Choose a set of curtains and bedspreads for the bedroom

A bedroom is a room where you should feel comfortable and calm. In this, an important role is played by the design of personal space, the main thing here is not only the color scheme of the wallpaper and the bedroom set, but also the correctly chosen textiles, that is, curtains and bedspreads for furniture.


Selected tasteful fabrics are able to completely transform your square footage. Manufacturers offer a lot of options for decorating a bedroom - classic fabric curtains, roller blinds of open and closed look, blinds. However, in this article we will consider a variant of textiles, classic and indispensable for all times. Due to the peculiarities of the fabric, it is possible to visually expand the room or, on the contrary, make a huge room cozy and sensual in dark, rich colors.

Sets of curtains and bedspreads are perfect for the reason that they are made of the same material and match the style of the bedroom. Such kits allow you to emphasize the refined style of your room and for this you do not need to do expensive repairs.


There are a lot of options for curtains and bedspreads in the bedroom - it all depends on your desire and bedroom style. You can choose curtains and bedspreads of the same color, sometimes the bedspreads are replaced by one blanket, and instead of the usual textile curtains, photocurtains are chosen. Some choose solid curtains with lambrequins, pillowcases and decorative pillows are selected in tune with them.

Some kits include holders or rings, as well as pillow cases that will complete the furnishing of your room. The choice of design is strictly individual, you can not be shy of your fantasies, because the advice of experienced designers will definitely help to achieve the desired result.

Since the package bundle may be different, you need to carefully weigh all the nuances and correctly position the parts. Therefore, one of the winning options is classical (monochromatic fabrics of the same texture), and in addition there can be light organza, shading the basic tone.

Curtains with photo printing, or photo curtains came into fashion relatively recently, but already won a large number of fans.

The main difference between photo curtains is a bright pattern, which you can choose individually, to order. However, it is recommended to choose pastel shades in the bedroom of the photo curtains in order to create an effect of calm and harmony. The tone of the bedspreads can accentuate the color of the print curtains or have a contrasting color. Photocurtains are made from various materials, most often, they are blackout, satin and gabardine. It is not necessary for your set of curtains and bed covers to be exactly the same color, on the contrary, experiment with color, do not be afraid of novelty!

Some tips from designers:

  • Do not choose sets of curtains and bedspreads that repeat the patterns on the wallpaper. Let them be different and in tone.
  • If your walls in the bedroom are white, feel free to choose textiles of any color and pattern.
  • If your bedroom is poorly lit, choose warm fabrics. If your room is on the sunny side, then “cool” it in blue, gray or purple.


In the case of the correct set of curtains and bedspreads you can improve the style of your bedroom:

  • Classic style - discreet, light colors. In such a room would look great French curtains and bedspreads. Lambrequins, thick, heavy curtains will give completeness to the interior of the room. Classic implies the presence of sliding and tulle curtains. You can use an unusual, large pattern for the first, and monophonic, in the color of the main fabric - for the second.
  • Roman style - for bedrooms with a minimum set of furniture. Such curtains perfectly emphasize the lighting of the room, will allow you to enjoy the unforgettable colors of the early morning. Bed covers, matched to the tone of draped curtains and light tulle curtains, will create an indescribable atmosphere.
  • English style - in this case, all elements of the interior, curtains and bedspreads should be matched to the tone. Motley and bright colors are excluded, but various monograms, coat of arms are welcome.
  • Country music - in this case, you can combine the colors of all shades without fear of overdoing. Hand-crocheted, crocheted, repeating elements of shades of curtains will create a festive mood in your bedroom. When choosing this style often used wrought iron beds, so you can use lace or guipure in the design of bedspreads.
  • Art Deco - style of luxury.In such a bedroom and curtains, and bedding should be expensive. In some cases, instead of an expensive curtain, they use the skin of some exotic animal. Material for curtains - organza with gold elements or silk embroidery.
  • High tech: use textiles with large geometric prints, curtains can be monophonic, but with skillful drape. Fleece blankets perfectly retain heat. The material is durable and lightweight, does not fade and "breathes."


When choosing kits for your bedroom, many people are confronted with the problem of choosing a fabric, because any can be suitable for curtains, but covers, apart from aesthetic pleasure, should also be practical. What should be a set in the bedroom, we understand together.

Curtains from jacquard fabric are very popular. Jacquard is a fabric with a large pattern, which is obtained by weaving yarns from natural materials - cotton, linen, silk or wool. Products from Jacquard - rich, luxurious, can be multi-colored and monophonic. Curtains and bedspreads from such a fabric does not require specialized care.In principle, it is not even a fabric, but a clever interlacing of threads - up to 24 pieces, which makes the products durable.

The jacquard set does not stretch, does not lose its appearance, it washes well.

Curtains made of jacquard do not let the sunlight through, and if you like to sleep in absolute darkness, then this set is for you. Manufacturers of curtains and bedspreads offer a variety of jacquard colors:

  • With a geometric pattern, a pattern of lines or with an oriental ornament. If you choose bright or multi-colored curtains, make sure that the walls of your bedroom are plain and light, otherwise the appearance of your bedroom will be oversaturated with color contrasts.
  • Pattern of flowers. These kits are very popular and for many years do not go out of fashion. Suitable for any neutral color wallpaper.
  • Monochrome fabric. A classic choice for a classic interior. Looks great in other styles: country, loft, Japanese and African.
  • Contrasting curtains will look great in different versions of the interior, it is only important to harmoniously choose the main and shading tone.

