Sheet: types and rules of care

 Sheet: types and rules of care

It depends on the quality of your night’s sleep how productive your day will be. A significant role in how well you sleep, plays used by you bedding, an important element of which is a sheet. Consider the types of sheets on the Russian market, the features of different materials, as well as the rules for caring for them.

Special features

The bed sheet is a piece of fabric of a certain shape that makes the bed on top of the mattress. The main requirements for this element are softness, hygiene, hygroscopicity and ease of care. Products for adults usually have a rectangular shape that matches the shape of modern beds.

In the case of a bed for small children, the variety of forms is wider (for example, a sheet of the same form or an oval product creeps into a round bed). Higher demands are made on children's sheets - they should be easily washed, absorb large amounts of moisture, “breathe” and be hypoallergenic.


Now the Russian market has a wide range of sheets, which differ both in size and materials used, and on the basis of manufacturing. There are two structural types of products:

  • classic, the edges of which can be simply tucked under the mattress;
  • options on an elastic band that fit tightly to the mattress.

Both types are available in a number of sample sizes, among which the most common are single and double sheets. Choosing a sheet with sewn elastic rubber, special attention should be paid to the configuration of the bed. If your sofa or bed has noticeable protrusions at the edges (back, armrests, decorative elements), then the product with an elastic band will most likely have to be abandoned, since it will be very difficult to fix it.

Another important characteristic of bed linen - the density of the filaments.It is believed that the higher this indicator, the softer the product. However, as practice shows, a density of not less than 450 threads per square centimeter is enough. More dense underwear is much more expensive, while it can be even more rough to the touch than options with fewer threads.

How to choose a size?

Despite the fact that in the Russian Federation GOST acts, regulating the size of bed linen, in fact, options are available to buyers for any dimensions of mattresses used. Simple rules will help you find the right size for a classic sheet:

  • the length of the product must not be less than the sum of the length and height of the mattress;
  • the width of the product should be slightly larger than the sum of the width of the mattress and its doubled height.

The same rules apply to the selection of the option on an elastic band, only here it is necessary to more accurately calculate the dimensions so that the product fits snugly to the mattress.


Most of all, the price, comfort and practicality of bed linen depend on the type of material used for its production. Sheets made of different fabrics require completely different care.Consider the features of the most common materials.


To create this fabric is used a special way of weaving. Atlas is distinguished by brilliance, smoothness and tenderness. This effect is achieved by interlacing the vertical main threads with horizontal ones. The main threads for creating satin are made mainly from silk. Additional threads can be made of cotton, viscose, they can also be synthetic. With high comfort, satin linen is very durable. It absorbs moisture well, retains its shape for many years, does not accumulate static, does not cause allergies and irritation. Nothing says about the presence of taste as a luxurious satin sheet. Especially impressive is the underwear looks in red tones.

Atlas can not be washed in hot water, otherwise it will quickly lose its shape. Unwanted and machine washable. It can only be ironed without steam, through a layer of fabric from the inside. Iron should not be hot.


Being a relatively new product in Russia, in Asia, bamboo fiber bedding has long won the hearts of millions of customers. This material has many advantages:

  • it is environmentally friendly, does not cause irritation and allergies;
  • it is pleasant tactile, it has a special softness;
  • the material is very durable;
  • The high porosity of the fiber allows it to perfectly pass air, quickly absorb and evaporate moisture.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the increased requirements for care. Such products can be washed only in delicate mode without drying in a typewriter. Do not use bleach, as well as softeners. Ironing bamboo linen need not very hot iron.


This is a way of weaving linen or cotton yarn. At the same time, due to the use of twisted yarn, a greater lightness of the material is achieved while maintaining its strength. Main advantages:

  • the translucency allowing to use fabric in a decor;
  • the lightness and tenderness of the material, which makes sleep on the cambric sheet especially pleasant;
  • good moisture absorption capacity;
  • hypoallergenic.

It is possible to wash cambric bed linen at a water temperature of up to 30 ° C and only in delicate mode.


This is a way of thick weaving thick cotton threads. The main advantages of coarse calico sheets:

  • long service life (the fabric is almost not wrinkled, resistant to damage, keeps color for a long time);
  • eco-friendly and hygienic;
  • ease.

Care of coarse linen is relatively simple:

  • water temperature during washing for colored coarse calico - up to 50 ° С, for white - up to 90 ° С;
  • you should not wash such clothes together with synthetics;
  • it is better to dry products from calico in a place protected from the direct rays of the sun;
  • iron linen should be before it dries completely.

