How to stroke and fold the sheet on an elastic band?

Not so long ago, the usual sheets were replaced by products on an elastic band, they are convenient to use, so the vast majority of young mothers boldly gave them their preference. However, the shape of such a sheet does not allow you to beautifully fold the bedding into a neat pile, which makes it difficult to restore order on the shelves of a child’s laundry. Yes, and pat such a product is not easy.

Benefits of a rubber sheet

For many years, young parents used standard rectangular cuts of fabric for sheets — coarse calico, satin, flannel, calico, or silk. And everything would be fine, only such sheets have several significant drawbacks:

  • very quickly crumple;
  • constantly “move out” from a soft mattress;
  • edges and corners are often twisted, forming unaesthetic folds.

That is why, when a novelty appeared on sale - stretched sheets on an elastic band, they immediately became popular. There is a simple explanation for this: when using such a model, matter does not slip, no matter how actively a sleeping person would move in a dream. Such a sheet is stretched onto the mattress and thus all problems are eliminated with the wrapping of corners, the dismounting of the sheet from the mattress and its excessive bruising.

At the same time, such comfortable linen has its drawbacks - ironing and ergonomic storage of bed sets are difficult.

How to fold

Well-folded linens usually do not take up much space in the linen closet, it does not wrinkle during long-term storage and retains impeccable appearance on the shelves. Some housewives prefer to keep their laundry in piles, and some place it in a pillowcase. The product on an elastic band is beautiful and compact to lay quite difficult. This is due to the fact that the edges of the material gathered into a tight elastic band, when trying to fold them, begin to bristle and fall out of a neatly folded rectangle.

Most often, these models either fold in half or roll into a roll. However, many do not focus attention at all and simply visit such a sheet in a spacious box for clean bedding sets. But if the order on the shelf for you is principled, then we suggest using the option of folding the canvas with an elastic band. If everything is done correctly, the result will be even and rectangle. It will only need to be carefully straightened and placed in a small ergonomic bundle, for example, in an ordinary pillowcase, and in this form it can freely become part of a neat stack of bed linen set.

The scheme is simple.

  1. You should take the product and turn it in a horizontal direction so that the short edges are on the sides of you.
  2. Then in the corners of the product you need to stick your palms, as in pockets. Keep in mind that the sheet should be turned to the back of you.
  3. The result is the following picture: you hold the sheet with your hands, stretching it out in the longitudinal direction (the longer side is placed exactly between your palms), and your hands are in the corners on the reverse side (on the inside).
  4. Now you need to put your hands together and thread one corner to another.
  5. As a result of these manipulations, both upper corners will be folded together.
  6. After that, you need to turn the sheet and re-run your hands, but this time in the free bottom corners.
  7. Repeat the action and pull one corner over another.
  8. As a result, the bed sheet will be bent in half with respect to its narrower axis, and the corners will be folded together and put on your hands.
  9. In conclusion, you need to reduce the palm and thread one corner to another.

In the end, you get a flat rectangle that you can put on a solid flat surface, straighten it and send it to the locker.

Experienced housewives store bedding in special bags made of cotton fabric or simply in a pillowcase - it is very convenient and allows you to store the entire set of linen in one place. Keep in mind that for these purposes it is not recommended to use plastic containers and bags made of polyethylene, since they do not allow fresh air to circulate, which creates an environment suitable for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and fungi.

In addition, every year you should inspect your bedding very carefully to separate the rags.

How to stroke step by step

No less difficult and smoothing sheets. Some housewives "lower" this stage, but this is wrong - ironing helps to destroy any unhealthy microflora on the material, which significantly extends the life of the product. Yes, and sleep on ironed linen is much nicer than on crumpled.

So that the sheet can be quickly smoothed, try adding a little fabric softener to the laundry detergent - this will soften the material. In no case do not leave the washed sheet in the drum of the washing machine after pressing - if you do not straighten it immediately, then it will be almost impossible to smooth out such a sheet.

Before you hang the bedding on the rope, carefully straighten the bed sheet and shake it. Remove the sheet on the elastic band immediately after the fabric dries. And removing it, carefully inspect and sew up all the holes, if any appear - otherwise they may increase under a hot iron.

Keep in mind that for different types of fabric different temperature regimes of smoothing are set. So, silk is ironed at 80 degrees, viscose - at 120, iron is set at 170 degrees for calico, temperature is 180 degrees for cotton, and flax needs a maximum heat of 200 degrees.

After the linen and the iron are ready, it is necessary to proceed to the ironing itself.

Usually the gum is sewn to the sheet along the entire perimeter or only in the corners - in the second case there are no particular problems with ironing, but in the first case the process will be much more troublesome. Experienced housewives were able to identify 4 basic methods of care for sheets with elastic.

Method 1

In this case, the sheet should be rolled exactly in half lengthwise, and then repeated manipulations, but across. After that, it is necessary to process its outer sides, then reverse it and fold it again so that the “former” inner side is on top - and iron it again.

This is an uncomplicated method that gives high quality heat treatment, however, you will not get perfect smoothness in this way.

Method 2

Sheet should be put on the mattress and ironed it in this form.Such an ironing will not only completely neutralize bacteria and achieve sterility, but also create a perfectly flat surface that will be comfortable for sleeping. In addition, this treatment is quite fast, since many small folds straighten themselves when stretched. However, this is possible only if the length of the iron cord will allow smoothing in exactly the same way.

Method 3

This is the highest quality option, but at the same time, the most labor-intensive. To achieve the best smoothing, you need to unfold the product and walk with an iron on its central part, after that the edges of the sheets need to be pulled at the corner of the ironing board and slowly ironed, smoothly moving the material around the circumference.

Method 4

This option involves ironing without iron in principle. In order to smooth out the laundry with elastic, you just need to gently fold the sheet in the pile and place it under a heavy press, for example, under a tablecloth, bath towels and other washed and folded things.

It is important that the laundry is completely dry.

Some iron a sheet on an elastic band with an ordinary hand otparivatel - you should not do it,since vertical steaming is not very convenient, and if you smooth the fabric on the mattress, it will absorb moisture and begin to rot from the inside. This will lead to the formation of fungi and dangerous mold that adversely affect the health of children and adults.

The stretch knitted sheet on an elastic band is very convenient in use, but care for it and the organization of its storage are associated with some difficulties. Nevertheless, with a competent and thoughtful approach, you can always achieve beauty and perfect order on the shelf.

You will learn more about how to stroke and fold the sheet on an elastic band in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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