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Fashion in the modern world concerns not only clothes, but also everything else. There are even trends in the production of bed linen. Recently, buyers have increased the demand for single-color kits. Monochromaticity - a convenient and profitable solution. After all, it is not necessary to select patterns and patterns for the bedroom, to puzzle over the combination of colors and shades. And so I want everything in the house to look harmonious.

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Bedding, made in the same color, successfully fit into any interior. They can be safely chosen if trends in this area are not clear, or a set of linen is purchased as a gift. The kit, in which the solo plays gray or red, will be successful in any design of the walls and fits most of the colors of furniture fronts.

This is important because even in bed it is important to feel harmony and relaxation.And if something is knocked out of the overall picture, it can not but annoy. It is better to immediately anticipate the excitement on this score and avoid mistakes.

Gray bedding set is not boring and dull. This color has a large variety of shades: steel, silver, smoky. They all look stylish and elegant in different interiors. In addition, they are neutral for perception and are a model of elegance, discreetly soloing against other colors.

If gray seems too simple, you can choose beautiful linen in the set, combining gray with pink, blue with silver, light brown or red with steel.

The red set is an example of sensuality, strength and energy. Presented in scarlet, pomegranate, cherry, coral, burgundy shades. Associated with luxury and love, encourages activity.

It is erroneously considered that it is suitable not for sleeping, but only for love pleasures. It is a relic of long-standing standards imposed by a conservative past, its foundations and symbolism. The color of communism, he remained only for the elderly. The rest consider its fiery beauty a smart option for the decoration of a modern bedroom.

We list the advantages of bed linen of the same color.

  • Elegance. Classic and restraint always look perfect, demonstrating the presence of good taste.
  • Practicality. Does not require selection for bedroom decoration. Not out of fashion.
  • Modernity. Follow the same color in the interior - to keep up with the times.
  • Harmony. Colorful patterns on the wallpaper and textiles can cause discomfort of visual perception. The absence of multi-colored irritants before the eyes has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep and rest.

This color of linen does not distract attention and does not violate the concept of the room. This is a bargain for any age group of people, couples or teenagers.

What is the best material?

Manufacturers of bed linen sets offer an extensive range of fabrics for every taste and budget. But the most practical monophonic underwear made from cotton. It can be an inexpensive cotton set or high-quality calico. Silk is less comfortable for long sleep and not too comfortable for the body in the cool season. And natural cotton is a fabric for all occasions.

Red sets of poplin and percale look spectacular, gray ones are made of satin-jacquard. But among them are rare kits without a picture.

In addition, cotton is more resistant to wear, washing and ironing.

About what material to choose for bedding, you will learn from the video below.

Color spectrum

Dark shades of bed linen longer retain the external beauty. Light - suitable for most interiors and combined with any colors of furniture facades. But there are also variations of the design of the sets, when one color has different shades from different sides of the duvet cover and pillowcases or is sewn in two contrasting colors. Original looks like a color gradient on the bedding set. The transition from dark to light allows you to reveal one color in all its shades at once.

Red and black underwear looks rich and impressive, but requires appropriate brevity in room design. Otherwise, with such a set you can lose the aesthetics of the situation.

Kit sizes

Bed linen is sold in a standard package - pillowcase, bed sheet, duvet cover. But there are family sets with four pillowcases of different sizes (euro and standard) and two separate duvet covers.A 1.5 bed linen with two pillowcases and one duvet cover is suitable for a couple or one person. This is the most popular size, as it is freely placed on a bed 1.4 m wide and a single bed 80-90 cm in width.

In some stores, including those selling through the Internet, they sell bedding separately. This is convenient if the bed has a non-standard size, or you need a large sheet, two euro-heels and a one-and-a-half quilt cover. You can assemble a specific set of their parameters. But to choose the same color will be in this case very problematic. This is where monotonous underwear comes in handy. Even if the shades do not match, it will look stylish and fashionable. A diverse patterns are not in the modern style, beyond taste and harmonious perception.

You can find out the size of bedding products from the information on the label from the package. All responsible manufacturing plants equip it with tags describing the composition of the material and recommendations for care.


Wash bedding often and regularly. Therefore, it is important not only to buy a quality kit, but also to properly care for it.Then he will not lose an attractive appearance for a long time, remaining smooth and soft to the touch.

Color products should be washed at a low temperature with a product intended for colored laundry and conditioner to soften the fabric structure.

It is advisable not to use granulated powder, but to apply a gel that does not leave stains on the fabric. This is especially true for dark underwear saturated colors.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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