Sheet with elastic: types, sizes and choice

 Sheet with elastic: types, sizes and choice

Today, the choice of customers presents a variety of bedding sets. They differ not only in a complete set and design, but also in functional elements. So, modern sheets with an elastic band are recognized as one of the most popular and convenient to use. Today we will get acquainted with the varieties of such products, as well as analyze what parameters they are produced with.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    If earlier the choice of bed linen was rather limited, then today the range of these products is wider than ever. Nowadays, buyers have the opportunity to find for themselves the products of any modification and design.Many people opt for convenient to use sheets with elastic. Such products get both for adults, and for children's beds.

    Sheets on the elastic bands are on sale very often. Their popularity is due to the presence of many positive qualities. Let's get acquainted with their list.

    • The main advantage of a sheet on an elastic band is that it reliably keeps on a mattress - does not slip and does not roll down that distinguishes it from classical options in which there is no elastic band.
    • With the help of a well-chosen bed sheet, you can complement the whole image of the bed. Such a thing would be good to close the mattress, without moving down a centimeter.
    • According to users, the use of such sheets allows you to save a lot of free time. During sleep, many people toss and turn, because of what bedding is knocked together, and in the morning it has to be refilled. Elastic band allows these elements to remain in their places - no need to change the bed.
    • Sheet on the elastic does not necessarily iron. She practically does not wrinkle. In addition, on its surface does not appear unpleasant hard folds, which are smoothed with difficulty.
    • Such products are seamlessly erased.They can simply be wiped with a suitable cleaning agent. If you turn to the help of dry cleaning, then you will not need to visit it too often - no more than once in 6 months. Of course, such things can also be washed by hand at home.
    • Sheets with rubber bands usually dry very quickly, as many mistresses say.
    • With the help of such a thing it will be possible to protect the mattress from all sorts of dirt and damage, because it will be under the sheet of the sheet.
    • Qualitatively made sheets are not subject to loss of color and shape. They for a long time retain their presentation.
    • Such products are characterized by increased resistance to wear, which makes them more practical than standard bed sheets.
    • It is easy to care for such sheets.

    As you can see, the advantages of such sheets abound. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the particular product chosen and the manufacturer who released it. However, it is extremely important to take into account some of the disadvantages that these products possess.

    • Many customers are saddened that in most cases such sheets are sold separately, that is, not included.Of course, this fact does not upset some users at all, since, in their opinion, it is much easier and cheaper to assemble a good set on their own.
    • And also some say that the sheets on an elastic band do not fit well on the mattress. However, you should not consider this a serious disadvantage, because in order to avoid such problems, you must take into account not only the width and length, but also the height of the mattress.
    • Not satisfied with many consumers and the fact that the sheets with an elastic band there is an additional seam. This deficiency is more likely inevitable than a serious disadvantage.

    From the above drawbacks, it can be concluded that many of them are “contrived” and do not have serious soil.

    Buyers notice them out of ignorance or because they are simply not used to such things.


    Popular today sheets with elastic are different. Its final price depends on the specific modification of this product. Let us consider in more detail what types of these beds are, and what characteristics they differ from.


    High-quality knitted and natural bed sheets with elastic are especially popular with modern consumers.Often they are used as an additional hygienic layer of fabric from natural raw materials, such as cotton. In addition, these options are in demand when it comes to filling the space between the synthetic mattress and bedding. Not bad, these models are also used as a protective mattress cover from all sorts of pollution.

    Natural varieties of such beds are good because they are environmentally friendly, safe and pleasant to the touch. It’s a pleasure to use them, so many consumers choose them. In addition, these products do not cause allergic reactions and serve for a very long time, which makes them practical and in demand.

    The most popular are the canvases, in the production of which were used satin (thick glossy cotton or silk fabric), cotton, as well as various types of poplin.

    Of course, the listed copies, especially those manufactured under the well-known brand, are not too cheap, but they are distinguished by brilliant quality and excellent performance characteristics.


    No less popular today are high-quality sheets with elastic, made from artificial raw materials.So, the best are products from such raw materials as bamboo, viscose or modal (there are a lot of options). Thanks to modern technologies, such materials are in no way inferior to natural ones. They are also safe, practical, and often have anti-bacterial characteristics. In addition, sheets of artificial fibers often are cheaper than natural, and look just as good.


