Features and varieties of terry sheets

Terry sheets are a multipurpose soft and reliable thing in use of each house. These products give the family coziness and comfort, delivering real pleasure to the household, because they are so gentle and pleasant to the touch. Among the terry cloths there are many varieties, of which each housewife will be able to choose the most suitable option for her interior.

How can I use?

The functionality of the product knows no boundaries.

  • They can be used in their main purpose as a lightweight bedspread for covering at night. During the warm period the cloth will easily replace a blanket.
  • A very pleasant feeling gives a sheet, which is used as a bath towel. The fabric perfectly absorbs moisture and warms the body after bath procedures.
  • Sheets can lay on the floor and get on it to play with the child. In this case, you can not worry that the child will chill his feet on the cold floor, and you can not be afraid that after the games the floor will be spoiled.
  • The product can be taken with you to the beach or on a country trip. On the shore, it will become a substitute for a sunbed, and in the hike it can be used as bed linen.
  • A bed sheet, placed on top of the bed as a decorative bedspread, will look very elegant and homely.


In the production of terry sheets are made using different materials.

  • Cotton. The most traditional option. A cotton product is distinguished by its naturalness, which, in turn, ensures environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity. In addition, this fabric is characterized by softness, wear resistance and durability.
  • Linen. This is another version of the natural material from which terry sheets are made. This fabric has the same qualities as cotton, but its threads are thinner.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo Matter boasts its antibacterial abilities, amazing softness and tenderness.Touching such a canvas is extremely nice. The main advantages of a bamboo mat are ease and the ability to dry quickly.


      The main purpose of the product is to use as a sheet, Therefore, products are manufactured in accordance with the classic dimensions:

      • one and a half: 140x200, 150x200;
      • double rooms: 160x220, 180x220;
      • Euro size: 200x220, 220x240.

      In addition, conditionally sheets can be divided into adults and children. If a product is selected for children, then a huge choice of every possible modern design opens up for parents: these are cartoon characters, fairy tale characters, and simply abstractions in pastel colors. If the canvas is used for children, then it seems to be just as versatile. It can be laid in a crib or stroller, it is allowed to wipe the child after the bath or cover instead of a blanket.

      The most popular lately are waterproof children's clothes. They are universally used for the youngest children. It makes life easier for the young mother and the strain version, which is a sheet on elastic bands. It is easy to lay, reinforcing on a mattress, a mobile child will not be able to knock it down, and sleeps quietly all night on a comfortable and smooth fabric.

      Terry sheets can be divided into groups according to the type of pile.The length of the fibers is usually 5 mm. If you buy a product with a shorter nap, the material will be a little rough for the skin. Longer villi are short-lived, as they roll quickly. According to the type of yarn, the following options are distinguished:

      • single: this fabric has a nap on one side;
      • double: differs in density, softness, resistance to attrition;
      • twisted: it is a durable option that not only remains as functional for a long time, but also retains its original appearance;
      • combed: it is hygroscopic, the loops of such a product are not prone to shattering, and therefore it is perfect for use as a towel.

        Going to the store for terry sheets, the hostess will be surprised at how diverse the product range is in its design. You can choose the product in accordance with any tastes and preferences. The most common options are:

        • monophonic or multi-colored;
        • one-sided illustration;
        • jacquard pattern;
        • Velor pattern;
        • canvas with unusual borders;
        • material with 3D images that are created by changing the size of the pile.

        Popular manufacturers

        It is very important when choosing a product to take into account the country of manufacture and the company itself. With the active development of technical progress in the production of textiles, new techniques and technologies for manufacturing products are also emerging. And this concerns not only the design of products, but also its quality, because the use of high-quality sheets provides not only comfort and coziness, but also the health of people. It does not cause discomfort to the skin, it warms in the cold night, and with its pleasant tactile qualities it saves from stress and insomnia.

        Judging by the feedback from consumers, the products of some manufacturers can be considered the highest quality products.

        • Belarusian firm "Homeliness". The advantage of textiles of this brand is the use in the production of exclusively natural raw materials.
        • Manufacturers from Turkey: Hanibaba Home Linem, Le Vele, Ozdilek. The main advantage of the products is a wide range of products. Each buyer will be able to choose among the products of Turkish textiles sheets, corresponding to the desired size, aesthetic preferences, price range.
        • Brand from Ivanovo. Ivanovo textile is a very serious competitor of imported products. For the price, these products even win, and in terms of quality they are not inferior. Among the sheets Ivanovo production, you can find the most suitable option for your home.
        • Turkish company Sikel Pique. The main advantage of this company is the use of natural bamboo of first-class quality.
        • Very good products are brought from China. They are not distinguished by a high price, but they are offered in a rather large assortment with various design designs.
        • Another recommended by consumers Turkish manufacturer - Karna Medusa. It specializes in the production of products with double-sided nap, which is characterized by very soft and soft fibers.
        • High feedback received Russian companies Fiesta and Cleanelly, as well as the Turkish firm Home collection. It is noted that brands offer high-quality, practical and inexpensive products.

        How to choose?

        Going to the department of textiles for terry sheets, you need to pay attention to several criteria.

        • The density of the pile. Usually this indicator makes 300-800 g / m ². The lower the density, the shorter the service life associated with this product. Optimally comfortable and resistant products with a density of 500 g / m².
        • Lack of synthetic materials. Environmentally friendly material should not include artificial additives, but do not abandon products, which include a little viscose or not more than 20% polyester. These additions will make the fabric softer, malleable and durable.
        • Information on the label. Familiarize yourself with the composition and dimensions of the product indicated on the label. If this data is not available, then such a manufacturer should not be trusted.

        Subtleties of care and storage

        In order for the product to retain its functionality and aesthetic appearance for a long time, it is necessary to ensure it has the right conditions of care and storage. Several points are important.

        • Wash products from the terry can be in the washing machine, like classic linens. Well preserves the products of their performance and hand wash. In any case, you need to remember that the water temperature should be at least 30 ° C. Early soaking of sheets is allowed.
        • In no case can you expose the terry cloth ironing. High temperatures can change the structure of the pile, which will significantly shorten the life of the product.
        • The preferred storage option is in a cupboard with aromatic fragrances in a plastic bag next to the rest of the bedding.

            Terry sheets are not only a very practical and necessary product in the house, but also an interesting decorative element that will harmoniously fit into any interior. High-quality linens and baths will not only delight the household, but also provide them with a healthy and full sleep.

            How to fold a sheet on an elastic band, see the following video.

            Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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