pair of pillowcases. Occasionally, at the discretion of manufacturers, the number of pillowcases can double. Such a set is counted on 1-2 users, on the assumption that a berth in width does not exceed 120-140 cm (hence the maximum dimensions).

If only 1 pillowcase is included in the set, in European countries they put “1-bed” or “Single” on the packaging. In Austria and Germany, linen sets in many cases do not include a sheet. Italian manufacturers generally make duvet covers of small width and normal length. Eurostandard, or Queen, is a close analogue of the Russian and Chinese double size. In almost all EU countries, the sizes of this linen are of the same type, but in Italy they often make sets with a duvet cover of 200x250 and a sheet of 250x290 cm.

The European standard of double linen is designed for mattresses with a minimum width of 160 cm.Duvet covers in the Italian standard have a size of 155x210, sheets are not made in size 230x250. The set includes 4 pillowcases, divided into pairs of 50x70 and 70x70 cm. A little bit wrong in Germany.

German duvet covers have a size of 150x210 cm (5 cm narrower than those made in Italy). But the length and width of the sheets in Germany is 240x260 cm. The size of the duvet covers in Austria is 150x205 cm. At the same time, the sheets have a size of 230x250 m. Turkey produces duvet covers of 150x215 in size, and sheets - 220x240 cm.

The “Euro Maxi” format is adapted for beds with a width of at least 180 cm. Sometimes, on packages, write information according to the formula of the form “90x220 + 30”. Then you can be sure that inside the sheet with elastic. The first figures indicate the value of the place to sleep, and the additional figure characterizes the height of the sides, covering the side of the mattress. If the marking of the pillowcase ends with the symbols “+5” or similar, then the width of the decorating edges is meant.

Parameters of products for children

It is quite difficult to find bedding in a cot for small children. But in the case of teenagers, the situation is somewhat simpler. For them, they are oriented towards one and a half adult sizes, only sometimes with slight differences.Supplied from Turkey and Austria, teenage kits are the largest in size. Practically all adults, except the highest, will be satisfied with such teenage kits.

The children's set is most often called “For newborns,“ Nursery, ”etc. A special feature of such sets is the unique proportion of the length and width of the bed in relation to the dimensions of the sheet. The first indicator is either 60x110, or 60x120, or 65x120 cm. The second is 100x120 or 120x170 cm. The reasons for the difference are simple: taking the free areas of the sheets to the maximum possible distance under the mattress will make it harder for children to push them out.

In some sets may be stoles or soft sides. Their height is indicated after all other quantities. Set No. 1 for children from 0 to 4 years old contains:

  • duvet cover 125x120;
  • sheet 117x110;
  • pillow case 40x40 cm

Set No. 2 GOST contains duvet covers 147x112 and sheets 138x100 cm. In set No. 3, the norm is 147x125 and 159x100 cm, respectively. At the age of 3 to 10 years, the following line is normal:

  • mattress from 75x160 to 90x186;
  • sheet 150x215 or 156x220;
  • duvet covers 140x205, 145x215, 150x200;
  • pillowcases 40x60, 50x70, 70x70 cm

For comparison, at the age of 3-4 years can be used:

  • mattresses 60x120 or 75x130;
  • sheets 120x150, 120x170, 120x180;
  • duvet covers 100x147, 110x140, 115x147, 100x150;
  • pillowcases 35x45, 40x40, 40x60 cm.

How to choose the perfect set?

It is quite difficult to choose bed linen in size. It is recommended to begin with determining the appropriate dimensions of the sheets. The “normal” size implies an orientation on the width of the beds in total with the full height of the mattresses. Additionally, make a correction for 50 mm. As for the excess length and width, they are quite allowed; increasing the size of the canvas, achieve a smooth layout and minimum knock down.

