Features and types of waterproof sheets, recommendations for their choice

If your family has small children, the elderly, bed-patients, waterproof sheet - this is what you need. This product was created in order to simplify the current situation and help in solving certain issues.

Main mission

The main task of waterproof sheets and the main reason for their appearance is to protect bedding from various kinds of liquids. They are also widely used to protect the mattress from dust and dirt, thereby prolonging its operation time.

There are other options for their use:

  • during feeding;
  • in the process of changing the diaper;
  • when treating wounds;
  • during diagnostic examinations.

What are good?

There are a number of reasons why this product became so popular and popular at the present time:

  • they are resistant to various types of pollution;
  • breathable;
  • mild and hypoallergenic;
  • made of a liquid absorbent fabric;
  • easy to care for them.

In addition, there is a terry waterproof sheet - pleasant to the body, comfortable and warm.

These characteristics made them a popular and necessary means of hygiene.


Since most often the sheet is used to protect the mattress, then its dimensions, respectively, made to the dimensions of the most common sizes.

  • There are non-standard sizes: 70x180, 80x120, 80x160 cm. They have hermetic edges that allow you to fill the sheet under the mattress.
  • On an elastic band: 160x220 cm (suitable for a double bed), 90x200 and 160x70 cm.

Reusable products for children

Reusable waterproof sheet - an indispensable thing, if you have a small child. Many mothers choose them in order to simplify both their lives and the child.

This variety can be used at the same time as diapers, if you are afraid of leakage and in the process of weaning from them.

In the case when the baby is sleeping in a separate bed in a diaper and you want to protect the bed from leaks, a diaper of 50x70 cm will suit you.If you are no longer using diapers, a reusable stretch waterproof sheet with a size of 60x120 cm is an excellent choice.

The cases when the baby sleeps with the mother are not uncommon. In such a situation, choose a tension sheet with dimensions of 150x200 cm or double-sided 160x200 cm - these sheets are suitable for double beds.

If you already have a big child and he sleeps on a teenage bed, but incidents happen, you can use a double-sided sheet 100x150 cm or a stretch 190x90 cm.

Very often, young children experience allergic reactions to disposable diapers. To protect the health and skin of the baby, the acquisition of such sheets is very helpful. Due to its properties, it will serve as a protection for the child from various allergic diseases.

We advise you to have at least two waterproof sheets. If one needs to be washed and dried, you will have another one just in case.

For bed patients

Widespread use of reusable waterproof sheets found in the care of the elderly and bedridden patients. And this is no longer just bedding, but a guarantee of protection and safety. Due to the immobility of the skin condition worsens, pressure sores can form. In most cases, such people are no longer able to get out of bed to relieve their need.This causes irritation of the skin.

Considering all of the above (age and state of human health), I want the sheet not only to keep the mattress, but also to be comfortable, convenient, and to guarantee protection and safety.

To bring these wishes to life, a special waterproof sheet was developed and created for bed patients with dimensions of 90x150 centimeters. It is able to absorb 2.3 liters of liquid. There is also a special medical cover on a mattress with dimensions of 90x200 cm. Due to such quality as breathability, the body breathes, does not soar, and the skin diaperiness is not terrible.

How to make the right choice?

To pick a sheet, you need to know the required factors that need attention.

  1. Structure. Cotton is the natural material of which the top layer should consist. Thanks to him, our skin breathes, and the manifestation of allergies is reduced to a minimum. Also a good material for the top is bamboo or microfiber.
  2. Dimensions. First you need to decide on the parameters of the mattress. Select a sheet strictly for its size. When choosing sheets with elastic bands, the height of the mattress should also be taken into account.If this moment is missed, it will be hard to put on, as a result of which full protection will not be obtained.
  3. Anchorage. You can opt for the product that is simply put on top of the mattress, although a sheet with elastic bands is more convenient and practical. It can be well fixed, it will not slip and ensure the cleanliness of the sides of the mattress. When choosing sheets for a cot, also give preference to the version with elastic bands. Children often spin in their sleep, turn out, so this bedding will be the ideal option.

How to care?

To extend the life, preserving all the qualities behind the sheet need proper care.

  1. In order to wear the product evenly, it is necessary to lay it, turning it 180 degrees every 2 months.
  2. Whenever possible, air it in fresh air.
  3. When washing the water temperature should be a maximum of 40 degrees.
  4. Use delicate means of washing, it is desirable to use liquid substances or with a special composition. Scrub by hand before washing.
  5. Ironing products is strictly prohibited.

By purchasing bedding such as a waterproof sheet,You will definitely not regret your purchase. Any product from the stated range guarantees dryness and comfort.

Consumer reviews

        Often, when purchasing a product, the key factor for us is the feedback from those who already have experience using the product, and waterproof sheets are no exception.

        In most cases, the feedback on this product is only positive. Those who have purchased a waterproof sheet and use it indicate only positive aspects and are 100% satisfied with the purchase.

        From the positive qualities, they distinguish the convenience of putting on the mattress, quality and durability, hypoallergenicity, safety. Also, some more expensive models are equipped with an additional orthopedic filler, due to which muscle tension is relieved and the load on the spine is reduced.

        Of the minuses, consumers note the stretching of gum for fastening in some models, the high cost of varieties with additional equipment, the difficulty of storing sheets made using coconut fiber.

        How to sew a waterproof mattress pad with your own hands, see the next video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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