Euro-size sheets

 Euro-size sheets

Due to its highest quality, bed linen manufactured in the European Union is becoming increasingly popular in the Russian market. The main problem of EU sets is the fact that the standards of sizes adopted by the Union regulations differ significantly from the regulated Russian GOSTs familiar to the domestic consumer. It is worth considering what are the accepted Euro-size sheets and how not to be mistaken with the selection of a kit for your mattress.

Special features

Despite the availability of regulatory documents, not all manufacturers from Europe strictly comply with the established standards. Most often, the sizes specified below will correspond to kits produced in Italy, France and Poland.The linen from manufacturers from Germany can correspond to both Euro-size and Russian GOST 31307–2005, which came into force in 2007.

When choosing a kit should pay attention to the fact that the dimensions on it can be specified as in the usual centimeters, and in inches. Most often, such marking is found on products from manufacturers in the UK, as well as on kits intended for export to the United States.

To convert the dimensions specified in inches to centimeters, it is enough to multiply their values ​​by 2.54.

Another important nuance of the acquisition of European linen - often in its composition instead of the usual sheets is an option on an elastic band, which can be firmly attached to the mattress. The presence of such a product is indicated in the marking by the designation of fitted sheets.

Another version of products on an elastic band, which has a decorative fringe hanging down to the floor, is marked with the symbol fitted valance. All EU bedding sets are in one of the standardized sizes. Consider each of them in more detail.

Baby bed

This linen is intended for cots. Sometimes such kits are labeled Crib.The standard size of the sheets in them is 120 x 170 cm, and in cases where the set comes with the product on an elastic band, its dimensions will be 60 x 120 cm.

Single / Twin

This standard corresponds to the classic single set. The size of a regular product in it is 183 x 274 cm. In the case of a variant with an elastic band, its dimensions will be 90 x 190 cm.


Lingerie of this size is a familiar double set. Sometimes, instead of Double, the designation Full is found on sets of the same dimensions. The size of the euro sheet related to this type will be exactly 229 x 274 cm. In cases where instead of the usual product there is an option on an elastic band, its dimensions will be 140 x 190 cm.


These kits are maxi-double versions. They are designed for large beds. Europane in this version will have a format of 274 x 297 cm. Goods with elastic rubber, corresponding to this standard, will have dimensions of 150 x 200 cm.


This option is the largest of all available European sizes for beds, it is designed for especially luxurious and huge beds. The format of the usual sheets for him - 305 x 320 cm. The product with an elastic band will be the size of 180 x 200 cm.

Non-European "European standards"

Sometimes it happens that the labeling of "Euro" is applied to goods produced outside the European Union - namely, in China, Turkey and Russia. Such products have a slightly different format. If you see the inscription “European standard” on the package, and the manufacturing country is not related to the EU, the sizes of the sheets in the set can be:

  • 220 x 250 cm;
  • 230 x 250 cm;
  • 220 x 240 cm;
  • 240 x2 60 cm;
  • 260 x 270 cm

Sometimes there are sets labeled "Euromax". They are produced most often in China and Turkey, and the sizes of sheets in them can be the following:

  • 240 x 270 cm;
  • 245 x 270 cm;
  • 260 x 280 cm;
  • 270 x 310 cm;
  • 290 x 310 cm

Seeing the inscription "euro", you should carefully examine the packaging of the product and the size indicated on it - otherwise there is a possibility of a very wrong choice.

Size selection

Do not make a mistake with the size of the purchased kit will help you a simple formula, determines the minimum parameters of the sheets that fit your mattress:

  • The length of the sheet should be no less than the sum of your mattress and its height;
  • the width of the purchased products is at least the sum of the length of the mattress and its double height.

These relationships are due to the fact that the sheet for reliable fixation should bend under the edges of the mattress.Otherwise, it will fidget along its surface and crumple, which will significantly reduce the comfort of your sleep.

These relations are also preserved for the options of sheets on an elastic band - the only difference is that taking a large kit “in reserve” is not worth it in this case, since it is impossible to bend the excess material under the mattress.

For a mattress measuring 180x210 cm with a thickness of 20 cm, the required dimensions will be:

  • length: 210 + 20 = 230 cm.
  • width: 180 +40 = 220 cm.

Choosing the size of the sets, do not forget to take into account the characteristics of the material from which the product is made. If it contains a significant amount of cotton, then after several washes, especially in too hot water, the kit may noticeably sit down. It is better to take sets from cotton-containing fabrics, like coarse calico or sateen, with a small margin.

Conversely, sets of linen, synthetic fabrics, as well as materials containing silk, it is better to buy exactly the size of your bed, because if you follow all the rules of care, they practically do not decrease even after several years of operation.

General tips

For a comfortable and restoring power of sleep, it is not enough just to find the right size of bed linen. Attention should be paid to its other characteristics.So, if you choose a set for the crib, then the material must be exclusively natural - otherwise allergies and irritations are possible. Kits for adults are best purchased from fabrics with a balanced content of natural materials and synthetics.

All edges of sheets should be well stitched, preferably double seam. Otherwise they will wear out very quickly. You should also look at the underwear, in the light - so you can immediately assess the density of the material and the uniformity of its structure. The more noticeable irregularities in the laundry - the less comfortable it will be to sleep on it, there will be a greater chance that it will quickly become unusable.

Pay attention not only to the front, but also on the wrong side of the kit you are buying. If the color of the reverse side is not very different from the color of the front side - the set has good quality. You should not take products of too bright colors and with very motley prints - they fade faster, and at the same time they can negatively affect your sleep. This is especially true of kits purchased for young children.

When the dimensions and material of the kit are not indicated on the packaging, then you should not buy such a product.It can be of a completely non-standard size and be made of harmful or low-quality fabrics.

How to determine the size of bed linen correctly, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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