It is easy to determine the appropriate size of the tension sheet: it exactly coincides with the place where it will be put. Only it is necessary to remember that sometimes they add figures indicating the height of the sides. They also show the height of the mattress, compatible with the sheet. Problems when choosing stretchable sheets associated with a high price. But it is fully justified by the ease of use and quality of fastening the canvas.

When choosing duvet covers in size, it is required to take into account the reserve for probable shrinkage. If the linen is made of flax or cotton, not containing additional impurities, we need an additive from 5 to 7 cm.If the fabric is made with a substantial addition of synthetics, the amendment is about 3 cm. It is also required to take into account the greatest error. When it is up to 10 cm, it does not really matter when using laundry. To make it clearer: when the blanket is 130 cm wide, and the blanket cover is 140 cm, there will be no problems. But faced with a difference in excess of 10 cm, people will experience inconvenience.

The last thing to choose pillowcases. In Russia, they always have a size of 70x70, and the format of 50x70 cm is used only as auxiliary parts. In the textile industry of China, the situation is about the same.

The linen made in other states is completed only with pillowcases 50x70. A quality pillowcase is always equipped with either a valve of great depth (up to 20 cm), or buttons, or a zipper. But the problem is that the markings on the packages mention only the size of the fastener or the presence of a valve. The value is not reflected anywhere. It remains to clarify all the information from suppliers and get acquainted with the reviews.

Begin the selection most often with the measurement of beds and sofas tailors' meters. It is not only the greatest convenience of such a technique as compared to the use of roulettes, rulers and similar tools.It is tailors' fixtures that are distinguished by the highest accuracy, they allow to collect measures that are adequate from an anatomical point of view. If the bedding set is chosen for small children, it is necessary to give preference to the unofficial "standard". This includes:

  • sheet 120x150;
  • duvet cover 120x150;
  • pillow case 40x60 cm

The fact that abroad is designated as "king size", can be interpreted as a "three-bedroom" underwear. It should be chosen for beds of the appropriate size. The size of the sheets and pillowcases is matched to the size of the blanket.

A single set can include a sheet of 110x200 and a duvet cover of 135x200 cm. From serial products of foreign firms, preference should be given to sets of the Euro-2 type, which are ideal for Russian and European beds.

It is important to take into account the difference of European and American sizes. In the US, the “king size” is 198x203, and the “queen size” is smaller - 153x203 cm. EU regulations say that the “king size” should be 304 cm in width and 320 cm in length. A "queen size" on the European continent - 297x274 cm.

Non-standard options

Choose a non-standard version of bed linen is necessary not only because of the fact that the bedroom has large beds or sofas. This need also arises:

  • if the sofa or bed is round;
  • decorative pillows are used (this affects the geometry of the bed);
  • beds, sofas or folding chairs have an unusual size.

The values ​​of bed linen that are not listed in the state standard of the Russian Federation can rightly be considered non-standard (because this category includes all European and American products). It is necessary to immediately clarify that foreign-made kits are marked in inches or centimeters. The European approach involves taking into account not only the size of the beds themselves, but also the specific features of orthopedic mattresses. The largest size of the industrial produced - "Euro Maxi". But even in it, the pillowcase remains typical in format (50x70 or 70x70).

The most accurate estimate can be given not by formal size groups, but by dimensions measured in centimeters. The fact is that the policies of individual manufacturers may differ. Sometimes, what is formally labeled as “European standard” (and vice versa) falls into the “Euromax” category.

What is labeled as a one-and-a-half set of linen can actually be close to double according to the GOST description. Only the “family” category of linen is more or less uniform in different countries.

The starting point in determining the size of bed linen North American and European production (as already mentioned, is not covered by the Russian GOST) is the size of the mattress. For it, the following conventions are used (in ascending order):

  • "Twin" - 99x190;
  • "X-Long Twin" - 99x203;
  • “Full” - 137х190;
  • Queen - 152x203;
  • "California King" - 182x213;
  • “King” - 193x203 cm.

How to determine the size of bed linen correctly, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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