Tips for choosing bedding for girls

If you choose bedding for a young lady, then you should be guided primarily by its colors. No, of course, the basic rules of choice - quality, hypoallergenicity, pleasantness to the touch - has not been canceled, but the girls (both small and adults) primarily look at how this underwear looks. Therefore, your task as a parent is to pre-select a store with quality linen, and then bring a child there and give him a choice.


When choosing a kit in the first place is to focus on the fabric. Of course, it should be natural, since allergens in the body begin to accumulate from childhood, so give them an extra chance. Often used several natural fabrics.


Coarse linen bedding is the toughest of all, so if a child has normal skin, then you can safely take this option. Lingerie has a slight massage effect and well stimulates the blood circulation in a child. But remember that the coarse calico is different and the comparison of domestic and imported fabric, unfortunately, is not in favor of the first. Russian coarse calico loses imported primarily on prints and tactile sensations. Foreign manufacturers make children's prints on fabric (from ordinary bears to recognizable cartoon characters for girls), and of very good quality. And also they surely release companion fabrics, therefore children's sets always look stylish. Domestic coarse calico has mostly floral or geometric prints and pretty quickly loses its appearance.


Children's kits from this material are very practical, domestic manufacturers produce a lot of colors. Poplin breathes, does not accumulate allergens, is long and is softer than calico. However, poplin always shrinks well after washing, so if you find beautiful single linens, then first of all look at the sizes.They should be at least 5 cm more than you need. If a manufacturer sews underwear without a stock for shrinkage, this is a poor manufacturer, after washing it will have to be thrown out. Of course, you can pull the pillowcase sat on the pillow, but the pillow from this will become hard and there will be discomfort in the neck.


This elite underwear in the crib. It is very different in price from the other two fabrics (for comparison, a meter of poplin and calico costs from 220 to 300 rubles, a meter of sateen will cost from 450 rubles and more). However, if you do not stand behind the price, then the satin wins for the other characteristics. It has luster, which is not lost over time, due to a special kind of weaving fabric. It is smooth and very skin-friendly. Satin underwear is cool in summer and has a comfortable winter temperature. At the same time, the fabric does not slip, it is well stretched on the mattress and is easily ironed.

Color selection

Girls under the age of 3 years do not care what is in their crib. The main thing is that the fabrics were calm colors. Bright and rich colors unnerve a child and make him restless. From the age of three, the young lady identifies herself in the world and begins to realize what she likes and what does not. Therefore, choosing a bed with a daughter, you must be prepared for the fact that she chooses prints with bears, birds, dogs and other funny animals. In cases where the girl is familiar with cartoons, she can choose a model with a cartoon character, but it doesn’t matter to her whether Peppa’s pig is on the blanket cover or the characters from Puppy Patrol. They are equally suitable because both are recognizable.

From the age of 5, the child already has steady favorite cartoons and characters. If you are sure that the daughter's favorite character is the Caramel kitty, then feel free to buy the kit with the cartoon “Three cats”, she will be glad to anyone. At the age of 10 years, children themselves prefer to choose underwear. Even if you are sure that your daughter loves Monster High, it’s better to let her choose the print yourself.

Teenagers are the most difficult category. Starting from the age of 13, you should never interfere with the choice of bed linen. Any of your advice will lead to the fact that the daughter can choose the exact opposite. And that's fine. If you insist on your own, there is a risk to buy what the teenager doesn’t like (if only not what you advised), and then get a categorical refusal to go to such a bed. And yes, never criticize your daughter's choice, her taste.

The subtleties of choosing bed linen are described in detail in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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