Polisatin for bed linen: features of the fabric and a review of the best manufacturers

 Polisatin for bed linen: features of the fabric and a review of the best manufacturers

For the production of modern bed linen used materials with a very different composition. Polysatin products are very popular. Choosing polisatin as bedding material, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the fabric and the review of the best manufacturers.

What it is?

Polisatin is a thin and pleasant to the touch fabric, which includes such components as cotton and polyester. Manufacturers who use polisatin for bed linen, offer a wide range of these products that can become a chic decoration of the bed.Bedding sets of this material have a luxurious look, as they are characterized by bright colors on the most diverse themes.

Polysatin fabric used for the manufacture of bed linen can have a different color scheme with a pattern applied using a special technology. Unforgettable impressions create drawings with a 3D effect, with which you can easily create a certain atmosphere.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bed linen polysatin has its pros and cons. Their quality is confirmed by the relevant certificates, as well as numerous reviews. The advantages of this material are several factors.

  • Long service life. The high level of durability makes bedding of such a fabric durable and practical.
  • Strength. Unique manufacturing techniques provide maximum strength kits.
  • Ease of care. It is well erased in a temperature mode of 40 degrees, dries quickly and does not lose its original qualities.
  • Affordable cost. The linen from this material is considered one of the most budgetary options.
  • Wide range of. Kits are available in a wide variety of colors, among which there are instances for both adults and children.

But there are some drawbacks.

  • Airtight. Polysatin fabric is badly breathable, which can cause sweating of the body.
  • Slippery texture. It resembles silk and may cause a feeling of coolness, which is not very comfortable in the cold season.
  • Tendency to electrify. The material accumulates static electricity, due to which electrification occurs when in contact with human skin.

For people whose skin is unpretentious to synthetic effects, all these shortcomings will not bring any discomfort. It is not recommended to purchase baby bedding made of polysatin, as a child’s bed can only be provided with a bed made of natural material.

Comparison with other materials

Polysatin bedding has individual features in relation to products from other fabrics. To clearly know how bedding sets of this material differ from others, it is necessary to consider all the characteristics of each of them.

  • Satin. Natural cotton fibers are used for their manufacture, which are carefully processed using modern technologies. The fabric has a very dense structure and is very warm to the touch. Bedding sets of satin have a positive effect on the skin, without at all irritating it. A nice silk gloss on the surface of the fabric gives it a special elegance and aesthetics.
  • Poplinovye. Have dense structure and a relief surface. The fabric can be cotton, as well as with the addition of silk, wool or synthetic fibers. Products are characterized by excellent quality, perfectly subject to washing and do not lose their original qualities at all. A feature of this material is resistance to bruising, which allows the sets to always have a presentable appearance.
  • Byazevye. The fabric from which they are made is characterized by dense cross-weaving of threads, which provides it with a rather dense structure. Bedding of coarse calico is environmentally friendly, lightweight and practical. Differs in unpretentiousness in leaving, perfectly gives in to washing, an ironing and at all does not burn out, keeping brightness of drawing throughout a long time.The matte surface and the average level of crushing makes these products widely in demand in the global market. Coarse calico bed sets are absolutely hypoallergenic, as they are 100% cotton.
  • Cotton Cotton bedding sets have a positive effect on the skin. Such fabric promotes natural air circulation, creating maximum comfort during rest. Bedding from this material is characterized by durability and environmental friendliness. The best option for use all year round.
  • Ranforsovye. Made from organic cotton, which makes them as durable and practical as possible. Bedding sets of this material are distinguished by a smooth and soft texture, as well as by a rather dense interlacing of threads. Such products are durable and durable. Their cost is much higher compared to polysatin.
  • Polycotton. Modern bedding sets. The composition of the fabric from which they are made, includes both natural and synthetic fibers. The basis is cotton, which harmoniously complements polyester. Very comfortable and practical.Perfectly erased, almost not crumpled and do not lose their original appearance.

Compared with these materials, poly satin bed sets have many distinctive features that make them widely demanded in the global consumer market.

Overview of the best manufacturers

On the modern market a huge range of polysatin bed linen is presented. We list the best manufacturers of these products.

  • "Bagheera". A company that actively sells poly-satin bedding in Ivanovo, as well as in many other cities. In the assortment there are a variety of sizes and design solutions. Especially popular are kits with a 3D effect, which are characterized by an amazing play of colors, creating the impression of volume. The harmonious combination of high-quality fabric and rich colors allows you to create a truly spectacular and stylish products, creating a cozy atmosphere, inviting to complete rest.
  • VioTex. Manufacturer of high quality polisatinovogo bed linen at the most affordable cost. In the assortment there are various coloristic versions of these products, which harmoniously complement any interior.All ornaments, images and patterns are characterized by bright colors and clear lines. Such kits are able to satisfy even the most fastidious wishes of consumers.
  • Lu Teks. Brand of stylish and beautiful bedding sets, which are presented in a huge range. Particularly noteworthy model with a 3D picture. Their appearance is maximally saturated and realistic due to the use of advanced printing technology in the production process. The design theme is so diverse that everyone has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate copy for themselves, taking into account individual wishes and needs.
  • Avictory. A factory that successfully sells high-quality bedding that fully complies with the necessary technological standards. Products from this brand do not lose their original shape at all, do not fade and perfectly maintain numerous washes. The kits have a characteristic smooth surface and original design, which makes them truly unique.
  • "Ecolan". A company specializing in the production of modern and high-quality bed linen, for the manufacture of which the most beautiful materials and design solutions are used.The quality of these products fully complies with international norms and standards. Such kits do not lose their relevance for many years and are in great demand among consumers.
  • Adele. A well-known manufacturer of polysatin bed linen, which uses the most spectacular and beautiful fabrics for the manufacture of its products. The use of modern technology in the production process is the key to practicality and durability of all products. The texture is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, which makes the kits as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. With such bedding, even the most primitive interior looks more refined and harmonious.
  • Seltex. A company that provides a wide selection of polysatin bed linen with an optimal price-quality ratio. Products are characterized by excellent quality, as well retain their original appearance. The material from which they are made, well gives in to washing, practically is not rumpled and at all does not fade, keeping brightness of color scale.

All of these manufacturers of poly-satin underwear have a good reputation, due to which they occupy high positions in the popularity rating.A well-established production process and the introduction of modern technology makes their products widely in demand in the global market.

Customer Reviews

Numerous reviews of buyers of polysatin bed linen indicate the excellent quality of these products, as well as their durability. It should be noted that each set is original in its own way, as it is produced in an individual design and size. In addition, each of them is very practical, since it perfectly maintains a flat and smooth surface both after washing and after sleep.

Many buyers appreciate polysatin bedding for its feature to absorb moisture, which is very important in the summer season. Such products are considered low cost, because they perfectly combine affordable price and good quality. And also they are preferred for resistance to fading and ability to dry quickly.

Polysatin underwear has high performance, which makes it not only a stylish decoration of the room, but also the ability to create the most comfortable conditions for a good rest. Among the shortcomings, there is some tendency to electrification and a weakbreathability.

How to choose polisating for bed linen, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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