If you decide to purchase a set of the same jacquard fabric, then remember that jacquard covers are a great choice.

Among other tissues emit:

  • Velvet or velor. Perfectly protect from a daylight. Suitable for any size of window, but for covers these fabrics are not quite suitable. However, if you are a fan of velvet folds, then you can use patches of this fabric for sewing bedspreads.
  • Modern blackout fabric - high-quality, durable, does not let in sunlight, since it is based on a light-proof layer. This fabric is used for any interior of the bedroom, it practically does not fade in the sun.
  • Linen, silk or cotton - natural fabrics. Ideal for any bedroom. It is very easy to pick out bedspreads for them - both in color and in texture. Such sets can be trimmed with lace, various accessories. Curtains of such material will not overload the bedroom space. The material is hygroscopic and does not cause allergies.

Doctors have proven that flax products reflect radiation from household appliances, and it is much easier to breathe in rooms with linen curtains. Silk products do not like dust mites, since sericin (silk glue) is part of the fabric. Silk has a beneficial effect on the skin and even improves blood circulation.

  • Soft - special fabric for curtains and furniture.Soft, made mainly of polyester, but with the obligatory additives of cotton or viscose. Curtains and bedspreads made of such fabric are very durable, easily draped, retain their shape and do not fade under the rays of the sun. The fabric does not get dirty, but dust may collect on the surface, which is best removed with a vacuum cleaner and dry wipe applied.
  • Satin Kits always elegant, durable, but require careful care.

Colors and patterns

A set of curtains and bedspreads in the bedroom should be selected according to the color of the surrounding interior. Remember a few tips:

  • If your walls are painted in blue or green, then it is most logical to choose a bedspread and curtains of the same shade, or, conversely, prefer purple. This combination is the perfect solution in a modern bedroom.
  • Feel free to combine products from white and different shades of brown.
  • In your bedroom two-color wallpaper? The color of one must be repeated in the color shade of the bedspread and curtains.
  • If your wallpaper - in small patterns, curtains and bedspreads can be chosen with a large pattern, and vice versa.
  • The color scheme of your set can be oriented to the color of the furniture or various bright bedroom accessories.
  • White-blue bedrooms can be decorated by choosing a blanket of any sea shade, turquoise or emerald, but in this case we leave the curtains white.
  • If your curtains are plain, then the elements of the cover may repeat their color or its shade, for example, cherry curtains and a cover from inserts of this rich color.
  • Bright shades of green will always cheer up - use this color to fall asleep without worrying about anything.
  • Silver and gold threads woven into the fabric of your curtains will create a festive atmosphere - the play of light in this case will play into your hands.
  • Do not use sets of textiles diametrically opposed colors - you will be uncomfortable in such a room.
  • Orange color is in perfect harmony with lilac and white, but categorically does not fit pink or burgundy.

Which is better: ready-made kit or custom-made?

If you are a creative person and you don’t have enough money to buy a ready-made kit, then feel free to recall needlework lessons.

First of all, you need to know the dimensions of future products - take measurements from the bed and measure the window. If your mattress is with rounded edges, then in this case you will have to sweat so as not to be mistaken.Then consider finishing options and frills. The same applies to the tailoring of curtains - color, style, decor options.

An alternative may be a custom-made kit - you will need to decide on your desires, choose a color, fabric, and choose accessories. Many companies engaged in tailoring sets, will take into account when ordering the size of your room, lighting, room features and your preferences. Such curtains and a cover, pillowcases and capes will ideally fit into your interior. In this case, you can be absolutely sure that the second such set, sewn for you to order, will not be anybody else.

If you want an instant result - then choose a ready-made kit, the blessing, textile manufacturers are ready to offer a lot of amazing new products and options. One of the advantages of the finished set is its price - custom tailoring will certainly be more expensive. Saving time also refers to the benefits - no waiting, but you can choose everything in the catalog.


Today, manufacturers of ready-made sets of curtains and bedspreads are ready to offer customers high quality and affordable prices:

  • Among the most famous are the suppliers of Belarus. A huge selection of models, high-quality textiles and beautiful colors of Belarusian manufacturers have found many fans of quality linen. Dear and refined sets from Italy have long been in high demand among Russian consumers. The refined royal sets of Italians do not leave anyone indifferent among lovers of the beautiful.
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  • Textiles from Turkey is a riot of colors, weightlessness and fantasy. Sets from Turkey guarantee a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom. Elite textiles from Togas, the company that has been dealing with kits for your home for nearly 100 years, have been smashing out. Trying to win a buyer, the leaders of the company offer a lot of options for choosing bedrooms for a bedroom at different prices - economy class products, premium class and elite models. Ready sets amaze with the refinement, luxury and a practicality and are suitable for any style of a bedroom.

You can see even more options in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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