Waffle cloth

These sheets are made from cotton. They are characterized by increased softness, comfort, excellent absorption of moisture. It is necessary to wash them in the mode of delicate washing, in water no warmer than 30 ° C.


This is an artificial fabric, the material for the production of which is natural cellulose. Main advantages:

  • durability and wear resistance;
  • ability to pass air well and absorb moisture;
  • softness;
  • high drying rate.

Also viscose:

  • pleasant to the touch;
  • does not accumulate static charge;
  • very hygienic.

Wash linen from viscose is possible only in the modes of gentle washing. It is better to press it in a typewriter, you can not unscrew it. The sheet of viscose should not be heated above 50 ° C.Therefore, it cannot be boiled, dried at a high temperature and ironed with a hot iron.


This material is made from a mixture of synthetic and natural threads. During production, complex weaving is used, due to which a characteristic relief is formed on the surface of the fabric, which is preserved for many years. The main advantages of jacquard products:

  • excellent aesthetic properties (it is not without reason that elite sets are made from this material);
  • high wear resistance and durability;
  • ability to dry quickly;
  • lack of electrification;
  • material keeps cool in summer and warm in winter.

Basic care requirements:

  • washing water should not be hotter than 30 ° C; bleach should not be used;
  • spinning is not allowed, and when drying you need to protect the laundry from direct sunlight;
  • It is possible to iron such a sheet from the inside at a temperature not exceeding 120 ° C.


This fabric is created by weaving silk using twisted yarns. Due to this, crepe linen is pleasant to the touch, elastic, little wrinkled. The rules of care are similar to silk: you only need to wash it by hand in hot water without bleach, do not iron, avoid exposure to high temperatures, do not unscrew.


In usual sets for adults the bed linen from a water-repellent oilcloth is not found. But among the children's options oilcloth sheets are quite common, because this material is waterproof and very easy to clean. Often, such products have an additional absorbent layer made, for example, from polyester. Another application of oilcloth - mattress covers for bed patients. The features and requirements here are the same as in the case of a children's bed, only typical sizes differ.

Wash oilcloth sheets do not need, just wipe them with soapy water. Products must be protected from exposure to high temperatures, which means that you should not iron them either.


This material is very rarely used for the manufacture of conventional sheets. But in the sets of underwear for various erotic games, black latex or vinyl sheet is found very often, because latex has remarkable sliding properties and is very pleasant to the touch. Care for latex sheets is very simple - just wipe them with a damp cloth.


This material looks coarse and too simple.But the linen from it is hygroscopic, perfectly “breathes”, has a massage effect on a sleeping person. Such sheets are very durable, do not accumulate electric charge, do not cause allergies. They are environmentally friendly and even have a bactericidal effect. Products are unpretentious in care - transfer machine wash, boil, ironing at high temperature (especially if the material is not completely dry). One has only to avoid drying in dryers, and before washing it is recommended to lightly soap the laundry and soak it for 1 hour in warm water.


This material is woven polyester fibers with a thickness of several microns. This sheet will last a very long time, while it retains its shape and appearance. The material is resistant to pollution, well "breathes" (therefore cools a sleeping person). Unpretentious microfiber and care - it dries quickly, tolerates washing at temperatures up to 60 ° C. But it can be dried only in the mode up to 50 ° C, and it is not worth boiling. Ironing this laundry is better not very hot iron.


This material is a thin cotton fabric of increased density, externally similar to batiste.With high strength and wear resistance, percale underwear is very light and elegant. It is pleasant to the touch and does not cause irritation. Wash such sheets should be at a water temperature not exceeding 60 ° C.


Polypropylene produces mostly disposable sheets designed for massage or medical use. Their task is to protect the furniture from pollution, and customers from the possible infection of various diseases. They are usually delivered in rolls, have a standard size of 60 by 100 cm. Since the product is thrown away after use, it is out of the question to take care of them. It is enough to provide storage in a dry and clean room at room temperature.


Sateen is made of cotton, so it is durable, durable, soft, long-lasting in shape and color, not electrified, absorbs moisture and passes air. It should be washed at a temperature not higher than 60 ° C separately from synthetic. Since the material is almost not wrinkled, it can never be ironed.


This is a cheap cotton fabric. It is durable, tactilely pleasant, light, keeps its shape well.It should be washed separately from synthetic linen at a temperature of up to 50 ° C. It is better to iron chintz at a low temperature when it has not dried yet.


This is a way of weaving a web of various threads: cotton, silk, wool, synthetics, and so on. Therefore, the degree of comfort knitted sheets and conditions of care depend on the materials used in its production.

How to choose a sheet for bed linen, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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