Bamboo blankets

Today, consumers appreciate all natural and environmentally friendly, so there is nothing strange in the fact that in many modern homes actively used stylish and fashionable home textiles made from bamboo. Today we talk about bamboo blankets.


The bamboo tree grows in many parts of the world and is actively used to create beautiful and durable pieces of furniture, high-quality flooring, and to manufacture high-quality textile products. The most unusual types of products from this material today are light blankets, warming in the cold season, and providing coolness in the heat.

Blankets made of such material can also be used as a bedspread, because they can qualitatively transform or complement an interior.

Pros and cons of bamboo fiber

Valuable properties of this raw material give bamboo blankets special advantages. The collection of these plants is carried out in ecologically clean forests, this plant is not affected by chemical fertilizers, which usually cause rapid growth, because it is not for nothing that bamboo is the fastest growing breed.


  • An amazing plant, which is a symbol of long life, does not have the need for chemical processing, because it has received the ability to self-defense and purification from nature.
  • The strength of bamboo is not inferior even to steel products. This property explains the long life and durability of products made from this plant.
  • The ability of plant fibers to inhibit the microorganisms that eat particles of dead human skin - which ensures hypoallergenic blankets.
  • Fibers plants absorb moisture well.
  • Bamboo fibers do not collect electrostatics and do not spark. That is why bamboo is called the best material for making children's blankets.
  • Thanks to milk proteins, the products can have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. They help produce collagen and make the skin more plastic.
  • Such plaids well calm and have a strong anti-stress effect.
  • Fluffy bamboo blanket will give a feeling of home comfort, which can not be compared with any wool blanket. The fabric itself has a smooth silky surface and a small diameter, because the blankets are so pleasant to the touch.
  • And this fiber acts like a real deodorant, absorbing any odors, and also restores the immune system;

And there is only one minus for such products - their high cost compared to similar products from other materials.

Fabric types

When buying, be sure to look at the composition of the product, it should be bamboo fiber at 100%. Sometimes manufacturers add cotton (up to 60%) and microfiber, this significantly reduces the price of the rug, but also reduces its unique qualities. Let us examine in more detail the quality of the fabric used:

  • Microfiber - These are artificially split fibers. Previously, they were only artificial, nowadays they are produced on the basis of bamboo pulp itself. Microfiber is a set of microfibers with a porous structure, which guarantees the fabric excellent hygroscopicity, as well as breathability.Blankets made of this microfiber are soft and warm, very durable, easy to maintain and use.
  • Bamboo vicose - "bamboo viscose" or bamboo rayon - "bamboo district" - the classic methods of processing fibers, the simplest and cheapest - this includes the processing of raw materials using alkali or carbon disulfide. As a result, there are soft and fluffy threads that have excellent characteristics. If the first fiber is produced with the help of mechanical machines without the use of chemistry, then this is a very time-consuming and expensive process.

Products from such material can be labeled as bamboo linen - “bamboo linen”, they are really eco-friendly and make products with a long pile from them.

  • Eco bamboo. Such products must always have a certificate. If a product has an GOTS or Oeko-tex, Eco-label or Ecocert environmental certificate, this means that a closed loop is used in the manufacture of fibers, and the various substances used in it are completely safe.


The size range of plaids is very diverse and therefore it will not be difficult to choose the right size:

  • Products for those just born, measuring 80x100 cm or 75x100 cm, will look great on a standard bed and will warm the baby well in the first year of his life.
  • Children's blankets have dimensions of 110x100 cm or 100x150 cm. Under these cozy blankets, babies will be warmly fell asleep, and they can sometimes be turned into a convenient playmat.
  • One and a half sleeping blankets - 150x200 cm or 160x210 cm, while the bed for one person has the usual size of 180x120 cm.
  • The double size of the product is 180x210 cm, but if you need it to hang from the edges of the bed by 15-20 cm, then you should choose the euro size.
  • Euro size. In Europe, the usual parameter of a bed is 180x200 cm, and then a blanket with parameters 200 by 220 cm is suitable for such a bed.
  • Euro maximum size or king size. Such products have a size of 220x240 or 240x260 cm.

Colors and prints

The color range of natural plaids from the current producers is different, and thanks to the use of natural dyes, the colors are also natural. These are all colors of brown, beige, gray, light green and green tones, soft pink and muted lilac colors. Pictures can also be found for any demanding taste: from bright floral and geometric themes to colorful hearts and field cornflowers. Prints are also often found in youth models of blankets.

Products for sofas and armchairs are perfectly suitable for the design of the design of any dwelling - from a restrained business style to design in a country style and even in the direction of light and airy Provence.


Bamboo blankets produced most often from high-quality raw materials from China. In stores you can buy products of Turkish and Chinese companies, Portuguese and Russian firms. The difference here will be only in the cost of products:

  • Chinese Plaids from famous companies are very similar in quality to Turkish and European products. In terms of their composition, Turkish and Russian rugs are usually made from 100% bamboo fiber, Portuguese products - with 10% cotton, products from China - both 100% bamboo and 50% cotton.
  • Turkish company Arya offers a choice of buyers high-quality Turkish textiles, including high-quality rugs made of bamboo fiber.
  • Russian brand Luxberry All of its textile products are produced in factories in Portugal. Over the years, the company has been improving its product range, choosing each element of the product with love: color, fabric, decor.
  • Chinese company Tango known as a manufacturer of home textiles. This brand has its own technology that helps to make bamboo products especially soft and extremely durable.
  • Garment factory "Eleanor" Ivanovo has been producing high-quality home textiles for the past 10 years and during this time has gained a reputation as a responsible manufacturer and supplier. Bamboo blankets from this manufacturer will surprise you with their quality and reasonable price.

How to wash?

Bamboo is the same natural fiber as cotton or linen. Bamboo blankets extremely reliable in operation and easy to care for:

  • If your bamboo blanket is not significantly stained, use plain water and a delicate wash for quality care of the product. If on the surface of the plaid there are noticeable stains, use warm water, soaking the product for several minutes before washing, to remove stains without difficulty.
  • You should never use too hot water to wash the product, it will shrink the plaid.
  • All sorts of stains on products are simply washed up with soap at a low temperature (30 C). For their washing, by the way, you can use a washing machine, but by choosing the most benign mode in the canvas bag.
  • Bamboo fibers can be bleached with chlorine-containing agents.For essential stains or for high-quality bleaching, it is best to use an oxygen-based product. If you just need to disinfect the blanket, pick up for it a phenolic substance or a product that contains pine oil.
  • To get rid of strong stains, follow the washing guidelines for each particular type of stain.
  • Bamboo plaids with different lengths of pile should be dried on a perfectly flat surface and only in the house, and horizontally. Such a surface is necessary to prevent stretching of the product.
  • Bamboo blanket can be given for laundry dry cleaning.

Bamboo blankets are a great acquisition for any housewife. This is a stylish opportunity to quickly transform the interior and make a more pleasant and warm evening rest.

To learn how to wash a bamboo blanket, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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