Red bedding: features and color effects

Bedroom - this is the place where a person recuperates after a busy day. Comfortable and externally beautiful bedding will allow you to relax and get a positive attitude. It is necessary to choose linen, considering the internal emotional state.

The benefits of shade

It is scientifically proven that red color affects the human body in a special way:

  • lowers blood pressure;
  • cheers up;
  • normal heart activity;
  • allows you to free yourself from any disturbing thoughts.

Some doctors recommend that patients suffering from headaches, at the time of attacks to put on the red wardrobe napkin.

Who is suitable?

Red linens are suitable for couples. This household attribute will strengthen relationships, gain wealth and success, or, conversely, destroy everything that was created.

A set of red linen will revive the passions of couples who have been living together for a long time. For this, a bed made with a red set is placed on the south side of the room. If you want a bed not monophonic, but with a pattern, as such it is better to choose the sunrise or sunset, fire, the image of the phoenix bird, geometric shapes.

Suitable red set and as a wedding present. In addition to the linen, you can immediately present a double blanket. Such kits are often sold in beautiful boxes, so you won’t have to worry about the original packaging. The main theme of linen in such gift boxes are roses and hearts. The only restriction is that one should not acquire and give a set with pierced hearts, since this symbolizes undivided love and the crushing of feelings.

Another pleasant addition to the bed set will be sachets with fragrant herbs, flowers and aromatic oils. In addition to certain properties from a medical point of view (sedation, relaxation, normalization of sleep), they are able to:

  • attract love;
  • increase sexual desire;
  • bring family wealth and luck;
  • protect from envy and damage;
  • convince in your own charm;
  • give more energy.

It will be appropriate to purchase red linen and those who are in search of the second half. It is believed that if you go to sleep on such clothes and very much want to find your love, then the desire will come true. In addition, to attract love into your life, you must follow a few recommendations:

  • the bed should be double;
  • it should not squeak or stagger under your weight;
  • passage to the box must be provided on both sides;
  • the room should not be objects associated with water, as they "wash off" all the romantic "strings".

Red is an option for a specific occasion. Sleep on such clothes every day is impossible. The scarlet shade will allow you to recharge your batteries and start what you have been planning for a long time. But impulsive and explosive natures red color in bedding is better not to use, as it will generate aggression in them. Calm, discreet individuals, who also often experience all sorts of fears, on the contrary, it is recommended to purchase bedding sets of rich red and purple colors.

On the advice of astrologers, red bedding is best suited to representatives of the signs Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

How to choose?

You can purchase such a set on a specific date (wedding anniversary) or for no reason. The choice of linen must be taken seriously in order to prevent mistakes that, instead of stirring up feelings, will settle discord between spouses.

  • Bed set should be made of natural material. Synthetic fabrics can bring problems in the financial sphere and cause distrust of the spouses to each other. Natural linen, for example, silk, is expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy it. Alternatively, you can choose satin. It is also very soft to the touch and has a beautiful light shimmer.
  • The linen should be monophonic. Any combination of black or white can look defiant and make an imbalance in the relationship. The only thing you can dilute the red color is with its graduation and pink inserts.
  • On linen can be placed geometric shapes without sharp corners and longitudinal strips or floral motifs. Images with roses, strawberries, peonies will help to inflame feelings.
  • It is not recommended to purchase red linen with images of a megapolis, transport, water, people and animals (even domestic ones).
  • You can not buy a red set with decorative patches.

The constant use of linen of red tone can lead to an “explosion” of relations, therefore this “fiery” set should be alternated with calm shades in the nude scale.

Choosing red underwear, it is necessary to pay attention to its harmonious placement in the overall design of the room, as well as to visually this color does not cause you internal discomfort.

Appearance of products

The bed "collects" all the negative energy, which later may not be the best way to affect health and intimate life. As a consequence, to conflict, lying in bed, is prohibited. This also explains the ban on the purchase of second-hand bed linen. The fabric remembers not only bad, but also good, for example, hot nights and all sorts of erotic fantasies. That is why those who have broken up with their second half need to change their red underwear to another set in order to start a relationship from scratch.

If the underwear is torn or worn out, it is necessary to acquire a new one, since through worn fabric, sexual attraction and financial well-being will gradually “leak out”, which will lead the spouses to conflicts.

It is necessary to regularly wash the kit and weathered it well in the street. Dirty bed accessories will have a negative impact on health, love relationships, good luck in business.

The secrets of choosing the color of bed linen is described in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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