How to choose and fold the tension sheet?

The modern textile market offers a huge selection of bed linen. He, like any product on the market, is inherent in the constant updating of the design and operational characteristics. It was as a result of the search for new ideas that a new fabrication of textile designers appeared - a tension sheet. It appeared recently, but immediately became popular. How to choose, fold, use and even sew it yourself is in this article.

What is and what are the benefits?

An elastic band is sewn into a similar sheet, due to which the sheet covers the mattress from above, and the elastic band sewn along its edges and located at this moment under the mattress supports the preset tension. Thus, the sheet is fixed on the surface of the mattress, and does not move during human movements.

Its advantages are obvious and numerous.

  1. As mentioned above - it is firmly fixed on the mattress. This characteristic can be appreciated only by checking it on yourself.
  2. This sheet can not iron. Due to its fixation and tension, it does not require ironing either after washing or in the morning.
  3. It is used not only as a sheet, but also as a cover on the mattress.
  4. Benefit on the children's mattress.
  5. For restless sleep, baby sheet with a rubber band - the best option.

How to choose

Bed Sheets with Tension Sheets should be selected by the following main criteria.

  1. The cloth. The most acceptable material for bed linen has always been a cotton fabric such as calico, but now priority is given to any natural fabrics, including silk, flax and even mahra. In winter and summer, they “adapt” to the body temperature - in the summer they “give out” to coolness, and in winter they do not “cool down”. Despite the obvious advantage, artificial fabrics, viscose and bamboo, also gained relative popularity. With a high quality of production, such materials are not inferior to natural knitwear, but have a more affordable price.Most synthetic fabrics have a beautiful appearance and ease of washing, but can adversely affect the skin with prolonged or continuous contact.
  2. The size. Sheets, like any bedding, have the standards of the models produced: the largest - euromax - the royal set comes in 200x200 cm; double set - euro - 180x200 cm; one more double - small - 160x200 cm; and one-and-a-half sets with dimensions of 140x200 and 90x200 cm. The dimensions of the sheets are selected according to the dimensions of the mattress, therefore, in addition to the standard dimensions, models with other dimensions have been produced. If a lot of space remains on the mattress when the sheet is pulled, it is best to change the sheet, because in this case it will not hold onto it.
  3. The bed is chosen according to the pattern or color you like. at the sole discretion of the buyer. But we must remember that any bedding tends to lose its color over time.

How to fold

This question may sound a bit strange, especially when it comes to bed sheets. It is easy to lay down the usual sheet, but, oddly enough, the sheet with an elastic band, despite its parachute shape, is also not difficult to fold.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Take a sheet in both hands, fold in half, "push through" the corners into each other.
  2. Fold the sheet in half again, connecting the corners together.
  3. Fold the sheet in three pieces in width.
  4. Re-fold the sheet in half lengthwise and repeat again.

    There is another way of folding sheets with elastic.

    1. Place laundry on a large and flat surface such as a table or bed.
    2. The bottom corners are inserted into the top corners.
    3. Smooth edges with a rubber band.
    4. The upper half of the sheet is laid inside like a pocket.
    5. The bottom half of the sheet is laid on top.
    6. Then the sheet is folded several times in half to the size you need.

    The first folding option is more suitable for small sheets with an elastic band of 160x80 or 80x160 cm. Their difference, despite the identical figures, is that each of them is intended for mattresses of various sizes.

    The second folding option is more suitable for bed linen in the following sizes: 80x200 cm, 90x200 cm, 120x200 cm, 90x190 cm. They differ in a much larger size and the second method suits them more than the first.

    It is not easy to get used to folding such a sheet from the first time, but over time you can acquire a good skill.

    How to sew

    If you did not find a suitable sheet in the stores, it is very easy to sew it yourself.

      Materials needed: fabric, thread, sewing machine, gum and crayon for fabric.

      1. The process begins with the choice of fabric. As with any bed linen, always priority is any cotton (or other natural) fabric.
      2. Next is the measurement of the dimensions of the mattress. From the measured values ​​are added from 30 to 50 cm for the part of the fabric that will fit the sides of the mattress. The pattern can be made both on graph paper and directly on the wrong side of the fabric.
      3. Next, the pattern is cut and folded twice in half.
      4. From the edge of the measured square size 25x25 cm and cut with scissors.
      5. A seam is made at a distance of 2.5 cm in the hem and stitched with machine stitching along the inner edge.
      6. An elastic band is inserted into the seam with a pin.
      7. The product is ready.

      As you can see, bedding is pretty simple. According to the same instructions, you can also sew a product for an oval mattress; you only need to make an oval-shaped pattern.The rest is the same.


      Most of the customers, of course, rather purchase this kind of products. In addition to the fact that the process of filling the bed has become much easier, as they note, so even these sheets do not require careful maintenance. Consumers have noted the mass of the released time, which was previously spent on ironing sheets.

      Of the minor drawbacks, the possibility of not always storing such laundry in a convenient way is noted. You have to fill your hand before you start to fold the sheets correctly.

      Bed linen with a sheet on an elastic band appeared quite recently and it is a sin not to feel all the convenience of using it on yourself.

      To learn how to fold the tension sheet correctly, see the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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