Sizes of double sheets

Comfort during sleep significantly depends on the quality and proper selection of bed linen. No wonder the people say "how to bed - so sleep." Currently, the Russian market is represented by the widest range of these products from manufacturers from various countries of the world, each of which has its own dimensional standards. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth considering the standard sizes of double sheets that are common nowadays.

Size standards

Currently all products on the market can be divided into three large groups by country of origin:

  • goods of domestic firms;
  • products from EU countries;
  • Asian bedding.

At the same time, goods of the first group are standardized in accordance with the standards adopted in the Russian Federation, goods from Europe comply with EU regulations, and Asian linen can meet both Russian and European standards.The goods from Turkey stand apart, which often meet their own standards.


The sizes of bed linen released in Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan and other countries of the former USSR are regulated by the GOST 31307–2005 introduced in 2007. According to this document, a double bed is considered to be a bed whose width exceeds 140 cm. The minimum size of a double bed sheet in the document is a ratio of 180x210 cm. And it is this format that most sheets produced in the above countries, marked as double beds, will have. Other double sheets allowed by GOST:

  • 210x230 cm;
  • 220x215 cm;
  • 240x260 cm;
  • 220x220 cm

These types of linen are more exotic, but they are still on store shelves. Therefore, even if the laundry is made according to GOST, it is worth finding its specific size on the package. Fortunately, the same GOST directly obliges manufacturers to indicate the size of the product.

Sometimes the Russian standard is observed for goods produced in China and Germany.


In Europe, there is immediately several different standard double bed sizes:

  • Twin, the typical size of the sheet in which is 183x274 cm;
  • King, for which the sheet usually has a format of 274x297 cm;
  • Queen with a size of 305x320 cm;
  • Double / Full, in which the sheets are characterized by dimensions 229x274 cm;
  • Occasionally, the designation 2-bed, whose dimensions are identical to the format of Twin.

It is easy to see that twin sheets are the closest to the Russian standard for double linen. In general, European linen is significantly larger, which means that owners of large and non-standard beds can easily acquire it.

Sometimes such sets instead of classic sheets are completed with an option on an elastic band, which allows you to securely fix the linen on the mattress. Standard dimensions of this element differ from the classics:

  • for Twin, the dimensions of the sheets on an elastic band are 90x190 cm;
  • for King, this element has a format of 150x200 cm;
  • in the case of the Queen standard, the size is 180x200 cm;
  • Double / Full set correspond to dimensions 140x190 cm.

It is worth paying attention that it is much more difficult to customize linen on an elastic band to non-standard mattresses and beds than usual.

In addition to the size designation, there are other important marks on the European sets:

  • The fitted sheets indicate the presence in the set of sheets on elastic;
  • Fitted valance refers to a special type of sheet on an elastic band that has a special fringe that goes down to the floor.

All specified dimensions are strictly adhered to by almost all manufacturers from continental Europe, including Italy, France and Poland. Only German products, as mentioned above, can sometimes correspond to Russian GOST, and not to EU regulations.

Family option

The linen marked in the Russian market as "family", is usually made in Turkey. Standard sheet sizes for it are:

  • 229x274 cm;
  • 220x250 cm;
  • 240x260 cm

It is easy to see that some of these formats correspond to those specified in GOST, and some of them differ markedly from them. Turkish “family” bedding is intermediate in size between European and Russian, therefore it is suitable mainly for standard beds and mattresses.

How to choose?

Choosing a sheet, in any case, you need to build on the size of the mattress you have. In this case, the rule applies: “better is more than less”, because this laundry should completely cover the mattress, and nothing prevents you from removing the excess under it.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the dimensions based on the minimum calculation “width of the mattress + its double height, length of the mattress + height”. So, if the size of your mattress is 120 by 180 by 20 cm (width, length, height), then the minimum sheet size for it will be 160x200 cm (120 + 20 + 20 = 160 and 180 + 20 = 200). Accordingly, for a standard double mattress of 140x200x20 cm, the dimensions of a suitable sheet will be 180x200 cm.

Please note that cotton sets, as well as underwear made of cotton-containing fabrics such as satin and calico can noticeably shrink after washing, especially in case of a temperature violation. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a bed: it is not necessary to take a set of such fabric that fits right next to your mattress.

About what are the sizes of double sheets, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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