Features of bamboo bedding

Requirements for the ideal bed linen: it must be sewn of natural fabric, to be pleasant to the touch and practical in active use. Bamboo fiber kits combine all these qualities to the fullest. The only drawback of such products is the high cost.

But the night spent on the bamboo sheet will convince you of the correct choice and will not for a moment make you regret the money spent.

Production technology

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world: it adds a height of 20 to 40 meters in a month. For the breeding of the Asian giant does not require the use of fertilizers, which has a beneficial effect on its properties and the environment.

This valuable culture grows exclusively in the natural conditions of the tropics and subtropics. Does not need additional watering and care.It has features in the form of accelerated growth and the emergence of a new stem in place of the cut. Analogues of this plant in nature does not exist.

In the East, bamboo has long symbolized eternal youth and indomitable energy. It demonstrates extraordinary strength, which is reflected in the quality characteristics of the finished bamboo material.

To create natural fiber, environmentally friendly bamboo wood is used. In the textile industry, it is used on a par with cotton, wool, silk and linen.

For sewing bed linen need material taken from the young shoots of bamboo, which is widely distributed in Asia. Based on the result, the raw material undergoes a certain type of processing: a simple mechanical method or a reduction method.

In the mechanical process, the raw bamboo material is split into very thin fibers. From them the thinnest, but dense and strong thread turns out.

Processing by the reduction method involves the grinding of wood with the subsequent addition of an alkali solution to obtain the composition of a glue-like texture. It is squeezed into the acidic medium through special micro-aperture strainers,and then subjected to drying. As a result, bamboo pulp is restored, and a glued bamboo thread is created.

ABOUTThe basics of the described production process are environmentally friendly and take place without the use of harmful and hazardous chemical additives.

The canvas itself for cutting and sewing bed linen consists of thin, often thickly interwoven elastic fibers. The thinner the thread structure, the softer to the touch the finished material. And thanks to the fiber weave density, bamboo fabric is notable for its smoothness and shiny surface on the front side.

In addition, an Asian plant is a natural antiseptic, in the fibers of which most bacteria die.

Advantages and disadvantages

The bamboo fiber material has undeniable advantages. advantageously distinguishing it from other tissues:

  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • antibacterial properties. The ability to regenerate the skin during inflammatory processes;
  • beneficial effect on the body as a whole;
  • does not store static electricity;
  • absorbs a large percentage of moisture;
  • differs in the increased vapor permeability;
  • porous fiber provides free air circulation in the tissue;
  • its composition is useful due to the presence of bamboo honey, amino acids, pectin and vitamin E;
  • excellent thermoregulation;
  • similarity of fabric with natural silk according to tactile sensations and external indicators.

Bamboo fiber is considered the most promising and healthy material of the current century. Underwear does not lose its unique properties even after hundreds of washes. That is why the only disadvantage of the fabric is the high cost, which is fully justified in the process of using the bed for its intended purpose.


Bamboo fiber has an excellent ability to absorb moisture, but at the same time it accumulates odors. Therefore, bedding should be washed regularly and correctly. Before washing, you should carefully read the care instructions on the product packaging. A quality factory kit will certainly contain all the important information that will help you figure out how to care for your laundry. Bamboo fiber needs a delicate wash in manual mode, preferably in cool water.But modern washing machines have the function of a gentle mode and the possibility of minimum spinning or disabling the final process cycle option.

Modern bamboo kits are perfectly washed at 30 degrees C and carried in a drum at 400 revolutions per minute.

Before washing in the automatic mode, the laundry is placed in the drum in the state turned inside out. All available buttons and zippers should be buttoned so as not to damage the fabric and keep the kit in its original form for a long time. Do not fill the washing machine drum too tight. It is better to leave it half free for better washing and rinsing. Powders should not contain bleaching agents and be aggressive in composition. A delicate detergent for washing colored items will work best. This will keep the pattern on the fabric and saturation of shades.

Bamboo cloth is not suitable for machine drying! After removal from the drum such bedding should be immediately hung. If possible, horizontal drying away from direct sunlight is recommended. Before this, you need to turn out the laundry on the front side.Bamboo bedding is not ironed! The ironing process at a hot temperature negatively affects the "breathing" properties of the porous fiber.

Adhering to these recommendations, when washing a set once a week, he will permanently retain his unique qualities ideal for comfortable sleep.


It is better to store bed linen on the upper shelves in the closet. It is very convenient to fold each set separately, using one of the pillowcases. So the sheets will not be jammed and there will be a lot of free space for other bedding. A good solution would be to store clothes with any flavor, because bamboo fiber perfectly absorbs odors. A pleasant aroma of freshness will help to relax in bed before going to bed. You can use the deodorizing properties of natural ingredients. For example, use lavender, juniper twigs, orange peel, cinnamon incense sticks for the smell.

Compliance with the rules for the care of linen, will help him for many years to maintain color, smoothness and softness.


Not so long ago, bamboo bedding was presented on the textile market exclusively in natural colors: gray, olive, beige and their shades.But modern industry is developing as fast as bamboo grows in the tropics. Therefore, today manufacturers offer sets of various colors, with different patterns and patterns in different styles. Including buyers can purchase a set of linen for the bed with images using 3D and 5D. Moreover, the brightness of the colors is preserved on the fabric in its original form after numerous washes and drying.


Bamboo kits are the first choice of allergy sufferers and people prone to inflammatory skin diseases. Natural antiseptic has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and is not contraindicated to anyone, even young children. People with a sensitive reaction to artificial materials love bamboo bedding because it gives them a carefree and deep sleep. Many who once purchased for themselves a set of linen for a bed of bamboo linen, tend to buy an extra blanket and a pillow with a similar filling. This set is very light, hygroscopic and takes up little space during storage.

In addition, under the duvet cover of bamboo material, you will not freeze and not sweat.Excellent thermoregulation of the fabric gives comfort to the body at any temperature.

In practice, the difficult, at first glance, care for the bed of the fibers of an Asian plant, is easy. Just need to choose the right modes of washing and spinning. And do not forget to fasten pillowcases and duvet cover, if they have locks. As a gift, a set of such clothes is ideal and practical. Pamper them yourself and do a good job! Therefore, feel free to make in the expenditure column the completion of your bed arsenal with such sets. This is a valuable contribution to a healthy sleep and good for the body.

About the properties of bamboo fabric described in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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