    In the sheets on the elastic bands made of synthetic fibers, there are no natural components. Typically, such products are made from petroleum and natural gas. This method makes it possible to obtain inexpensive materials that have unique properties and characteristics (some of them cannot even boast of fabrics of natural origin). However, we must bear in mind that the synthetic sheet can be a provocateur of allergic reactions, therefore, when arranging an allergic bed or a child, it is better to refuse it.

      Also there are the following modifications of the sheet with the sewn elastic bands.

      • Sheet-oilcloth. These types of bed sheets are classified as medical.They are necessary for the provision of sanitary and hygienic care, for example, for bed patients. These options are often waterproof and have different prices - from low to fairly high.
      • Simple absorbent. This type of sheet is designed to protect the mattress or any other base from the appearance of various stains. Absorbent sheets usually cost from 250 to 500 rubles. They are often bought at once in several pieces to organize a bed belonging to the baby. Such sheets are allowed to lay in the stroller.

      Forms and sizes

      Sheets equipped with elastic bands are available in different sizes. Typical are products with such dimensions:

      • one-and-a-half set with a tension sheet, measuring 90x200, 140x200 cm;
      • a double (small) family set in which the size of the sheet with an elastic band is 160x200 cm;
      • double family, in which the size of europlant is 180x200 cm;
      • “Royal” size (euromax), in which the dimensions of the sheets are 200x200 cm.

      This designation does not take into account the allowance for the height of the mattress, as well as a small hem for it.

      Forms of stretch sheets on an elastic band can be very different. So, on sale there are not only standard rectangular or square, but even round and oval options, which are possible to choose for both single and double beds.


      As for the colors of tension sheets - modern manufacturers offer a lot of different options. Experts recommend contacting calm and monotonous kits that will have a calming effect on the user, giving him harmony and peace. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the sheet should be suitable in color to the environment. And also it must be borne in mind that against the background of colorful and bright walls / floor should not be laid underwear with a pattern (especially if it is saturated and catchy).

      These options are best addressed if the environment in the room is concise and restrained.

      Criterias of choice

      If you decide to purchase a quality sheet with elastic, but do not know what criteria this product should pay attention to first, then You should read their short list.

      • The size. Be sure to pay attention to the size of the purchased product. On the original packaging is usually the first figure - is the designation of the length, and the second - the width. In some cases, another figure is indicated - it is the designation of the height of the mattress.
      • Material. Experts advise to contact quality sheets from safe and environmentally friendly materials. For example, it can be a terry or knitwear model. The choice of a suitable product here depends on the budget of the consumer and his wishes. For children it is not recommended to buy synthetic kits.
      • Quality. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the performance of things. Sheet must be neat, without protruding threads and any damage. If you notice any defects on the selected product, then it is better to refuse to purchase it.
      • Colors. Do not forget about the appropriate color sheets with elastic. Her color should look harmoniously in the environment and suit her tone. If you wish, you can make a real bright accent out of such a thing.
      • Manufacturer and outlet. Purchase only branded tension sheets from proven manufacturers.Of course, such products usually cost more, but they last longer and do not harm the health of the user (both an adult and a child). In addition, experts do not recommend buying such things in street shops. It is advisable to go for them in textile stores with a good reputation.
      • Price. You should not save on high-quality tension sheet. Too cheap product, declared as natural, should cause you suspicion. Remember - a high-quality thing made of natural fabric will not have a shockingly low price.

      Usage Reviews

      Today, many people are turning to the use of comfortable stretch sheets with sewn elastic bands. Fortunately, the range of these products allows you to choose the best option for everyone. Of the advantages of these sheets, customers note:

      • usability;
      • wide range of;
      • good materials, pleasant to the body;
      • availability of different colors and sizes;
      • wear resistance and durability;
      • good fixation.

      But also from consumer reviews you can learn about the following disadvantages of tension sheets:

      • some options attract dust;
      • not very convenient to fold;
      • certain models can not be bought in all stores;
      • many options are expensive (especially euro sheet);
      • Some manufacturers offer overly rigid sheets.

      From the video you can learn how to make a sheet on an elastic band with your own hands.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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