Black linens: features of choice and use

Modern humanity is devoid of prejudice, and therefore has not believed in traditions, magic and "energy fields" for a long time. If before consumers tried to avoid buying black bedding, now such sets have become quite popular.

Buyers have finally appreciated this linen for dignity, because this is a real masterpiece of the textile industry, which will elegantly fit into the design of any interior.

Special features

Before you buy bedding of that color, It is worth getting acquainted with the features and benefits of such a kit.

  • According to psychologists, black bedding is chosen by people who are closed, but at the same time know their value. Often, black is associated with mourning, and very vain.People misinterpret the attitude to black color, which has been led since antiquity. In fact, this color scheme symbolizes something mysterious and unusual.
  • During the day, before the eyes of a man flashes a lot of bright colors. Perhaps he himself does not notice this, but his eyes very quickly get tired of the abundance of saturated colors. Therefore, looking at the black kit at home, the organs of vision will relax and enjoy even tones.
  • Of course, black bedding is the choice of those who prefer to spend the night passionately, rather than watching TV. Temperamental black color excites and pushes sexual thoughts, awakens unusual fantasies.
  • Black has long become dominant in the interior of apartments and houses of successful people. This is the color of chic and luxury: the design in dark colors looks expensive and elegant. Bed linen of this color will also be an indicator of the refined taste and solidity of the owners.
  • Another advantage of this option is practicality. Random spots are imperceptible on the black color, and if they are, they are easily washed.

How to choose

When choosing black bedding you need to pay attention to several criteria.

The size

It is important to know in advance all the parameters of bedding. If the pillows are square, you need to buy pillowcases 70 * 70 cm, for rectangular pillows, products 50 * 70 cm are suitable. For a mattress, it is recommended to purchase a sheet with a margin of at least 10 cm on each side. Duvet cover must match the size of the blanket or be more than 5 cm in length and width. If the product tag indicates that the duvet cover has the parameters 200 * 220 cm, and in fact it is slightly larger, then this is a margin for shrinkage, which can reach up to 15 cm.

For a crib, a black set is definitely not suitable: it can frighten a child.


The most beautiful and elegant black bedding is made from satin and silk. This is a smooth and brilliant material, which with its gloss and sparkle gives the house a certain touch of luxury. However, these fabrics are very expensive and not available to everyone. If you choose coarse calico, cotton or satin, then the laundry will no longer be so chic, and even, on the contrary, will fill the room with some ritual motives. However, if the satin set is not monotonous, but with pictures, the problem will be solved. It is better to abandon linen with a ruff on the edge - it will also bring mourning thoughts.

In general, satin is a great alternative to expensive silk. The cloth from this material differs in durability and durability, and also is available at the price. Black linen from sateen-jacquard will look very nice. It is soft and smooth material. The set will originally shine and shine with shades of black and gray in the sun, and at night will give you very gentle and romantic dreams.


Do not take a cheap kit, as, most likely, this material is of very low quality. Waking up in the morning, the owner of low-grade lingerie can notice black spots on the skin.

In addition, over time, the paint is washed out, which is very noticeable on a black background. This will give the bed an untidy and unaesthetic appearance.


Trust only a decent manufacturer. This will indicate on the tag the main characteristics: composition, fabric density, information about yourself and recommendations for washing. The best linen is the linen from Turkey. From domestic manufacturers it is recommended to choose sets from Ivanovo. If the choice fell on a silk black set, then the most preferable option is underwear from China: there is no equal in the production of silk to Chinese masters. As well as high-quality silk products offer Turkey andJapan.


Going to the store for black linens, it is very important to choose a set with a suitable design. It should be pleasant to sleep, and perhaps this is only if the sheets and blankets are pleasing to the eye. There are several popular design options.


This is a very beautiful and presentable linen, but it will create such an effect only if it is made of shiny silk or satin. Plain linen matte fabric can give a ritual atmosphere, so it is better to abandon its purchase.

Silk will fit into any interior, because black is a classic.

Black and red

The perfect combination: passionate, temperamental, passionate! Lingerie for those who appreciate every moment of life and are ready to indulge in love in their free time. This linen liberates, brings together, reveals new feelings, adjusts for experiments. Red roses on a black background will look very erotic.

Black and white

Another classic combination. More suitable for serious people who prefer the severity and minimalism in the interior.

Such a contrast will perfectly fit into the chic and sedate room design.

With bright inserts

In general, black is harmoniously combined with any shades, winning in contrast with almost any tones. Blue stars, bright yellow and blue flowers, expressive purple hearts, golden abstract shapes - all this looks great against a black background.

Care instructions

For black underwear to serve a long time and always look like new, Some rules of care are required.

  • Do not let pets on the bed. Their wool is highly visible on the black canvas, and it is very difficult to peel off some fabrics.
  • Be sure to comply with all requirements for washing products listed on the label.
  • To prevent the black fabric from smearing other things, it is necessary to wash the set separately from the laundry of a different color.
  • To prolong the life, it is recommended to use rinse.
  • During washing, all zippers and buttons on pillowcases and duvet covers should be fastened.


As a rule, many positive reviews are associated with the refined design of the black set, especially if it is silk underwear. Some talk about the magical component of this color, which is very attuning to a healthy sleep,black is the color of the night.

Many were able to appreciate the intimate mood, created under the influence of black bed linen. In addition, the kit fits perfectly in a bright interior, smoothing overly expressive colors.

    Among the negative reviews, most concern the sacred nature of black. Some people are still sure that sleeping on black is a bad omen. Therefore, they refuse to buy such clothes, convincing this and more reasonable consumers. There is also an opinion that the black satin fabric sheds during the first few washes, but, probably, in this case the customers were not lucky, because they got low-quality material.

    How to choose the color of linen, described in the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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