Sizes of single bed linen for children and adults

When choosing bed linen, many are guided by the color, softness and natural origin of the material. But all these and a number of other parameters immediately depreciate, if suitable dimensions are not selected.

Like many other things, this type of textile products is subject to Russian GOST.

Standard parameters

The typical sizes of single bed linen are specified in the Russian state standard. The tables indicate that duvet covers can be 210x150, or 214x146, or 220x150, or 248x215 centimeters. Deviations of more than 5 cm are considered unacceptable, it immediately takes products beyond the scope of quality products. Sheets can have a size of 203x120 or 214x120 cm. But also standard sizes are recognized (in cm):

  • 210x160;
  • 215x150;
  • 210x160;
  • 260x180

Tensioning sheets of this size grid do not have. They fit strictly under the mattress.

Three types of pillowcases are allowed:

  • 60x60;
  • 70x50;
  • 70x70

European options

The approach to bedroom accessories (their dimensions) in Europe is markedly different from that adopted in Russia. They recognize only sheets 200x240 and 240x280 cm. As for European-style duvet covers, the most common type is 2.2 meters long and 2 meters wide. Both figures can be increased by 5 or 25 centimeters. A typical set includes a pair of rectangular pillowcases (50x70) or square (70x70).

Products marked as “Baby Bed” / “Crib” will include 40x60 pillow cases. The usual sheet in them will have a size of 120x170. Equipped with an elastic band - 60x120, duvet cover 100x120, mattress 56x118 centimeters.

The largest kits, Double / Full, include:

  • pillowcase 51x76 or 65x65 centimeters;
  • sheets of classic 229h274;
  • duvet covers 200x220;
  • sheets with elastic bands 140x90;
  • mattresses are the same 140x190 centimeters.

Kits for kids

The choice of bed linen, which would adequately serve in childhood - the task of great complexity. Determining its dimensions, you need to look so that the sheet does not expose the mattress, and the blanket does not roll into one. Newborns need to buy duvet covers of 100x145 or 110x145 centimeters.The pillowcase should have sides of 40 and 60 centimeters, respectively.

When the child is shifted to a more solid bed, the duvet cover expands. Its dimensions are already 110x150 or 112x147 cm. Pupils of the kindergarten use duvet covers of 115x150 or 120x150 centimeters. But the pillowcase keeps the original size (40 to 60 cm).

Increasing its size occurs only in adolescence - up to 50 and 70 cm, respectively. Duvet covers for teens have dimensions of 145x215 or 150x220 centimeters.

All such recommendations are only approximate. In the process of sewing work in factories allowed deviation of 5 cm in one direction or another. The linen made in the EU and the USA will invariably be even bigger.

Some kits for babies may include a mattress. Most of these mattresses have a size of 120x60 centimeters. The height of the pillows is usually 2 cm. The set may also include bumpers, the dimensions of which are 60x36 cm.

When selecting duvet covers should be guided by a simple consideration: the blanket should be 5-10 cm less.

Custom Kits

Consumer requests do not always satisfy standard textile products. Quite often, you have to take clothes that deviate in size from typical formats.Suffice it to say that individual manufacturers supply sets and individual items that differ by 10-15 cm in one direction or another. But in the full sense of the word, bed linen, which is made in Western European countries and the USA, can also be called non-standard for the Russian consumer.

For information on how to determine the size of the laundry you need, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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