Bedding harvester: features, types and tips for choosing

In pursuit of originality and customer demand, manufacturers have to produce more and more unusual goods. One of those was the bed linen reaper, designed to make life easier for housewives and decorate their home. Known and the fact that the linen has beneficial health properties.


A non-sweeping bedding set, characterized by high strength, is made of various materials: viscose fibers, cotton and polyester yarns. A distinct three-dimensional pattern appears on various types of fabric, whether it is crepe, satin or linen. In this process, we can distinguish the following several steps:

  • heat treatment of fabric;
  • twisting threads;
  • mixing threads of different material in one woven fabric after pre-heating.

Harvester is called and the production of fabric, and the ready-made set. There are two ways to make underwear relief. One-sided pattern is most often shown on cotton fabrics, and double-sided on mixed canvases. Options with a silk top and cotton on the wrong side are more and more popular. Now the market offers products not only natural shades of white and cream, but also with a pattern applied using a special technique.

The manufacturer claims that with proper care, the fabric will not shed and will not lose the brightness of the color.

Advantages and disadvantages

The clear advantage of such bed linen is that it does not need to be ironed, which won the heart of modern housewives. Simple and simple drawing creates a special atmosphere in the bedroom, decorates the interior. This kit has a lot of positive qualities:

  • originality of appearance due to the relief pattern, the ability to create an interior in the old authentic style;
  • the strength of the web, created in the process of technological processing;
  • the ability to maintain the appearance after prolonged use, subject to the rules;
  • not crushed;
  • keeps durability and brightness of color of a fabric;
  • does not require special care and dry cleaning.

In addition, note the beneficial effects of material on health. The rough texture of the linen has a small massage effect and helps to improve blood circulation, which is one of the factors for preserving youth and skin health. However, the material comes and negative reviews. A poorly made kit loses its shape and can cause discomfort during sleep. That is why you should pay special attention to the composition of the linen, the manufacturer’s good faith.

Often improper care can lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of loss of pattern or shrinkage of the fabric.

How to care?

As a machine wash, and spin will not be terrible set of linen. However, it is worth remembering that natural fibers require a delicate mode. The optimal temperature for washing is no more than 30-40 degrees to preserve the texture of the fabric. Gel detergents better cope with the washing of linen.If the material is too demanding, for example, like silk, it is better to wash it by hand in cool water. Spin hands should be made in the direction of the figure.

To dry such clothes is necessary at natural temperature and avoiding exposure to sunlight. Ironing it does not require. After prolonged use, the fabric may lose some of the relief and smooth out, but this is fixable after washing. Moisture returns the canvas its texture and folds.

If after washing the product is village, you can apply steam and stretch fabric. This procedure is carried out from the reverse side. You should not overdo it in the process of stretching the web to prevent damage to it or loss of shape. After that, moisten the fabric and leave it until it is completely dry, unfolded to return the pattern.

If the texture seems too tight and uncomfortable, the laundry can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 60 degrees. The fabric will soften and smooth out a bit, and it will be much more comfortable to sleep on it.

It is better to keep the harvested kit not folded, but having previously twisted it into a bundle or tied in several knots in order to keep the pattern on the fabric for a long time.

How to choose?

Preference should be given to dense, natural materials such as silk, cotton and linen, with a pronounced pattern. It is better to choose sets of natural colors: white, gray and cream, in order to precisely avoid color loss during washing. In addition, these shades best fit into any interior. When choosing a product, you should carefully study the composition of the fibers, properties and recommendations for care. A major role is played by the reputation of the manufacturer, it is better to trust large factories with positive reviews and long experience of production.

A review on bedding reaper awaits you in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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