Luxury bedding: varieties and tips for choosing

A bedroom is a room in which a person must feel comfortable in order to receive a quality stay. Bed linen plays an important role in this, because it is in bed that a person spends most of his life. Particularly popular bed linen from luxury fabrics that are most pleasing to the body.

Special features

Elite bedding is considered inaccessible to many categories of people. This is due to the price of goods that are made from natural and high-quality materials. However, decorators believe that at least one set of such expensive premium linen should be in all. With the help of him in bed you can feel the maximum comfort, relax and get a pleasant sleep.

Most believe that luxury bedding is a product that was made by large and well-known brands, for example, from Italy and Turkey. Others are convinced that any underwear made from expensive material can be considered elite. And those and others are right, because major manufacturers, valuing their reputation, produce underwear that attracts attention not only with interesting and multifunctional designs, but also with high-quality canvas, which usually has increased resistance to abrasion and wear.

The range of high-end goods differs in the same variety as usual. Especially in recent times are relevant models with embroidery, dusting and lace. They make the appearance of the product more interesting, and also fill the room with comfort.

Before buying exclusive models should be aware that such products require special attention during cleaning and washing. Each fabric has its own conditions for this, which must be considered in order to preserve the beautiful appearance of the linen for a long time. Otherwise, with improper care, the canvas can lose its qualities and take on an unpleasant texture.

How to choose?

There are several points that should be paid attention to when choosing luxury linen.

  • Weaving method. As a rule, the harder and denser the weave, the better. For elite fabrics percale weaving is most often used. It is very dense, but due to the specificity of certain fibers, the fabric is light, and in some cases even airy. This cover is especially pleasant to the touch and it will be comfortable to spend time.
  • Fibers. Depending on the material used to make the linen fabric, the fibers may vary in their thickness and texture. Exclusive linen is predominantly made from natural materials, such as silk or bamboo, or with their superior content.
  • Manufacturer. Usually, the more famous and popular a brand is, the more interesting and high-quality assortment it represents. However, before you make a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the reviews about them and choose for yourself the optimal manufacturer for all parameters. Thus, it will be possible to avoid unpleasant consequences from a perfect purchase.

All these conditions can be discussed with a consultant or by examining the label of a vending product.

How to choose high-quality linens, you will learn from the video.


The main criterion for distinguishing luxury linen is the material from which it is made. The most popular include the following fabrics.


Silk fiber is obtained from the silkworm cocoon. The most notable are silk fabrics without impurities. Thanks to the triangular fiber products look extremely impressive due to the beautiful transfusions in the light. To the touch this fabric is very light and smooth, therefore it is capable of smoothly covering the body during a comfortable sleep. Silk is not electrified and is highly resistant to dirt.

Large manufacturers often complement silk products with thermostatic properties. Because of this, in hot weather, linen provides coolness, and in the cold season - warm.


A great option for owners of sensitive skin. This natural fabric is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Bed linen from such material will provide its owner a comfortable restful sleep.

The advantages of this material also include a high degree of strength, due to which it is less wearable than other types of cloths.And he also passes air well, but he rubs heavily.


Silky non-woven fabric, which appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already gained enough attention to enter the list of elite. It has a soft and airy texture, which gives a special charm to sleep.

Mostly it is chosen for the cold season, because it retains heat well, but it also breathes. In addition, it has antibacterial properties and is resistant to wear.

Egyptian cotton

Lightweight fabric, which is considered more durable analog of silk. It is perfectly breathable and cools the body in hot periods. Interestingly, over time, this fabric becomes even more pleasant to the touch and does not form the pellets. On the appearance of something like silk - the same smooth and shiny.

But also the domestic buyer pays attention to bedding made from the following materials:

  • batiste;
  • calico;
  • sateen;
  • flannels;
  • perkalya.

Each of these fabrics is in the middle and higher price segment, so before buying it is necessary to find in advance an option for your budget.

Popular brands

  • Issimo. Turkish manufacturer.The brand's range is distinguished by elegant designs that bring comfort and coziness to the room. Its products are made only from high-quality natural fabrics. Issimo products are very popular in many large countries of the world.
  • Opera Prima. The brand is originally from Italy and provides its customers with a wide range of bed linen made from first-class Egyptian cotton. Products differ in rich color variety with an embroidery and a various dusting.
  • Asabella. Chinese brand that offers products from premium fabrics. Their sophisticated design can add luxury to the interior of the room and provide a comfortable, pleasant sleep to their owner.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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