Sizes of baby bedding

 Sizes of baby bedding

A good, peaceful sleep is a guarantee of not only good mood, but also health. This fully applies to adults, what can we say about children, especially the youngest. In the dream, the child quietly grows up, rests both physically and mentally from new bright impressions. It is very important to provide the child with comfort and peace of mind while sleeping. And they depend not only on the clothes of the baby, the quality of diapers, but also on the bedding set on his bed. The size of bed linen depends on the age of the toddler, the dimensions of his bed and a blanket with a pillow. Also carefully select the material and color range of the kit.

Standards and dimension tables

How to choose the size of bed linen for a newborn baby? First, carefully measure the dimensions of your crib. The kit should ideally match in length and width with it. Secondly, do not purchase items as a set, because, for example, the baby does not need a pillow, and the sheets will have to be replaced more often than duvet covers. If you have a unified bed, the average value of the elements of the set is as follows.




Duvet Cover




















When home sewing products possible difference in a couple of centimeters. Parameters of any textile product must be indicated on the label. Do not forget that the dimensions in Europe are slightly different than in Russia. According to GOST, bedding sizes for children under 4 years of age are as follows.




Duvet Cover









40x40 cm

Table of Standards GOST for elements of bedding for children 3-4 years and from 3 to 11 years.

From birth to 3-4 years

From 3 to 10-11 years


60x120 cm

75x130 cm

160x80 - 186x90 cm



120x180, 120x170

150x215, 156x220

Duvet Cover

100x147, 110x140, 115x147, 100x150

140x205, 145x215, 150x200,


35x45, 40x40, 40x60

40x60, 50x70, 70x70

Package and parameters

Of course, linen sets for children of different ages differ. Usually the baby sleeps in a separate single bed. The domestic linen set for the bed of infants consists of a pillowcase, a sheet and a blanket cover. The European complete set includes a mattress, a sheet on an elastic band, a usual sheet, a blanket cover and a cover for a pillow. But there are cases of incomplete configuration - when purchasing, check whether there are all the necessary items in the kit.

American manufacturers produce sets of baby bedding, identical in composition to Europe. But when buying American bedding, make sure that there is a full duvet cover, and not a sheet with a zipper (or buttons) that you want to attach to the blanket. Naturally, the set should be selected based on the size of the pillow, mattress and blanket.

The usual size of the blanket is 110x140 cm. If the baby is born in the summer, one blanket from a bike will suffice, if in the winter it is a feather one. The standard dimensions of a children's mattress are 120x60 cm, it should fit exactly in the crib. Pediatric doctors usually advise not to purchase a pillow for infants.If you have other recommendations, take a closer look at how mobile your baby is. The size of the pads varies: 50x70, 50x50, 40x60, 30x40 cm. The thickness of the pads should not be more than 2 cm. Focusing on these values, it is easy to choose a children's bedding set.

The duvet cover should be “covered” on the blanket, as well as a pillowcase - on the pillow. The increase in size is 3-5 cm. Otherwise, the fabric begins to frown, wrinkle, which does not like the little one. The standard size of the pillowcase is 40x60 cm. The usual size of the sheets for newborns is 127x146 cm, which, to put it mildly, is somewhat larger than the mattress 120x60 cm, but it is not difficult to fill in the excess under the mattress so that the child can sleep comfortably. The most convenient option is a tension sheet on an elastic band, which is simply pulled on the mattress.

In the modern market, it is increasingly possible to purchase extended sets of children's bedding - a standard set plus a blanket, a pillow, a mattress cover, bed curtain sides, a canopy and a pocket on the side wall of the bed. Dimensions of the side 360x36 cm with a soft layer, it protects the little researcher from injury.Appointment mattress pad - to protect the mattress from various contaminants. The canopy during sleep performs the functions of protection from sunlight, dust and insects. In the side pockets it is convenient to store the little things that you may need at any time - bottles, diapers, napkins, toys.

In the summer it is better to remove the protective sides and canopy from the crib - they interfere with the movement of air, which can adversely affect the quality of sleep and well-being of the infant. If you are looking for bedding for an older child, check with them about the color and design of the kit. Teenagers prefer animated images, bright patterns, etc. Be sure to inquire about the quality of color (printing), washing modes of linen, because if the laundry starts to shed, it will not bring joy to you or your child.

The sizes of bedding sets for children older than 3-4 years vary greatly. This is due to the fact that there are currently quite a few variants of mattresses, pillows and blankets for preschoolers and teenagers on the market. Kindergartens are often asked to bring sets of linen from the house - from natural fabrics that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements.Usually there is no problem with the sizes for them, since the beds in the gardens for children are standardized.

Sometimes one and a half, and double sets are required. They are rarely available for sale, as the demand for them is very small. One-and-a-half sets are usually purchased for teenage children. The standard sizes of domestic one-and-a-half sheets and duvet covers are 150x120, 150x220 cm. In American and European manufacturers, the width of products starts from 155 cm, for example, 160 by 80 cm or 160 by 190 cm, and among the Turkish options you can choose any size - and already, and wider standard one and a half meters, for example, 140x70 cm.

The double children's bedding set consists of two pillowcases, 1 duvet cover and 1 bed sheet. Usually, such a kit is required by parents of twin children or of the same gender. Dimensions:

  • sheet - 180x260 cm;
  • pillowcases - 50x 70 cm;
  • duvet cover - 160x220 cm.

If you have a non-standard cot, it is rather difficult to find a prepared set. In this situation, the ideal option would be to sew the bed linen by yourself or to order. To determine the size to the dimensions of the bed, mattress, blankets add 3-5 cm.Sheets for children, especially for babies, must be sewn from one piece of fabric. The stitches, even the most accurate and imperceptible, will be perfectly felt by the tender baby skin and cause it discomfort.

What fabric should baby bedding be sewn from? From 100% natural fabrics (cotton, linen) that meet the basic requirements for any linen, especially for children:

  • high ability to absorb moisture (hygroscopicity);
  • air permeability - matter should give breathing to the body;
  • hypoallergenic - the fabric should not cause irritation and allergic rejection in the delicate skin of children;
  • non susceptibility to electrification (anti-static).

An additional requirement is the softness of textiles. Naturally, for babies, matter that is more delicate to the touch (satin, flannel, percale) is taken; for older children, we can take a calico or calico set. Winter sets are sewn from warmer fabric, summer ones from lighter ones.

Tips for choosing

Do not buy bedding with a button closure. A child may inadvertently tear it, swallow it, or be injured in any way.Acquire children's items from trusted manufacturers - those in whose quality you are confident. After purchasing a baby kit, it is necessary to wash it and then steam it with an iron for sterilization, because newborns are completely defenseless against infections. All things (not only tissues) that are in contact with the skin of a baby infant must be sterile.

For washing children's clothes and bedding, use only special soft powders without fragrances (or having a faint odor). Observe the recommended modes of washing - many fabrics, even unpainted, require careful processing. What to say about the materials with printed images. Pillowcases and duvet covers should be washed inside out.

Rinse the laundry well to wash the powder particles out of the fabric. Ironing is better when wet. Prices for baby bedding sets depend on the material from which they are made, the quality of coloring (printing), the country of origin, the internal configuration (number of elements). Self-tailoring, of course, will be cheaper, plus everything else you yourself will choose the colors and material.

How to choose the size of children's underwear, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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